[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Loba Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome!

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Loba is the brand new Season 5 legend and her looks caused a MASSIVE stir when she was released. What better way to enhance natural beauty than to dress well? Check out this list to pick the perfect outfit!

10.  Flamingo (ok) 

Flamingo features a white top and leggings, with light pink straps and ‘leatherwork. The 6-inch heel boots are grey with pink streaks in them.

What makes Flamingo awesome:

  • The light pink is very feminine and suits Loba very well.
  • The simplicity of the design in this skin gives it a very clean, minimalistic look.
  • It only costs 30 crafting metals to unlock!

How To Get Flamingo: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Flamingo to craft it for 30 crafting metals.

See Flamingo in action: 

Flamingo in action.

9. Huntswoman (good) 

This skin features reddish-brown hair, brown leather boots with black around the ‘foot-section’, and khaki green leggings with the beige top having a pattern embroidered onto the khaki green section down the front of the top.

What makes Huntswoman awesome:

  • You get kitted out to look like a classic huntswoman from way back when. Don’t forget where you come from!
  • The dark brown leatherwork adds a very country-like feel to this skin.
  • There is embroidered gold on the pouch strapped to Loba’s right leg. And I mean, who DOESN’T like gold?

How To Get Huntswoman: 

In order to get Huntswoman, you simply need to play Apex until you get to the required FREE battle pass level to unlock Huntswoman.

See Huntswoman in action: 

Huntswoman in action.

8.  Hack the System (good) 

This skin features luminous green boots, black leggings, a black top with luminous green frills around the waist and bands of green around the arms and across the front and center of the top. The collar is also nice and green.

What makes Hack the System awesome:

  • Green symbolizes new life. Of course, this doesn’t help much if you keep dying! Maybe you need to practice a bit…
  • The dark green boots with luminous green streaks along the textured grooves in the boots look absolutely wicked!
  • The contrast created between the black and the green is striking.

How To Get Hack the System: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Hack the System to craft it for 400 crafting metals.

7.  Daemon Hunter (awesome) 

This time the boots are dull pink, with luminous pink texture grooves. Bands of strawberry pink light move up and down in a rippling effect across the skin’s fabric from top to bottom. Reddish pink coloring is found on the skin in a similar pattern to Hack the System.

What makes Daemon Hunter awesome:

  • Rippling pink light-patterns on a girl as pretty as Loba is a pretty darn cool thing to see.
  • In the darker corners of the map, all you’ll see is a bunch of rippling lights chasing you around in the dark. Yikes!
  • This is an epic skin and is thus rarer than most. It’s nice to show off sometimes, right?

How To Get Daemon Hunter: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Daemon to craft it for 400 crafting metals. 

6.  Alfa Royal (awesome) 

This skin features pure white boots with shiny silver in the texture grooves. The top is fabric embroidered with orange wolves on a darker blue pattern background. The leggings are light grey but feature straps with the same design as the top.

What makes Alfa Royal awesome:

  • Loba means wolf so wearing an outfit decorated in wolves… Some pretty good luck headed your way!
  • The white and silver boots with the dark blue and orange-brown wolves is a striking combo. Admit it. You like it when people actually notice you coming past, right?
  • White and silver is a very elegant combination and you wouldn’t want people to think you’re crude and uncivilized, would you?

How To Get Alfa Royal: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Alfa Royal to craft it for 60 crafting metals. 

5.  Pack Hunter (awesome) 

Pack Hunter has brown leather boots, brown leather straps, and a gold-embroidered leather holster. It features a jade, beige and golden and chocolate brown color scheme. The hair is dark brown with red eye-liner. And there is a golden Apex logo on the front center of the top.

What makes Pack Hunter awesome:

  • The glowing jade-ish lights all over the place are epic.
  • The Apex logo in gold adds a unique touch to this skin.
  • It’s a limited-time skin so if you get it you can show it off to everyone you want in the future and they won’t have one themselves. And admit it, you DO like it if people admire your stuff!

How To Get Pack Hunter: 

To get Pack Hunter you had to have Twitch Prime membership when the skin was available and you would have been able to claim yours for free as a Twitch Prime member.

See Pack Hunter in action: 

Pack Hunter in action.

4.  Off the Record (legendary) 

Off the Record has fiery red-dyed hair, red eyeliner, and cyborg-style face-implants. It features a black jacket with black gloves, black leggings, AND black leather boots.

What makes Off the Record awesome:

  • The red and black color combo gives Off the Record a very aggressive and powerful look.
  • Those red eyes are bound to freak anybody you run into, out. Got that?
  • There are two short katanas on Loba’s back… Ready to prove your real skill?

How To Get Off the Record: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Off the Record to craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Off the Record in action: 

Off the Record in action.

3.  Purple Reign (legendary) 

Purple Reign has a very similar style to Off the Record. It has white and pink hair, with glowing reddish eyes. The main color scheme is blue, black, and purple. Instead of leggings, Purple Reign has black hotpants.

What makes Purple Reign awesome:

  • It is the one and only Loba skin featuring hotpants instead of leggings.
  • Notice the colors purple, black, and blue. Well, that’s the color your enemies turn after you beat em up. Or the color you turn after they beat you up!

How To Get Purple Reign: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Purple Reign to craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Purple Reign in action: 

Purple Reign in action.

2.  Bootlegger (legendary) 

Bootlegger features a pinstripe style maroon jacket and boots, with black stripes. The pants are beige, the hair is silverfish grey and there is a little hat on Loba’s head. Oh, and the gloves are black leather.

What makes Bootlegger awesome:

  • The maroon with grey and black gives Loba a very professional, business-like look. 
  • Those black leather gloves match Loba’s occupation as a professional. (We’ll overlook the minor little detail that her profession is actually theft…)
  • That tilted hat is the cherry on the cake for this outfit.

How To Get Bootlegger: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Bootlegger to craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Bootlegger in action: 

Bootlegger in action.

1.  Gold Standard (legendary) 

Gold Standard is an identical copy of Bootlegger save for color scheme and make-up. The jacket and boots on this one are golden with black lining. The leggings are grey-blue and brown with black lining.

What makes Gold Standard awesome:

  • The jacket, boots, and hat in this one give Loba the undoubted look of a woman of class and wealth. That encapsulates most people’s dreams in life. Or maybe not, actually!
  • Loba is completely made up, which highlights her beauty more than any of the other skins. And c’mon, admit it, everybody admires a pretty face!
  • The jet pack on this skin is the classiest, and least bulky of all the jetpacks on any skin so far.

How To Get Gold Standard: 

Click on the Legends menu. Go to Loba and select skins. Right-click on Gold Standard to craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Gold Standard in action: 

Gold Standard in action.

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