[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Bloodhound Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome!

Best Bloodhound skins, Apex Legends
Bloodhound giving Artur some well deserved pets

Want to become one with the Allfather?

Look, we all know that Apex skins don’t actually affect gameplay. Does that mean we can’t have badass skins? Nah! You want to feel formidable in every skin. And make your enemies regret crossing you. 

Here are the best Bloodhound skins and why…

10. Dangerous Game (Okay)

Bloodhound sports a futuristic royal equestrian look with their pointy edges, black riding boots, and gold mask.

Why this skin is okay

  • It’s an average-looking skin, especially for being legendary.
  • More could’ve been done to make the blue hues pop. 
  • A purple blur out the corner of the enemy’s eye makes you an easy target to spot.

How to get Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game was part of the Fight Night Collection Event in Season 7.

See Dangerous Game in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Dangerous Game skin.


9. Hunter’s Moon (Epic)

Hunter’s Moon is a recolor of Wise Warrior. This regal red addition enhances the gold detailing on their chest plate and makes their eyes pop with bloodlust. 

Why this skin is epic

  • It’s one of the best variant skins Respawn has released, in my humble opinion.
  • It makes you feel impenetrable.
  • With its red fur-lined collar, Hunter’s Moon brings the much-needed sense of honor and respect to the Outlands. 

How to get Hunter’s Moon

Hunter’s Moon was released in Season 8 as part of the Anniversary Collection Event.

See Hunter’s Moon in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Hunter's Moon skin. 


8. Road Warrior (Cool)

Bloodhound wears black motorbike-looking leathers, a white mask, and riding googles. The red coloring adds the pitstop crew look of the skin. 

Why this skin is cool

  • It breaks from Blood’s normal by being racing themed. 
  • The Hemlock skin, Performance Boost, complements this skin perfectly.
  • The white VNNA on their jacket. 

How to get Road Warrior

Road Warrior was a Season 6 Premium Battle Pass skin.

See Road Warrior in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Road Warrior skin.


7. The Intimidator (Badass)

The Intimidator is the Bloodhound Edition skin. They are dressed in hellish red armor behind a devil’s skull. There are even little red devils on their knees! 

Why The Intimidator is badass

  • You get a unique matching Prowler skin.
  • Enemies will pray to the Almighty Allfather for forgiveness as you hunt them down.
  • Beast of the Hunt really sets this skin off. Imagine seeing those burning red eyes behind the mask charging up on you and your team.

How to get The Intimidator

This skin can be easily found in the Editions tab in the game itself. It is a permanent feature that can be bought outright. No coins needed.

See The Intimidator in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in The Intimidator skin. 


6. The Centurion (Awesome)

Bloodhound wears a red feather-capped golden helmet with thick gold shoulder pads. And has protective leg gauntlets (in gold, of course).

Why this skin is awesome

  • Bring the Ye Olde times to the Outlands. 
  • Make your opponents avert their peasant gaze from your shiny magnificence. 
  • That badass helmet. (Doesn’t increase head hitbox, I checked). 

How to get The Centurion

The Centurion was part of the Iron Crown Collection Event in Season 2.

See The Centurion in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in The Centurion skin.


5. Protector of the Patch (Badass)

Essentially a possessed scarecrow with a ghoulish Jack-o’-lantern head with gnarled branches and hay as their body. Ragged blue clothes with a ghostly hand holding a lantern completes the Halloween look. 

Why this skin is badass

  • Brings the nightmare of possessed scarecrows chasing you to life. 
  • Seeing a smiling scarecrow crouched in a shadowy corner will make you scream for your mother.
  • The Haymaker Alternator skin completes this outfit.

How to get Protector of the Patch

Protector of the Patch was released in the Fight or Fright Halloween Collection Event, back in Season 6. 

See Protector of the Patch in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Protector of the Patch skin.


4. Imperial Warrior (Deadly)

Bloodhound is wearing a Hakama-inspired armor in this skin. The subtle blues and golds all work together for maximum stealth and awesomeness.

Why this skin is deadly

  • Draw from the ways of the Samurai to crush your enemies.
  • Embrace the art of stealth and power to run over squads easily.
  • The subtle but brilliant colors help create the ultimate stealth attack.

How to get Imperial Warrior

Find it in Bloodhound’s skin list at any time. It’ll cost you 1,200 crafting metals.

See Imperial Warrior in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Imperial Warrior skin. 


3. Young Blood (Legendary)

Bloodhound wears blue hunting clothes covered in white feathers from their homeland. A makeshift mask is made with goggles, a gas mask, and an animal skull as a helmet.

Why this skin is legendary

  • It comes with an awesome loading screen animation with a Charge Rifle.
  • Be as nimble and youthful in your play as if you were a young Bloodhound. 
  • This skin is the first creation of Bloodhound as we know them. 

How to get Young Blood

Young Blood was released in The Old Ways Event, back in Season 4. 

See Young Blood in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Young Blood skin. 


2. Wicked Harvest (Awesome)

Wicked Harvest is a variant of Protector of the Patch Halloween Skin. It takes the possessed scarecrow look to a new level by recoloring it to be blood-drenched with a decaying pumpkin head.

Why this skin is awesome

  • Well, I mean…have you looked at it?!
  • The blood-soaked straw warns your enemies of what they’re in for going against you. 
  • The dark colors mean sneaking up on enemies is even easier, leaping out from shrouded corners. 

How to get Wicked Harvest

Wicked Harvest was released during the 2020 Fight or Fright Event as part of the Tortured Souls bundle. 

See Wicked Harvest in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in Wicked Harvest skin. 


1. The Plague Doctor (Legendary)

Covered head-to-toe in black, The Plague Doctor is a master stealth skin. The plague doctor mask completes this underrated but deadly skin. 

Why this skin is legendary

  • Lurk in shadowy corners, invisible, ready to pounce on innocent enemies. 
  • Pop off a shield battery in a cloaked corner, unnoticed.
  • Blend into the background so you can easily rotate without catching a sniper’s eye.

How to get The Plague Doctor 

You can get The Plague Doctor anytime from Bloodhound’s Skins list. It’ll cost you 1,200 crafting metals.

See The Plague Doctor in action:

Showcase of Bloodhound in The Plague Doctor skin. 


Respawn is always adding more Bloodhound skins to the game so this list will change as more epic ones are released.


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