[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Solo Legends

Best solo legends
Wraith going in for the squad wipe against the enemy squad

What is a ‘solo’ legend?

A ‘solo’ legend is a character with abilities that shine on solo use, whether it be solo queuing into a game or having a 1v1 when separated from your team we’re ranking the top 5 best ‘solo’ legends. 


5. Mad Maggie

What 1500 HOUR of Mad Maggie looks like.

Shotgun specialist Mad Maggie is ideal for close range fights with the ability to take down teams by herself. With an ability that is primarily focused on damage dealing and speed, when used in the right hands she is one of the hardest legends to fight.

What makes Mad Maggie a great solo legend?

  • Movement: With a speed boost when holding a shotgun and an additional speed boost when using her ultimate she makes for a slippery legend allowing the user to take minimal damage when facing full squads.
  • Ease of Use: With relatively easy to use abilities in a multitude of different spots her abilities especially shine when fighting multiple enemies at once. Whether it's putting a drill on the wall or using her ultimate to steam through a squad her abilities are always useful in fights.
  • Capabilities: Mad Maggie’s capabilities for close-range fights are unmatched. With a stun inducing ultimate allowing for an easy knock, or her drill that melts through players trying to hide behind a doorway her destructive power is immense.

Choose Mad Maggie if you like wiping squads solo…

  • Escape: When facing a squad by yourself you’ll typically find yourself having to constantly heal. Mad Maggie’s abilities capitalize on this aspect with speed boosts and damage inducing abilities to make sure your opponents don't have a chance to revive.
  • Destructiveness: Mad Maggie is a beast at dishing damage, with 2 damage abilities and a passive that allows for quicker movement making knocking players and resetting much easier.
  • Trickery: Whether it be a low level squad or a squad of high level players it usually isn’t easy to wipe a squad which makes some mind games needed. With an ultimate/cue that can break doors you can catch your enemy off guard quite often making fights much easier.


4. Pathfinder


Pathfinder has some of the best mobility out of all the legends in apex allowing for quick positioning and the ability to prevent enemy escape. With the class’s abilities allowing the user to get to anywhere on the map in a fast manner, Pathfinder is one of the best for running solo.

What makes Pathfinder a great solo legend?

  • Movement: A grapple and zipline gun make for the quickest positioning and ideal for taking enemies down one by one. Pathfinder's grapple makes for an easy escape after knocking a player and resetting to go back in.
  • Ease of Use: Pathfinder is a relatively easy to use legend with rewarding use of abilities in the right hands. Pathfinder’s grapple can get you out of a sticky situation allowing for the player to not have to pay for their mistakes.
  • Capabilities: Whether it be grabbing someone mid-air or grappling to a weak player you dished damage to, when you successfully execute a grapple correctly it can be one of the most rewarding abilities in Apex.

  Choose Pathfinder if you like wiping squads solo

  • Escape: With some of the fastest movement, Pathfinder is one of the best choices if you want a legend with a quick out. 
  • Destructiveness: Although Pathfinder has no damage dishing abilities in the right hands Pathfinder is top tier for an aggressive playstyle. 
  • Trickery: With different ways to grapple around your enemy or even grab them mid-air Pathfinder can confuse the opponent to the point of them not even getting a single shot back on you.


3. Bangalore

The Most Aggressive Bangalore in Apex Legends

Always ranking high on lists, Bangalore has some of the best abilities for all kinds of scenarios. Whether it be using a digital threat scope to its max capabilities or getting a squad wipe with Rolling Thunder, Bangalore is no legend to pick a fight with if you're not ready.

What makes Bangalore a great solo legend?

  • Movement: Bangalore’s double time passive gives the user a speed boost allowing for maximum use in close range engagements making Bangalore almost impossible to hit.
  • Ease of Use: Although there's many different outcomes with different ability uses, overall it’s not too difficult to master Bangalore and make use of her abilities to wipe squads as a solo.
  • Capabilities: Whether its Bangalore's smoke launcher confusing the enemies making for an easy pick or Rolling Thunder giving an even easier knock in the right hands her abilities exceed most other legends capacity for plays.

Choose Bangalore if you like wiping squads as a solo

  • Escape: Whether its double time giving you that speed boost to reposition or her smokes allowing for an easy getaway Bangalore has no problem escaping and resetting during a fight.
  • Destructiveness: Rolling Thunder (ultimate) has one of the widest ranges with the most damage, making for an overall great destructive use.
  • Trickery: Bangalore’s smoke grenades make for some of the hardest places to fight in allowing for a confused enemy to be shot down with ease.


2. Horizon


Horizon has a get out of jail free cue, a black hole portal making for confused enemies and a passive making her one the slippiest character. Popularized in Ranked and high level play Horizon is one of the best for fighting enemies with no one to rely on.

What makes Horizon a great solo legend?

  • Movement: Horizon’s passive making quick turns and keeping momentum when you jump from a high place can make for an easy knock with no way to be touched. 
  • Ease of Use: Relatively easy to use but with a high skill gap, Horizon when used correctly can feel very natural and make for some nasty plays.
  • Capabilities: Horizon specializes in making the most of her situations. All of her abilities specialize in being used in correct times and when they do.. She's unstoppable.

 Choose Horizon if you like wiping squads as a solo

  • Escape: With essentially a get out of jail free card Horizons cue is one of the best for repositioning or popping a quick med.
  • Destructiveness: With correct use Horizons ultimate, Black Hole can make wiping squads a walk in the park. With players sometimes unable to handle the gravitational pull you can easily dish massive damage to a full squad with grenades paired with a correctly placed ultimate.
  • Trickery: With door blocking and door breaking abilities Horizon can trick the opponent into giving you free kills. With use of an ultimate on a door, breaking it causes most enemies to become confused and panic ultimately leading to the kill.

1. Wraith 
The #1 Wraith In Apex Legends

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