Apex Legends Best Season 5 Legends (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

Apex Legends Best Season 5 Legends
The Apex Legends circa season 5. Yes, the barkeep on the floor is also one!

Don't Know Who to Pick?

There are a bunch of legends to pick from in Apex Legends. If you're relatively new to the game, picking the best ones can be hard. But guess what? We've done all the work for you! Check out this list of the legends of the Apex Arena, ranking them from weakest to strongest!

13. Crypto

Crypto is a brilliant hacker and a tech expert. He is excellent with surveillance, and his drone: Hack, plays a significant role in this. 

He is great for pushing enemy positions, especially in conjunction with Wraith’s portal, and he helps by scouting banners with his drone to determine the enemy presence in the area.


  • Crypto’s tactical, his drone, is great for scouting the area and helps you to be better prepared and to plan your attacks or defense better. Hack can be shot down, though, which counts against him.
  • His ult, an emp, is great for attacking enemies as it stuns them and knocks away 50 of their shields’ power. 
  • Crypto’s passive, neuro link, allows him and his squad to see enemies the drone pings, even if he isn’t flying it. However, it is easily shot down when stationary, so this does not always help.
  • His main asset is recon. His abilities are not worth much during active combat, especially if his drone is down.

Overall score: 60/100

12. Wattson

Wattson posing in the select legend menu.
Wattson is the daughter of a scientist and electrical engineer. She has great abilities and is mainly for a defensive role.


  • Her fences are great for bunkering down in buildings but can be shot out or destroyed by grenades or caustic gas too easily.
  • Her pylon blocks all incoming ordnance and is excellent for recharging shields and so on. However, it’s recent nerf, which puts it on a time limit, has dramatically reduced its power. (pun intended)
  • An ultimate accelerant fully charges her ult, which helps to counteract the pylon nerf, provided you can find ultimate accelerants. Otherwise…
  • The nerfs she has received have knocked her down from a top tier player to a less effective player.

Overall score: 60/100

11. Loba

Loba is the new girl on the block. She has an uncontrollable attraction to jewelry and treasure and has built a life on stealing beautiful pieces of silver and gold. 

She is excellent for repositioning and rapid looting of the best gear around.


  • Loba’s passive, which allows her to see tier 3+ loot through walls, gives her the looting edge. 
  • Loba and her teammates can quickly grab loot from the area through the black market, her ultimate. She can also steal from locked loot vaults with it. This is a massive game-changer.
  • Loba’s tactical, a teleportation ring, allows her to reposition and flank enemies rapidly. However, it leaves a shiny trail and leaves her vulnerable while it is in the air.
  • Loba probably deserves a better place on the list, but her vulnerability during teleportation knock her down a bit, and so she can’t get a full score.

Overall score: 65/100

10. Mirage

Mirage is the bamboozle king, and the last of 4 brothers left alive. He joined the Apex games but had to have his bamboozle backup so that his mother wouldn’t be left childless. 

His bamboozle and vanishing act make him great for sticky situations.


  • His decoy is great for exposing enemy positions and for creating confusion, but quickly gets stuck on environmental obstacles.
  • His vanishing act is excellent to help get him out of trouble and to confuse enemies.
  • His invisible revive is an asset to the team, but he is still visible as a slight shimmer.
  • He cannot help the team or himself other than by creating confusion, which puts him below the top tier legends.

Overall score: 70/100

9. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a ‘gentle giant’ but can be a badass fighter! He protects his buddies with his dome, and his mortar strike is vicious! 

He works well for offense, especially in open areas. His mortar strike can also be used to cover his dome as he rezzes his buddies.


  • The dome tactical is an excellent asset for providing cover in open areas.
  • The ultimate, mortar strike, does HUGE damage, but only covers a small area and does not affect enemies in buildings. This is a pretty big negative.
  • His passive, an arm shield, is handy, especially when crouched, but it does not make him invulnerable.
  • He has the biggest hitbox ever, and the incoming damage is supermassive, despite his ‘Fortified’ (reduced damage) ability.
  • His weaknesses place him well below the top legends, and he requires a skilled player to be used successfully.

Overall score: 70/100

8. Caustic

Dr. Nox, aka Caustic, is a scientist with a rather bad habit of conducting cruel experiments on his unfortunate colleagues. 

The Apex Games provided the perfect place for experimenting on willing test subjects with his deadly Nox gas… He can serve well in both offensive and defensive roles.


  • Caustic’s ultimate, a gas grenade, is great for penetrating enemy defenses and driving them out of hiding. 
  • Caustic sees enemies in his gas with yellow threat vision, and the gas slows them down, which makes for GREAT target practice!
  • His traps are great for blocking doors and keeping enemies out; also, they can be thrown through windows into enemy defense positions.
  • Caustic’s main weakness is the fact that any ordnance can destroy his traps before deployment… Then they have to first recharge. This is the only thing that reduces Caustic from a perfect score, plus the long cooldown and 6-trap limit.

Overall score: 75/100

7. Revenant 

Revenant is a former killer for hire turned programmed killing machine. He is excellent for an offensive role and has some dangerous physical abilities. He is a robot, after all!


  • His Ultimate, the Death Totem, is great for pushing enemies and getting in a bunch of damage risk-free.
  • His tactical, Silence, disables enemy abilities if you hit them with it, which prevents their escape.
  • His passive, Stalker, allows him to climb higher and to crouch-walk faster and more silently.
  • These abilities are great, however, the ultimate has a timer, and the tactical is quite hard to hit. Also, his passive is rendered obsolete if your buddies are making a noise.

Overall score: 75/100

6. Octane 

Octane is the dare-devil of the Apex Games. He blew off his own legs with a grenade, and now he plays in the games for the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

He is a speed demon and is top-notch on the mobility chart.


  • Octane’s tactical Stim gives him a speed boost in exchange for a little health. The speed boost can be lifesaving in an escape or assault but can also kill you if you overdose. (low health)
  • The Ultimate jump pad is great for repositioning and rapid assault. However, enemies can also use it so it can be your downfall…
  • Octane’s high speed and rapid ability recharge are what put him in the top 6.
  • His passive slow heal when out of combat can also be great if you’re low on heals.
  • He has pro’s but also quite a few cons so he can’t be rated higher than 80 on my chart.

Overall score: 80/100


5. Bangalore

Bangalore was born into a military family and became a professional soldier for the IMC. She is fighting to get back to her family at the IMC home base. 

Her abilities are great for assault AND strategic retreat.


  • Her tactical smoke launcher is great for covering attacks and retreats. Combined with a threat scope, her smoke is absolutely deadly.
  • Her ultimate, creeping barrage is great when advancing on an enemy dug in behind rocks with no overhead cover. It also makes a great rear-cover when fleeing.
  • Double time lets you know you’ve been spotted and give you a speed boost.
  • Her abilities are great, but as they do not directly relate to repositioning the whole team easily she does not quite make it to the top of the list. Still a great choice though.

Overall score: 80/100

4. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is the hunter of the Apex Games. She is guided by the might of the Allfather and is not to be messed with. If you want to find enemies and have threat vision, this is a great legend to have.

However, you need to have some skill to play this one because she has no repositioning, defense, escape or lifesaving abilities. She is built to hunt and to fight, not much else.


  • Her passive, spotting signs of enemies, is excellent to warn of enemy presence and time of passing through.
  • The tactical scan shows you where the enemies are and help a lot to plan your moves better.
  • Her Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt gives you enhanced speed and threat vision. You couldn’t wish to be a more optimized fighter.
  • Bloodhound is  superb for assault, but not much else. Also, her abilities don’t help her teammates much, so she can’t entirely be at the top of the list.

Overall score: 85/100

3. Pathfinder

Pathfinder lives up to his name. He finds paths where no one has gone before! 

His survey beacon scans are beneficial for final positioning as it reveals the next ring on your mini-map early. He is great for repositioning, assault, and retreat.


  • His grapple is excellent for repositioning and escape, however, the long cooldown does detract from it a bit.
  • The zipline is really useful for rapid assault and repositioning, but since you can jump and re-attack mid-zip a max of 3 times before having to touch the ground, it can be risky.
  • His abilities help the whole team, not just himself, which is a major plus.
  • Pathfinder has the key abilities for success in Apex, but because of the cooldown, he doesn’t quite make it to Wraith’s level.

Overall score: 90/100

2. Lifeline

Lifeline is the medic to have on your squad in the Apex Games. She is a great support character, and the D.O.C is what really makes her shine. 

She is great as a support-offensive role due to her rez and heal abilities.


  • Lifeline is a must-have on your squad.
  • Her passive ability is that D.O.C auto-revives teammates once she has initiated the revive. This frees her hands under fire and can make the difference between life and death.
  • Tactical D.O.C deployment provides health for anyone in range, and if you’re running short on syringes, this is a lifesaver.
  • The Ultimate, a care-package drop, contains meds and hot loot! Another lifesaver.

Overall score:  95/100

1. Wraith

Wraith is an interdimensional skirmisher. Several years ago, she awoke in an IMC lab as a next-gen fighter. But she can’t remember who she was before the lab… 

She is at the top of the list, not just because of her popularity but also because of her great all-round abilities for attacking, repositioning, and retreating.


  • Her all-rounder style is what makes her the best.
  • Her ultimate, the interdimensional rift, is great for rapid repositioning, getting out of sticky situations, and assault maneuvers. 
  • Her tactical, into the void, is great for escapes and avoiding damage, such as after being stuck with an arc star. 
  • Hearing the voices from the void about enemies spotting you, and if they’re a sniper or not, is a priceless asset.

Overall score: 100/100

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