Top 5 Apex legends best solo legends that are powerful (latest patch)

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5. Bangalore (offensive)

This is how the rank #1 bangalore wins solo queue games: 

Bangalore is a very versatile character and with her abilities you can accomplish success in almost any scenario without needing help from others. 

First, her abilities allow you to get in and out of sticky situations easily, her passive ability (double time) allows you to move faster when shot, running away gets a lot easier. Her smoke launcher is amazing for pushing into new cover, falling back or just changing position and you are extremely hard to shoot when in the smoke. 

If you have a digital threat (heat scope) this combo with the smoke is insane as you are the only one in there able to see. 

Her ultimate ability brings down a barrage of missiles forcing enemies to push back and seek new cover.

What makes Bangalore a Great Solo:

  • Her passive ability (double time) 
  • Can use smoke to confuse enemies
  • Can combo insanely with digital threat
  • Her ultimate can clear out an area of enemies



4. Pathfinder (recon)

Pathfinder is Back! Solo vs squads 4k 22 kills with his new buff in apex legends chaos theory: 


Pathfinder is a fun and friendly robot but has no mercy on the battlefield. His abilities focus on movement as he can grapple around any obstacle in seconds.

His ultimate allows you to travel across the map fast when running from the storm or quickly getting high ground. 

His tactical ability is also a grapple, but this one works differently. Pathfinders tactical can be used to swing around enemies, get high ground in seconds, run away or push. It's one of the most useful abilities in the game and means your enemies have no idea where you're going next.

His last ability, his passive, is an underrated and sometimes forgotten ability. It allows you to scan at beacons where the circle is going next. With this info you can find highground and trap other players.


What makes Pathfinder a Great Solo: 

  • His tactical ability (grappling hook) allows for insane movement strategies
  • Passive allows you to see next storm circle
  • Ultimate ability can get you wherever you need to be in seconds


3. Valkyrie (recon)

When you master Valkyrie Movement: 


Valkyrie is a legend based on adding another dimension to her movement. Her main selling point is her jetpack, it allows her to manoeuvre up and down buildings in seconds as well as some other more interesting movement strategies. 

Her tactical ability (missile swarm) does exactly what it sounds like, fires a barrage of missiles at your enemies which can be used to force them out of cover as well as causing a stun effect on them making them easy targets.

Her ultimate (skyward dive) allows her and her teammates if they choose to fly into the sky and then glide far distances, this can be used to get into circle, retreat or even push enemies. 

Another one of valks abilities is that when she is gliding, enemies around her and on the ground within range will be highlighted, so you know what you're getting into.


What makes Valkyrie a Great solo:

  • Her jetpack offers some amazing repositioning capabilities 
  • Her missile swarm can move enemies from cover and stun them
  • Can use ultimate to cross map fast
  • When flying scans near enemies


2. Wraith (offensive)

700 damage in solo vs trios: 


Wraith is an interdimensional legend with the ability to travel through dimensions and portals in her fights. Wraith's abilities are very focused on moving quickly, her tactical ability allows her to move a certain distance while in the void. This means she cannot take damage and is invisible, although leaving an obvious trail. This ability can be used to push through open areas and get up close into the enemy team with no resistance. 

Her ultimate ability has a larger range and is a multiple use version not just for your team though. This can be used to trick enemies into traps or to push your team straight into the enemies building.

Her passive ability is rarely mentioned but is something to look out for. Voices from the void, you will hear voices that warn you of danger, enemies getting close and other dangers. This can allow you to make sure nobody ever surprises you again.


What makes Wraith a Great Solo:

  • Her tactical ability allows quick movement and aggressive pushes
  • Her ultimate allows for moving you entire team aggressively into the enemy
  • Passive ability warns you of oncoming danger


1. Octane (offensive)

Solo octane 20 kills 4104 damage apex legends gameplay: 


Octane is the most aggressively played legend in the game and for good reason.

His tactical ability (stim) is one of the best in the game, it increases movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds at the cost of a little health. This movement bonus makes you even harder to hit when running circles around your enemies and can allow you to slip out of the fight to heal and then slip straight back in.

Octane's ultimate is his jump pad, perfect for running into and out of fights extremely fast and has infinite uses.

His passive is another place where octane shines, swift mend allows you to heal health overtime with no need for holding bandages or med kits. Freeing up some space for a little more ammo.


What makes Octane the Best Solo: 

  • His stim makes you harder to hit and allows you to get in and out of fights fast
  • His ultimate also focuses on moving fast into and away from fights
  • Passive allows auto health regen 
  • No need for med kits or bandages so has more space for ammo or grenades
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