Apex Legends Best Weapon Skins For Every Weapon

Apex Legends Best Weapon Skins For Every Weapon
The tools you'll need to be a Legend...

Why Would You Choose Otherwise?

Would you choose the second-best you could? I didn't think so! Have a peek at this list of the best skin for every single weapon in Apex Legends right now. Remember, only the best for the Legends of the arena!

23. Flatline: Supernova

A blue flared muzzle with a white upper receiver and magazine and a black lower receiver gives a unique take on the Flatline. Bits of gold add a bit of flair to this skin.

What makes Supernova awesome:

  • The white stands out on any background. Nothing wrong with showing the world what you have, right?
  • The blue around the muzzle creates a stark contrast with the muzzle flash. Ever heard something about fire and water?
  • The shape is unique. What’s the point of having a Flatline when the only difference to everybody else’s is its color?

How To Get Supernova: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select assault rifles. Select Flatline and click on Supernova. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Supernova in action: 

Supernova in action.

22. R 301: The Last Spartan

The Last Spartan has a gold and black color scheme, with a bit of brown in between. A metal chain is wrapped around it from the trigger guard to the muzzle.

What makes The Last Spartan awesome:

  • The metal spikes around the muzzle make for a vicious melee weapon. If only you could use it…
  • The chain makes you the most badass gunslinger in the field.
  • There are engravings on the side that are most suitable to a bringer of death like you. Unless of course, you can’t hit your shots!

How To Get The Last Spartan: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select assault rifles. Select R301 and click on The Last Spartan. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Last Spartan in action:

The Last Spartan in action.

21. Hemlok: The Cyberian

The Cyberian is all black with neon turquoise lining and decoration. The lining highlights the angular framework.

What makes The Cyberian awesome:

  • The neon lining turns the Hemlok into a cyber gun. Who wouldn’t want something as cool as that?
  • Imagine fighting with this thing in the dark… All your enemies would see is glowing neon. Wouldn’t wanna fight a bunch of eerie lights in the dark, would you?
  • The neon lining on the inside of the sights makes it so much easier to focus your aim. Useful if you’re a scatterbrained professor!

How To Get The Cyberian: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select assault rifles. Select Hemlok and click on The Cyberian. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Cyberian in action:

The Cyberian in action!

20. G7 Scout: The Gold Dragon

The Gold Dragon has a black body with inlaid gold decoration and a golden dragon wrapped around the front part of the barrel just behind the muzzle.

What makes The Gold Dragon awesome:

  • The golden dragon on the front of your gun is the perfect motivator to destroy your enemies. After all, who wants to lose if their gun looks this cool?
  • The black bodywork enhances the effect of the shiny gold engravings and decoration.
  • Wanna wield the power of a dragon? This one’s for you!

How To Get The Gold Dragon: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select assault rifles. Select G7 Scout and click on The Gold Dragon. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Gold Dragon in action:

The Gold Dragon gameplay.

19. Havoc: Sonic Empire

Sonic Empire has a chocolate brown stock, grip, and angled front grip. The rest of the body is mainly engraved silver with a black upper and lower rear inlaid with silver.

What makes Sonic Empire awesome:

  • The dark brown with silver and black creates a very classy weapon of war.
  • Only a true warrior would deserve such a classy AR. Are you good enough?
  • The wood and silver theme is reminiscent of ancient warriors.

How To Get Sonic Empire: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select assault rifles. Select Havoc and click on Sonic Empire. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Sonic Empire in action:

Sonic Empire gameplay.

18. Alternator: LED Rez

LED Rez has an all-black body with neon turquoise lining and sights.

What makes LED Rez awesome:

  • The neon turquoise sites make aiming a lot easier. And hey, it’s not cheating!
  • The black and blue create a very cold effect. The best warriors are the cold calculating ones…
  • You get to own a legendary skin and come on, we all like to show off a bit right?

How To Get LED Rez: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select submachine guns. Select Alternator and click on LED Rez. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See LED Rez in action:

Led Rez in action.

17. Prowler: The Lightworker

The Lightworker has a white body with silver engraving on the magazine, lower stock, and butt plate, as well as on the upper receiver. There is a gold overlay on the lower part of both the forward and rear grip.

What makes The Lightworker awesome:

  • Lightworking is almost like miracle-working. And boy, with this skin for your Prowler you’ll get it done!
  • White often represents innocence. Kind of ironic, what, with the gun being in YOUR hands!
  • Who but the richest kid on the block would have silver engraving on the magazine of his SMG?

How To Get The Lightworker: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select submachine guns. Select Prowler and click on The Lightworker. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Lightworker in action:

The Lightworker gameplay.

16. R99: Outlands Avalanche

Outlands Avalanche has a white and grey camo framework. There is a bit of neon green on the butt pad and the lower end of the magazine. The front and rear grip are wrapped in blue-grey fabric.

What makes Outlands Avalanche awesome:

  • The white and grey camo is perfect for the snowy areas in World’s Edge. You’ll just be part of the scenery!
  • The lime green on the butt pad and magazine add a bit of life to the dreariness of white and grey.
  • The sights are open at the top, no ringed front sight! Guess what that means? Yep, this is a ‘pay to win’ skin!

How To Get Outlands Avalanche: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select submachine guns. Select R99 and click on Outlands Avalanche. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Outlands Avalanche in action:

Outlands Avalanche in action.

15. L-Star: Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion has a dark purple upper receiver and stock. The lower grip and framework are construction yellow. Luminous green icons add an alien atmosphere to this skin.

What makes Alien Invasion awesome:

  • Striated (that means stripy btw) dark purple with luminous neon green creates an alien atmosphere.
  • With this skin on your L-Star, the only thing you’ll need to fear is yourself!
  • The shape of the stock gives the L-Star even more of a space-age look. Always nice to be the most advanced, right?

How To Get Alien Invasion: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select light machine guns. Select L-Star and click on Alien Invasion. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Alien Invasion in action:

Alien Invasion gameplay.

14. Devotion: Hot Streak

Hot Streak is black with orange-red overlay over the entire gun in a geometric pattern.

What makes Hot Streak awesome:

  • Red and black is always a great combo if you wanna let someone know that something represents aggression and death.
  • The lifted angular red overlay on this gun gives it a rather buff look. Nice to be the big guy for once!
  • Anything with a bright orange-red magazine of that size is not something to face in combat!

How To Get Hot Streak: 

Go to the store. Go to the System Override event tab. Select Hot Streak and buy it for 1800 apex coins or craft it for 2400 crafting metals. Alternatively, you can also buy event Apex Packs for 700 apex coins apiece and hope you get lucky!

See Hot Streak in action:

Hot Streak in action.

13. Spitfire: The Heavy Construct

The Heavy Construct looks like a piece of construction equipment with alternating orange, navy blue, maroon, and white. It has a rectangular barrel shroud which adds to the construction equipment theme.

What makes The Heavy Construct awesome:

  • It’s got lots of bright orange. Nothing like a bit of color to liven things up with!
  • It looks heavy enough to take down a tank. Whoever called it a LIGHT machine gun?
  • The sheer size of it must be more than just a little bit intimidating.

How To Get Heavy Construct: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select light machine guns. Select Spitfire and click on The Heavy Construct. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Heavy Construct in action:

Heavy Construct gameplay.

12. Triple Take: First Strike

First Strike has a black muzzle-brake, camo body, and camo netting around the barrel.

What makes First Strike awesome:

  • The camo is going to make it much easier to hide with. No need to tell them where you are so they can shoot back, right?
  • The camo netting adds an authentic bushy texture to it.
  • First Strike is a suitable name for this skin because they’ll never know what hit them.

How To Get First Strike: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select sniper rifles. Select Tripletake and click on First Strike. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See First Strike in action:

First Strike in action.

11. Longbow: Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter has a green and black color scheme with a light brown dino head around the front of the barrel just behind the muzzle.

What makes Big Game Hunter awesome:

  • It’s got a dino skull around the barrel behind the muzzle.
  • Green matches almost any kind of environment in World’s Edge. So, of course, you’ll be a little less visible.
  • It is the perfect match for a player whose skill makes him worthy of looking so cool.

How To Get Big Game Hunter: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select sniper rifles. Select Longbow and click on Big Game Hunter. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Big Game Hunter in action:

Big Game Hunter gameplay.

10. Sentinel: Nightcore

Nightcore is all-black with black padding around the stock and front of the barrel.

What makes this skin awesome:

  • The all-black color scheme makes this one a real menace.
  • Black does have something to do with death…
  • The glowing blue core stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the gun.

How To Nightcore Name: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select sniper rifles. Select Sentinel and click on Nightcore. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Nightcore in action:

Sentinel Nightcore in action.

9. Charge Rifle: Elegant Experiment

Elegant Experiment is satin-black with gold lining, a golden trigger guard and trigger, and overall flashy metalwork.

What makes Elegant Experiment awesome:

  • It adds an elegant touch to the battlefield, and honestly, who doesn’t want to look better than the next guy?
  • You probably have a pretty deep pocket if you can overlay your gun in gold.
  • The shiny metalwork will make you stand out from halfway across the map, so make sure you don’t miss!

How To Get Elegant Experiment: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select sniper rifles. Select Charge Rifle and click on Elegant Experiment. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Elegant Experiment in action:

Elegant Experiment in action.

8. Kraber: The Pioneer

The Pioneer is golden with a black magazine and stock. The muzzle brake is conical and makes the gun look like an energy beam rifle.

What makes The Pioneer awesome:

  • It looks like a space-age lasergun.
  • It’s got a golden body. (Only for the rich kids!)
  • Pioneering’s the right word for the guy who gets to work with this beast of a gun!

How To Get The Pioneer: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select sniper rifles. Select Kraber and click on The Pioneer. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Pioneer in action:

Pioneer in action.

7. P2020: Death’s Scepter

Death’s Scepter is green with a black trigger guard and grip-bottom. The grip has a spirit on the side and there is a bit of bronze in the wavy overlay on the slide.

What makes Death’s Scepter awesome:

  • It is the only gun in Apex Legends with this shade of green.
  • The wavy overlay on the slide adds elegance to this handgun.
  • The face on the grip is scary enough to make anyone forget about trying to aim. (With your aim the only time you’ll hit anything is if you don’t try!)

How To Get Death’s Scepter: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select pistols. Select P2020 and click on Death’s Scepter. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.


6. RE-45: Modern Advances

Modern Advances is an all-black RE45 with angular gold overlay creating a geometric pattern.
What makes Modern Advances awesome:

  • Geometry is math and math rules physics. And guess what? Physics rules projectiles!
  • The golden sights are next-level.
  • The slide looks sharp enough to shred anyone’s hands who tries to grab your gun.

How To Get Modern Advances: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select pistols. Select RE45 and click on Modern Advances. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Modern Advances in action:

Modern Advances gameplay.

5. Wingman: Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail is brassy metal with a blue-grey upper and lower receiver and grip. And that’s not all...

What makes Attention to Detail awesome:

  • The tubular body and conical muzzle lend themselves to the ray gun theme.
  • The bronze metalwork is one of a kind in Apex Legends.
  • It is a reactive skin. Yes, that’s right! Once you start fighting and start racking up those kills the gun starts putting on some crazy displays of battle prowess!

How To Get Attention to Detail: 

To get Attention to Detail you need to buy the premium battle pass and then get to level 110. Or you can just buy the battle pass AND all the levels.

See Attention to Detail in action:

Attention to Detail in action.

4. Mozambique: Lion’s Roar

The grip is royal red with gold overlay. The upper part of the grip is a golden lion’s head facing backward. There is gold overlay around the front sight and a gold-inlaid lion’s head set in royal red below the front sight.

What makes Lion’s Roar awesome:

  • The lion is the king of beasts. So technically with this skin, you become the king of Apex Legends, right?
  • Gold, red, and silver are royal colors. And who are you kidding if you say you don’t care about being important?
  • The lion’s lower mane forms the trigger guard.

How To Get Lion’s Roar: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select shotguns. Select Mozambique and click on Lion’s Roar. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Lion’s Roar in action:

Lion's Roar gameplay.

3. Eva-8 Auto: The Bone Collector

The barrel, upper receiver, and magazine are polished gold. The front grip, grip, trigger guard and stock are carved wood, and there is decorative carving in the stock. There are 2 green gems inlaid into the stock.

What makes The Bone Collector awesome:

  • It looks classy, and … EXPENSIVE. In the wild west, the undertaker was the richest guy in town. Because he was the only one who survived!
  • The carving and gems in the stock are kind of reminiscent of those on the clubs and shields of ancient warriors. Always good to go back to your roots.
  • The spines on the upper and lower part of the barrel make this shotgun a total beast.

How To Get The Bone Collector: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select shotguns. Select Eva-8 Auto and click on The Bone Collector. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Bone Collector in action:

Bone Collector gameplay.

2. Peacekeeper: The Lonestar

The Lonestar has a wooden stock and body, with a golden star on the side and a golden lever. The barrel is black metal and the butt pad is black rubber.

What makes The Lonestar awesome:

  • There is a golden sheriff’s star on the side. Time to make peace!
  • It is a very traditional sawed-off shotgun style skin. You’ll know what I mean if you watch enough westerns!
  • Only a really experienced sheriff will survive long enough to get gold inlay for his shotgun. Are you a good enough shot to survive?

How To Get The Lonestar: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select shotguns. Select Peacekeeper and click on The Lonestar. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Lonestar in action:

Lonestar in action.

1. Mastiff: The Pest Controller

The Pest Controller is black with red sights, a red butt pad, and a red receiver.

What makes The Pest Controller awesome:

  • The red sights kind of give a red lining to your vision. Just the thing to get the aggression level to where it should be!
  • The black and red contrast is badass. Guess why that’s Dr Disrespect’s color scheme!
  • Having a legendary skin on a legendary weapon is just the thing to put you 2 steps ahead of your enemies!

How To Get The Pest Controller: 

Go to the loadout tab. Select shotguns. Select Mastiff and click on The Pest Controller. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

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