Apex Legends Best Characters for Solo Killing

Apex Legends Best Characters for Solo

There comes a time when matters fall into your hands alone. Maybe your squad died and you have to get them to a respawn beacon.

Maybe your teammates disconnected, or perhaps you ran ahead of your team and stumbled upon quite a few enemies. Whatever the case, these characters will help you through your solo engagement.

1. Octane (Superior)

  •  Passive healing gives Octane the ability to slip into the storm or take a couple more bullets than most characters.
  •   His speed boost has the shortest cooldown in the game so that players can run away fast and consistently.
  •   His ultimate also has the fastest cooldown in the game, letting players jump away from enemies or even surprise them from above.

2. Lifeline (Superior)

  • Lifeline’s passive lets players use any healing item 25% faster than any other legend
  • The D.O.C. Drone and passive combination turn Lifeline into a healing machine.
  •  Her ultimate has the chance to give rare items like Gold Body Shields and Guardian Angel Backpacks, which is perfect for taking lots of damage or helping revive allies safely.

3. Wraith (Superior)

  •  Wraith’s passive allows her to be aware of anyone aiming at her from any distance, letting players buff their situational awareness.
  •  Her ability and ultimate combination let her travel faster than any other character in the game, allowing for great escape options.
  •  Her ultimate can transport anyone. Enemies, downed players, etc. allowing room for tactics and tricks.

4. Pathfinder (Superior)

  •  Pathfinder’s grapple lets players confuse enemies, travel great distances, and get to hard to reach areas.
  •  His ultimate sets up a permanent way to reach mountains, walls, and other advantageous spots.
  • His passive allows players to see the next ring, allowing for lots of time to set up before things get hectic.

5. Mirage (Mediocre)


  • His Bamboozle ability can confuse newer players for a short time, letting him get the jump on low-level enemies.
  •  His ultimate makes him almost totally invisible, allowing him to escape from dangerous situations.
  •  His passive, which drops a decoy and turns him invisible, is essentially useless in a solo situation.

6. Bangalore (Mediocre)

  • Her passive adds a boost of speed to sprinting, which is decent for avoiding incoming fire.
  • Using multiple smoke grenades at once can hide her location l, but one simply doesn’t do the trick. Digital Threat scopes totally negate any amount of smoke.
  •   Her ultimate is good for scattering a squad, but not for doing damage.

7. Bloodhound (Mediocre)

  •  His passive lets him see footprints of enemies, allowing for the potential to surprise k or avoid them altogether.
  • His Sonar can mark enemies, but they’re alerted to the ability being used and could easily overwhelm a single player.
  •  Beast of the Hunt is great for taking down an entire squad alone.

8. Caustic (Mediocre)

  •  His traps are great for indoor locations and quickly eliminating downed enemies.
  •   Fortitude means incoming damage is reduced, letting him take a few more bullets before going down.
  •  His ultimate is great for smoking out enemies and breaching indoor locations, which is where he needs to stay to be effective in a solo environment.

9. Wattson (Worse)

  • Her passive makes her more difficult to hit, but only decreases incoming damage by 5%.
  •   Her electric fence does not do enough damage to slow a team closing in on her.
  •    Her ultimate can easily be counteracted by simply shooting it.

10. Gibraltar (Worse)

  •   His passive decreases incoming damage, but he has the biggest hitbox in the game.
  • His personal shield and dome shield act as beacons for players to engage with.
  • His ultimate is good suitable for dealing with damage, but only outdoors.

Bear in mind, winning solo can be done with any character. Accuracy, placement, and situational awareness become extremely important when dealing with a 1v3 situation.

Play whoever you are most comfortable with, and pay attention to using the right weapon combinations and actually hitting your target rather than using all your abilities and focusing on passive options.

Remember, the only way to get those enemies out of your lobby is to shoot them.


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