[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Kills in One Game

Apex Legends Most Kills in One Game
Who is the Apex Legends Kill leader in a game?

[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Kills in One Game

Well well well if it ain’t the 30-30 rep rep

Hello, legends! it has been some time since the game was released. Almost two years into the game and you guys already feeling the heat, don't you? All the Kraber trick shots, the 360-quick-scope kills for the win. You might be thinking, what else? What else can be achieved in this battle royal game running on steroids? Well, let me tell you, you have not seen anything yet. As the players always come up with something unique with every new season. Be it Rampart’s Sheila on the Crypto’s drone or the whole lobby playing Need for Speed on the Trident.

OG pathfinder straight outta hood

Let me ask you, what is your highest kill count in a match? 3-5 average kills are considered decent. Well, I had 10 kills the other day and I was jumping in my room, I was that excited! I am sure you guys are overjoyed too whenever you get high kills in a game.

When will I ever get this badge, Ugh

Since Apex introduced 20 kills badge, it triggered a race. A race that tested the limits of the Apex players to get as many kills as they can in a match. Streamers and Pro players were like Challenge Accepted!

And if you thought dropping the 20 bombs was hard, then my legends you need to see this list!

10. Satiability – 28 kills

the fact that he did it in a predator lobby speaks for itself!

9. Merrdawg- 30 kills

What a chill guy but his aim and movement is some serious business!

8. iiTzTimmy – 30 kills

Someone challenged this Lord of Apex to get 30 kills for 100 subs! I am sure the guy who challenged Timmy would be sweating while watching him achieve this on Live-stream! One simply doesn’t challenge the APEX god.

7. JamesFearless- 31 kills

As his name suggests, this fearless man destroyed the whole lobby revived his teammate, and read the chat throughout! Absolute mad lad!

6. Tollis- 32 kills

His secret is how he grips his controller! Focus legends focus!

5. Dizzy NRG- 33 kills

 Ah yes, the NRG Apex pro with them crispy wingman shots!

4. Asapan- 35 kills

I thought medics save lives but this is one ferocious Combat medic hungry for death boxes!

3. ttv-Rowyuppyupp – 36 kills

You probably did not know about him, neither did I before watching him dropping 36 kills in a match, the guy is insane! He recently played the ALGS championship for CoolerEsports and grabbed 7th position.

2. Mendokusaii – 36 kills

My man dropped 36 kills alone in a match and held a record for it for some time. The guy went full John Wick on the rest of the lobby after his teammates left early. Popping them headshots with a wingman is always a delight to watch!

1. YoloModeTV - 37 kills

A Russian Octane with a plan. I mean good Lord have mercy on the lobby man. And to make it even crazier, he went solo in a Trio lobby and destroyed more than half of it. This man woke up one day and chose to completely obliterate other apex players! 

So, legends, what do you think, can you guys beat these records, or are you happy with 2 or 3 kills just like me? Let me know in the comment section. if some other names are missing from the list which I may have failed to mention, you can mention them in the comment section with proof. 

 And Remember Legends,

 “Lock and load, rinse, repeat. It’s that simple”- Bangalore

See you soon!


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