[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Armor and Items

Apex Legends Best Armor and Items
The destruction of Kings Canyon as the rubble forms a new map with lots of new spots to explore.

Throughout all the seasons in Apex Legends from ‘Wild Frontier’ to ‘Fortune's Favor’ there have been constant  legend/weapon buffs and nerfs along with map and meta changes on a grand scale.

You can find a good sum of the Apex Community checking and discussing the latest forums on all the newest changes in order to make sure players can hop in a game and actually know what the heck is going on.

Nobody wants to be that guy looking for disruptor round hop-ups 3 seasons after it was removed from play (yes, I miss them also-- R.I.P). Following these changes you can find hours of content on the latest weapon or legend tier lists.

However, people always seem to overlook contrasting items and armor, which in retrospect, are a big part of the game also. So today I did all you Apex Legends advocates a service and decided to give you the top 10 Apex Legends Best Items and Armor list. 

10) 4-10x Digital Sniper Threat (Best Early Game)

This sniper optic allows you to see enemies highlighted in red, giving you a greater advantage.

This bad boy right here, can often be the difference between accurately lining up a headshot and landing a measly body shot from 200 meters out (or maybe just a little more shooting range should do the trick). It highlights enemies in red as well as out zooms the standard 4-8x sniper scope with its 10x magnification. Think of a scenario when you have a nice cozy spot to snipe at and the random FNG on your team thinks its a good idea to shoot a nice helping of Bangalore smoke in front of you rather than blurring enemies vision. Well, grab yourself one of these and you won’t have to worry about being the blinded sniper ever again.

Why 4-10x Digital Sniper is Good

  • When playing as Bangalore you can use smoke to cover up enemies to give them a false sense of “protection” just before sniping anyone exposed to smoke. 

4-10x Digital Sniper Details

  • Allows for dual magnification from 4x to 10x as well as highlighting enemies in red even in smoke or gas.
  • Equipable for: Longbow, Tripletake, Charge Rifle, Sentinel (Sniper Rifles)

9) Skullpiercer Hop-Up (Good Early Game) 

Skullpiecers can be a one-shot kill to most characters without armor. 

Once you pick this up and manage to land a few headshots don’t be surprised if you get mistaken for ImperialHal behind the monitor; skullpiercers smack! One time I saw my teammate get clipped in the cranium by a skullpiercer and I’m pretty sure my controller vibrated from it. These can be extremely critical beginning of the game when everyones still frantically searching for helmets like chickens with their heads cut off (or soon to be **wink). It has the power to down most legends without helmets in one shot to the head. Unfortunately, the guns it’s compatible with (especially the wingman) have a much higher learning curve for the average player and can be a little more advanced to use, which is why it falls higher up on the list.    

Why Skullpiercer is Good

  • Allows for easy beginning game kills when headshots are landed (especially on opponents without helmets).
  • Encourages players to aim for the heads of opponents.
  • Rewards great accuracy with the potential to keep pushing opponents.
  • Can keep 3rd parties in check.

Skullpiercer Details

  • Gives headshot multiplier to the Wingman- 2.0x to 2.25x and the Longbow- 2.0x to 2.5x.
  • Equipable for: Longbow and Wingman.

8) 1x Digital Threat (Good Beginning -- End Game)

1x digital threat makes it easy to see in smoke and gas, for more tactical plays.

Meet the little brother of the 4-10x digital sniper threat. Though lacking in zoom power like it’s counterpart, this legendary item can be the crux of make or break situations. It has  the insane potential to help clutch close range fights in gassed out rooms or smokey terrain. All the noxious gas spamming Caustic mains and Bangalore ‘smokey the bear’ try-hards-- meet your worst enemy (or best friend depending). This sight is like if they took Bloodhound's “Beast of the Hunt’ vision and fused it into a 1x HCOG. Throw one of these on your R99 and be amazed at how fast you can identify red silhouettes in addition to out playing some Legends in their own element. 

Why 1x Digital Threat is Good

  • Caring this sight for characters such as Caustic and Bangalore (or even when they are your teammates) can drastically change the dynamic of battle to give you more sight advantage. 
  • Sight can also be used to spot enemies much more easily in dark corners or crevasses in addition to nighttime LTMs. 

1x Digital Threat Details 

  • 1x magnification which turns enemies red even through smoke and gas.
  • Equipable for: submachine guns, shotguns, pistols.

7) Legendary Knockdown Shield (Good End Game)

The legendary knockdown shield takes twice as long to revive than normal pick-ups.

Lets run down another scenario: you’re beasting it this game, somehow managed to eliminate all the sweaties in Fragment East and West, 8 kills, 1200 dmg deep,11 squads left and hands still shaking. You’ve exhausted just about all your light ammo and decide to munch on the nearest deathbox when--- BUCHOO, you get Krabered in the head by an eavesdropping sniper. It’s ok because you can still be revived right… nope. Unfortunately, your teammates LadyKiller999 and JohnnyBlaze420 (aka Bot 1 and 2) are somehow 400m away at Sorting Factory and as a result you get mercilessly finished in the street.  

Well...the Legendary knockdown shield can’t give you better teammates but with the perk ‘Resurrection’ it can give you a second chance at life without their help. This item makes the list due to its ability to absorb 750 dmg as well as allow teammates to keep fighting while you self-revive. It can be extremely useful to you during sticky situations and end game madness and mayhem. 

Why Legendary Knockdown Shield is Good

  • Can be extremely useful not to activate/reveal gold shield to the opponent, rather distance yourself then self-revive.
  • Allows your squad to still engage in the fight if you get knocked, rather than one teammate reviving (unless they’re God-- I mean Lifeline).
  • If your entire squad is knocked while getting third partied, you can still get higher team placement in rank matches if you manage to escape and self-revive. 

Legendary Knockdown Details

  • Allows for self-revives, shield takes up to 750 dmg (takes 2x the standard revive time).
  • Even after all squad members are knocked down allows the team to stay active in a match as long as the wielder isn’t killed.

6) Ultimate Accelerant (Good End Game)

Ultimate Accelerants can get your legend ready perform their ultimate at ridiculous speeds.

Yes, I know, I know, you walk past these all the time without giving an inclining of a thought. You probably avoid them like kids do vegetables. Well, let me tell you something; you are severely missing out on controlling crucial elements of endgame situations. Want to know why you’ll be hit by a Gibby Ult 3 times in 2 minutes… that's because that Gibby is hoarding Accelerants like a freakin’ crack addict-- he knows the truth. These items are the key to getting to legend ultimates faster and ultimates on certain legends are the difference between better defense, offense, positioning, and winning strategies all-around. Not to mention the latest patch now allows 2 Accelerants for 1 backpack slot for Wattson.

Why Ultimate Accelerants are Good 

  • Can collect with Revenant to keep constant pressure for 3rd parties.
  • Use Gibby & Bangalore to force other teams to rotate or take dmg late circle.
  • Carry with Wattson to maintain solid defensive positioning late game. 
  • Have on Loba late game in order to continuously grab loot without exposing team.
  • Keep on Lifeline for constant Care Packages.

Ultimate Accelerant Details 

  • Restores 35% ultimate energy for Legends, Loba it’s 20%, and Wattson is 100% with Spark of Genius (passive ability). 
  • Can be charged slightly faster in Gibraltar Dome Shield.  

5) Legendary Helmet (Good End Game)

Legendary helmets can be tactically distributed among teammates for advanced strategies.

Ok, so you don’t care much about any of the team dynamics I mentioned early. You play with randoms on mute and main characters like Octane and Mirage who are more solo based. You see no need to go ‘hoarder mode’ on accelerants due to those Legends extremely low ultimate cool down times. That’s fine and all, however acquiring a gold helmet is something every Legend can exponentially benefit from. Yes the highest option for head protection is self explanatory but another extremely overlooked trope of the gold helmet is its ability to passively speed up tactical and ultimate charge times. It’s essentially the equivalent of walking around with a mini ultimate accelerant on your head that protects your face while being constantly active, without player engagement.  

Why Legendary Helmets are Good

  • Instead of risking a 7 second unprotected activating accelerants, the helmet requires no engagement besides equipping.
  • Won’t take up any inventory space since it is an armor equip
  • Critical in long lasting fights where abilities will come into play multiple times.
  • Can swap between teammates in order to prioritize desired Legend ability for various situations.

Legendary Helmet Details 

  • Reduce headshot damage received by 25%.
  • Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time by 20%.

4) Mobile Respawn Beacon (Good End Game)

Mobile respawn beacons are a newer concept added to Apex Legends season 5.

The developers at Respawn have been experimenting with various new items ever since Apex came out and as a result most recently added Mobile Respawn Beacons to in game content. It gives players the ability to respawn teammates virtually anywhere they please on the map without having to go to the predesignated beacon spots. Not only does this lessen the risk of dying while attempting to respawn teammates in ‘high traffic areas’, but after winning a battle your team has the opportunity to pick up where you left off if anyone was killed in the process. Better option than leaving behind loot. However, prior to respawning if you still want to take JohhnyBlaze420’s 3x scope and Medkit from his death box because he was late to contribute to the fight and still died, I won’t blame you. 

Why Mobile Respawn Beacon is Good 

  • Allows for you to respawn teammates virtually anywhere on map.
  • Late game when respawn beacons are outside the circle, these can be used as an alternative, rather than run the risk of taking zone damage.
  • Can also be used to bait nearby teams due to the vertical beam of light it emits when placed down.
  • Players can carry multiple in their inventory for a high number of respawns during game.     

Mobile Respawn Beacon Details

  • Creates a Respawn Beacon that the player can position.
  • Is stored in backpack inventory

3) Evo Shield (Good End Game)

Some of the LTMs start out all legends with level 1 evo shield so they can compete to level it up.

Another recent addition to the armor family are the ever so electrifying Evo Shields. Starting out one shield lower than the standard white it can often have you feeling naked and afraid in the beginning of matches. However, if you can rack up enough damage marksman or rambo-style then the reward rapidly starts to outweigh the risk, especially towards mid to late game. The Evo Shields bonus 25 damage absorption (compared to lvl 3/4 standard Shield 200 absorption) will have you saying “he’s down” instead of “he’s one!”(we’ve all been there). Evos can be very irritating for your opponents to fight as well as intimidating in close quarter firing.

Why Evo Shield is Good

  • Picking up an Evo Shield even if at level-1 means you potentially already have the strongest armor in the game.
  • Snipers can be used as a safer method to farm damage for evo shield without directly risking close range fights while shield is low level.
  • Fully loaded Evo Shields on Fortified Legends (Gibby and Caustic) can make them seem like juggernauts
  • The extra damage absorption allows room for error when taking damage in fights.

Evo Shield Details 

  • Damage absorption levels: Lvl 1- 25, Lvl 2- 50, Lvl 3-100, Lvl 4- 125
  • Damage output required for each level-up: Lvl 2- 75, LVl 3- 150, Lvl 4- 400 

2) Legendary Backpack (Good End Game)

Legendary backpack is a good use for legends such as Lifeline and Gibraltar. 

The perks of this backpack have been experimented on by developers unconditionally since season 1 in order to best fit gameplay. Its current perk ‘Guardian Angel’ however, is one of the more significant and meta changing abilities to grace Apex Legends by allowing the possessor to revive teammates with bonus health and shields. This right here, will have even the most toxic of teammates thanking and praising you after picking them up as if you just crushed a 1 v 3 to win the Online Global Series. Enemies will often push teams after knocking an opposing player to take advantage. Nonetheless if the backpack wielder is able to revive before the push it can quickly turn the tide, as the picked up player could potentially come back with more health than the opponent who downed them. Ultimately, if that happens and you win the fight and your opponent's controller gets hurled at the wall.

Why Legendary BackPack is Good

  • Can be used with self-revive also 
  • Crucial for getting teammates immediately back into fights when opponents are pushing up.
  • Good to lend to Lifelines: combined with healing drone buff, it can be very difficult to bring the entire squad down.
  • Oftentimes can be beneficial to have teammates go down and then revive again if team healing inventory is low.
  • Not to mention you’re also are receiving a substantial amount of backpack space in addition to ‘Guardian Angel’
  • When taking damage from the circle, just before getting in you can allow yourself to go down in order to save heels just have a teammate with the backpack pick you up.

Legendary Backpack Details 

  • Restores 50 shields and 50 health in addition to the 20 health from standard revive.
  • Adds an additional 6 slots to player inventory.
  • Bar displaying revive time will be gold in order to indicate if the player has a gold backpack.

1) Legendary Shield 

You can often find a legendary shield on the train in World's Edge map.

Last but certainly not least we have the ‘Holy Grail’ of all armor in Apex-- the Golden Level 4 Shield. This mastery of items has experienced a few developing changes as well, and now is nothing but a superior, critical, and oh yeah did I say a superior piece to dominating fights. With the ‘Improved Minor Heal’ perk it has the power to restore 2 shields for the price of 1 Shield Cell (Shield Cells restore 1 shield on all other armors). Not only that but it also gives double the amount of restored health for Syringes. This armor piece has the ability to tear best friends apart when it is pinged for grabs on the map. After all, if you never fought your friend over golden armor are you really playing Apex Legends? The Legendary Shield earns the number 1 spot on the list due to its features allowing you to enter back into fights just as quickly as you left to heal. You can quickly overwhelm teams and destroy lobbies when used in a strategic and responsible manner.    

Why Legendary Shield is Good 

  • Bearer can give Shield Batteries and Medkits (stronger healing items) to teammates in exchange for Shield Cells and Syringes (lesser healing items) due to ‘Improved Minor Heal’
  • Allows space in inventory for other items since Shield Batteries and Medkits don’t have to be prioritized.
  • Inventory can hold up to 4 Shield Cells or Syringes in a single slot as opposed to only 2 Shield Batteries or Medkits for 1 slot. 
  • Can aggressively outplay Evo Shields due to the hindrance of normal healing abilities compared to Gold Shield.
  • Compensates for bad shot trade offs in giving users the ability to still heal in a shorter period.

Legendary Shield Details 

  • Improves use of Shield Cells and Syringes by doubling effect-- 50 instead of 25.

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