Apex Legends XP Boost Explained - How it Works

Apex Legends XP Boost
Featuring Rampart, the newest legend for Apex season 6

Apex Legends is in full swing again following the release of a new season called “Boosted” along with an all new playable legend Rampart. Season 6 includes fresh legend cosmetics, the debut of the Volt SMG, map changes, and of course we can’t forget everything accompanying the beautiful battle pass pack. 

The pass is overflowing with refreshing and enjoyable content to add to the mix, from viscerally stimulating holo-sprays to heart pumping theatrical skydiving emotes. I’m sure with all these content changes and additions comes excitement and anxiousness on making sure to level up the battle pass while gaining all the XP from every nook and cranny of play possible. Well no need to fear, “XP Man” is here with a few pointers on how to boost that XP during Apex Legends season 6 ‘Boosted’.

Understanding the Point System

Crypto testing the long range of the charge rifle on Worlds Edge

It is important to know that there are multiple strategies in order to elevate your points and consistently level up. Furthermore, obviously some actions of play will have a much more drastic influence on points as opposed to others. For instance obtaining 1 kill in a game is worth 50 XP as opposed to reviving a team member which is only worth half of that (25 XP). However, respawning a team member can be worth 200 XP (per teammate), so therefore you should let your teammates die so you can rinse and repeat the process... joking, please don’t actually do this in game. 

In a more interesting fashion Apex is a game where many higher level players will go the extra mile to score massive kill count games and high intensity play. On the contrary, when it comes to gaining XP a more feasible strategy especially for the ‘not so kill streak inclined’ players otherwise known as ‘normal people’ such as myself, is to go for longer in-game survival time. 

Now, this doesn’t have to necessarily be campy in style however the longer you stay alive the more points you accumulate in addition to passively getting points from a little thing called: team placement. 

I’m sure as you guessed it winning a game gives the highest point potential (900 XP), however a top 3 finish can also allow you to gain another 300 XP. Even if you had zero kills, surviving to top 3 would virtually give you as many points as someone with 6 kills. Therefore, you can see how time and strategy can benefit over reckless play, however either or can be rewarding in its own sense.

Benefits of Playing With Friends

Calm before the storm, legends wait to drop from ship as match starts 

In terms of playing more cautious in matches and going for placement over kills mainly, another time oriented bonus is playing with friends. While playing with a friend you can earn a +%5 point bonus (per second survived) and this will double if playing with two friends. Essentially you should always be trying to find friends to play with for that extra bonus level up. This feeds into the multiplayer component and it rewards premade lobbies and ultimately team oriented play. 

Even better, the new ‘clubs’ feature should help players in finding teams and other players that fit their style of play. Ultimately Respawn wants to lessen the amount of people solo cuing into games and increase multiplayer options that can benefit the entire community. 

When all is said and done, it is a team oriented game and as time goes on players may want access to other players similar to their skill set and style of play, whether casual or competitive, this component can be key to gaining XP faster and with less frustration.

Diversifying Your Legends

Another feature added in order to entice the diversification of what legends people play is the legend max 25k bonus time survival points. This XP is limited to 25k per legend a week so once you’ve maxed out a legends survival time it compels you to hop on to the next legend in order to maximize chances of gaining XP again. It is a great way to keep the play fresh and it rewards players for experimenting with legends or changing up mains.

Do What Works for You

Octane moves on the double, just to escape trouble 

Lastly, some of the other ways to gain points include simply putting in damage which can be worth .25XP per damage. Another more rewarding path is the elimination of the champions (500 XP per kill of champion squad), this can feel satisfying on an emotional level as well as a great boost of unexpected points. 

As you can see the larger accumulation of points can simply stem from survival over hunting down squads, though at the end of the day it is up to the player on what strategy will best fit their playing dynamics. 

There is much to be done but knowing what you will focus on can be a great start to an amazing season, goodluck in boosting those points and never forget the biggest rule of them all; have fun. Can you hear that? The XP is calling, go answer!           


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