[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Accurate Guns You Should Use

Apex Legends Most Accurate Guns
Pathfinder stealthily acquiring Longbow sniper targets from above.

All of the Apex Legend tier lists out there are great and contain weapons of very high caliber at the top however not everyone is the same; we individually have a different relationship to the diverse options of guns. This specific list isn’t to point out the best of the best weapons generally speaking but which weapons are great for landing shots and excelling in terms of accuracy. These weapons have very little recoil and can even make those of us with mediocre aim feel like ShivFPS when shooting. After all, we all can’t be pros but we could use a little help in asserting our best selves when it comes to performance. There's nothing wrong with receiving a little aid in the accuracy department to better dominate fights. This is the countdown of the top 10 most accurate guns you should use in Apex Legends.

10) RE-45 

The RE-45 is a fully-auto pistol which takes light rounds, and only holds an optic, a light extended magazine and barrel stabilizer for attachments. The RE-45 is like a salad at the BBQ, overlooked and underappreciated, still you're going to scoop it up every now and then when little other options remain (and it probably won’t be half as bad as you thought). This weapon hasn’t experienced wild changes but the most detrimental was the taking away of disruptor rounds in season 4. After giving players the chance to roid out the RE with disruptor rounds it was soon taken out and left to fend for itself in a world of diverse weaponry. Nonetheless, due to its very little recoil and quick rate of fire the RE-45 is a go-to for accuracy. 

Weapon stats:

  • Ammo: Light Rounds
  • Attachments: Barrel, Optic, Mag
  • Modes: Auto
  • Damage: Body- 12, Head- 17.5
  • Mag Size: 16-19-22-25
  • Fire Rate: 13

Why RE-45 is Great 

  • The RE-45 is extremely underrated in the fact that it allows you to be more mobile than other guns when ADSing.
  • Its high fire-rate can help it to excel in close range fights.
  • Very little recoil: straying up and to the left ever so slightly

9) Alternator

Alternator gameplay (Chicken9man)

The Alternator is another underrated gun which got its 15 seconds of fame with disruptors during season 2 as well. It has experienced a rollercoaster of nerfs and buffs throughout all the seasons. This weapon is a submachine gun which consumes light ammo and is very prevalent on the map. Just like its little brother (the RE-45), the Alternator was given a whole new life when disruptors were released and was even considered a strong meta at one point, but now not so much. Ever so often from the ether you can hear whispers of the Alternator and how it is a lot better than what everyone else might believe. The thing is; put this submachine gun in the right hands and that player can become a huge problem to the entire server. The weapon fires at a much slower rate than the R-99 or R-301 but yet has even less recoil and can surprise enemies at mid-range. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Light Ammo
  • Attachments: Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock
  • Modes: Auto
  • Damage: Body-15 Head-22
  • Mag size: 19/22/25/27
  • Fire Rate: 10

Why Alternator is great:

  • Only slight horizontal recoil 
  • Very easy to handle 
  • Can also tap fire for longer range shots -- almost no recoil

8) Charge Rifle

Charge Rifle (Attached)

Given birth to in season 3 the Charge Rifle is a very odd yet satisfying to use sniper rifle. It strays from traditional Tripletake and Longbow in the fact it shoots a hot tracing beam rather than bullets. With the devs trying to figure out the severity of this weapon in game, they’ve given it an extended mag then had it taken away, making its standard magazine size extremely small now. They’ve done this because this weapon has shown to be a large threat with high capacity ammo. In terms of accuracy this weapon is the tangible definition. The Charge Rifle can be used at extreme distances and has no bullet drop off, it has dead-on accuracy with the beam even when taking jump pads or zip lines as well. If this weapon weren’t so clunky off the hip or hurtful in close range fights it would be at a much higher spot on the list.  

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Sniper 
  • Attachment: Barrel, Mag, Scope, Stock
  • Modes: Single 
  • Damage: Body: Body-45 Head-56
  • Fire Rate: .7

Why Charge Rifle is great:

  • Longest range gun
  • Virtually no bullet drop off
  • High damage output

7) G-7 Scout

G-7 Scout (Staycation)

This delicate shooting, yet powerhouse of a weapon is a semi-automatic assault rifle (once formerly considered a sniper) which takes light ammo. Intriguingly the title of AR is a lot more suiting given the fact it shoots 88 RPM. The G-7 is something that went from little usage to more prominent among the Apex community. It can be great for keeping snipers in check and can absolutely drain someone of life at mid-range if they aren't careful. Not to mention it was given the hop-up double-tap trigger, which slows down the fire rate to allow a double bullet release in one shot. The problem is this hop-up can make the gun a little bit less accurate, however those who are able to get the shot down become an instant threat on the battlefield. In the end this weapon and its use is very reliant on the player meaning the rate of your trigger finger vs maintaining accuracy is what will determine your success with it.   

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Light
  • Attachments: Barrel, Mag, Sight, Stock, Double-tap hop-up
  • Modes: Single, Burst
  • Damage: Body-34 Head-68
  • Mag Size: 10-15-18-20
  • Fire Rate: 4

Why G-7 Scout is great:

  • Great against snipers
  • High damage per shot
  • Quick shot potential

6) Hemlock Burst AR

Hemlock Burst AR gameplay (Zeus)

Another weapon that has moved more into the meta category as Apex has progressed would be the heavy ammo using cousin of the G-7, the Hemlock. This is a 3-round burst firing AR that was once the laughing stock of Apex Legends, little did we know how it would be modified to grace us with a warm welcome. The trick is that this weapon can be switched from burst to single, this is where it can become a threat at mid to long range with the right attachments. The single rate of fire is among the fastest in Apex and can punish your enemies for spending too much time in the open or without cover. Unfortunately, the close range mechanics of this weapon can often leave you feeling a little more inept, especially when it comes to hard hitting shotguns and quick spitting submachine guns. Nevertheless this is a prime weapon for quickly suppressing mid range shooters and overwhelming snipers.   

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Heavy
  • Attachments: Barrel, Optic, Mag, Stock
  • Modes: Burst, Single 
  • Damage: Body- 22 Head-44
  • Mag Size: 18-24-27-30
  • Fire Rate: 15

Why Hemlock is great:

  • Great mid/long range
  • High rate of fire single shot
  • Headshots are 2x the damage
  • Burst is better for close range

5) VK-47 Flatline

Flateline gameplay (OneHunnaShots)

Next is the hard hitting Flatline, which is an automatic AR that takes heavy ammo and no prisoners. This weapon has an adjacent shooting feel to the R301, however it is considered slightly harder to control when in full effect. On the other hand, many players are beginning to understand it isn’t all that much more loony in gun kick as it appears. The recoil of this gun mostly flows up and to the left with a slight right pattern concluding, once mastered it can be deadly accurate and crazy powerful. Another underrated feature is hip firing from close range, the Flatline can be great with this even when trying to compete with submachine guns and shotguns.

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Heavy
  • Attachments: Mag, Optic, Stock
  • Modes: Auto, Single
  • Damage: Body- 19, Head- 30
  • Mag Size: 20-25-28-30
  • Fire Rate: 10

Why Flatline is great:

  • Has 2x Headshot multiplier
  • High damage output 
  • Easy to use from hip and hard hitting
  • Little recoil

4) Prowler Burst PDW

Prowler Burst gameplay (SweatBand TV)

The Prowler is another heavy weapon, also a submachine gun which shoots a 5-round burst and can take the hop-up called “select-fire”. Mostly self-explanatory the select-fire can allow you to change this weapon mode from burst to auto, making it way more impactful in fights, fast shooting and giving it a sensation of boosted accuracy to the wielder. The Prowler has one of the largest magazine sizes when using an extended heavy mag and becomes the money-maker of close to mid range fighting. When switched to auto there is little to no recoil in its movement, not to mention it is also really steady off the hip. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Heavy
  • Attachments: Mag, Optic, Stock Select Fire hop-up
  • Modes: Burst, Auto
  • Damage: Body- 15, Head- 22.5
  • Mag Size: 20-25-30-35
  • Fire Rate: 20 (11 Burst)

Why Prowler is great:

  • 2 extra bullets for each burst unlike Hemlock
  • High ammo capacity, especially for a SMG
  • High damage SMG 

3) R-99

R-99 gameplay (SweatBand TV)

The R-99 is a fully-automatic submachine gun which takes light ammo. This gun has received numerous nerfs ever since the knowledge of its insane speed and accuracy disseminated like a wildfire across the Apex community. This gun has the ability to rapidly strip players of armor into mere flesh in the blink of an eye, all while still giving the user a mobile edge when they ADS. Just as accurate off the hip as well, the R-99 received a nerf applying random recoil in order to diminish some of its raw linear beam capabilities. This gun is the cherry on top to seasoned veterans and has single-handedly changed the landscape of how Apex Legends is played, giving it a reputation of high velocity and rapid projectiles.

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Light
  • Attachments: Barrel, Optic, Mag, Stock
  • Modes: Auto
  • Damage: Body-11, Head- 16.5
  • Mag Size: 20-22-24-27
  • Fire Rate: 18

Why R-99 is great:

  • Fast ADS movement 
  • Fast shooting
  • High SMG ammo capacity with/without mag

2) Devotion LMG

Devotion LMG gameplay (Razor On YT)

The Devotion was once known as an energy consuming LMG, and is now a legendary weapon only found in supply drop crates. Why? Due to the current realization of its ripping power and accuracy. This weapon can hold 54 in the magazine and comes equipped with a 2x scope making it viable at midrange in the process. The Devotion takes some time to rev up to full speed but after doing so there is minimal kick and sway on display-- just a destructive weapon all around. It is also great for hip fire and has the ability to suppress an entire squad. There is a reason you cannot simply find this weapon on the ground anymore, rising up to a legendary status and dismantling foes with ease.  

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Unique
  • Attachments: Barrel, Optic, Stock (pre-made)
  • Modes: Auto
  • Damage: Body- 17, Head- 34
  • Mag Size: 54
  • Fire Rate: 15 (revved up)

Why Devotion is great:

  • Very strong damage
  • 2x headshot multiplier 
  • High ammo in mag 
  • Good close/mid range

1) R-301 Carbine

R-301 gameplay (TSM_Albralelle)

The R-301 is a light AR which is similar to the R-99, however a lot stronger and less mobile in ADS capabilities. The R-301 is the bread and butter to Apex Legends whether you’ve just started playing or haven’t stopped since season 1 it is a perfect fit for all. This AR is the crux of what it means to aggregate accuracy and sturdy handling all into one gun. In contesting this gun's cheat-like accuracy it has been nerfed to give it a bit of an initial kick, but after that the gun is more or less stagnant when shooting. The minimal bounce and minuscul sway means the 301 can be a threat at short, mid, and even long range with the right scope and/or on single-fire. It has the flexibility to take on different roles depending on what you desire; power, accuracy and depth is why it falls to number one on the list.

Weapon Stats:

  • Ammo: Light
  • Attachments: Barrel, Optic, Mag, Stock
  • Modes: Auto, Single 
  • Damage: Body- 14, Head-28
  • Mag Size: 18-20-25-28
  • Fire Rate: 13.5

Why R-301 is great:

  • Great at virtually all ranges
  • High Bullet velocity
  • Very little recoil and sway
  • 2x headshot multiplier 
  • Easy to use iron-sights 
  • Great for hip fire

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