[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Legends (Ranked)

Best ranked legends
Wraith heading back to her squad after soloing a team

10. Wattson

Wattson gazing into the Outlands preparing for whats next.

Wattson ranks #10 on the list as a fortifier that specializes in holding positions for better angels. With her stun inducing fences she can block teams from entering a building or even trap them inside she can make for some nasty plays. In the ranked meta she is one of the best at defending a position and keeping your ground.

Wattson allows you to secure an endgame position without much risk of having a team push thanks to her tactical and ultimate. Looking to score some LP? Wattson is a go to choice if you're looking to play it safe until the end. 

What makes Wattson great for ranked? 

  • Interception Pylon: Her ultimate allows her to defend a position entirely from grenades which is a problem most other defensive legends have trouble with. 
  • Perimeter Security: Her fences make sure if anyone does decide to try and take a position or push into a building they will be punished. 
  • Controller Class: Wattson being a Controller class allows her to see future ring consoles and prepare accordingly. This advantage can change you being one of the teams stuck in the crossfire of other teams rotating. 



9. Loba

Loba staring down the skull of Revenant.

Loba takes #9 on the list as a loot and positioning specialist who can play aggressive or passive. With her tactical bracelet she’s able to position to where most other legends aren’t whether it be moving to height quickly or regrouping with your team. Although she may not have the most in-combat use abilities she’s one of the top support class legends that ensures the pace of your game never slows down.

With her fast paced playstyle Loba is able to effectively make sure your team is always ready to fight. Her black market allows instant grabs of ammo or grenades which can be make or break in a team fight. One thing that most players always struggle with is endgame ammo, and she takes that stress away completely so you never have to slow down to loot. 

What makes Loba great for ranked?

  • Burglar's Best Friend: Having the ability to get to where other legends aren’t can make for some nasty angles that allows you to shoot opponents with no repercussions. 
  • Black Market: Never having to worry about ammo leisure that no other legend has the capabilities to provide. With fast looting her ultimate allows you to rotate much faster than your average team.
  • Eye for Quality: Most people don't understand the use of her passive, it can change the pace of your squad entirely. Whether it be getting looted up faster or finding a gold helmet, Loba’s passive allows you to always have the best gear for your fights.
  • Support class: Being a support class Loba is able to grab a teammates banner from the crafter, something not many legends can do. This can be game changing bringing you as a solo that runs from a 3 stack to having your full team back to support you. 



8. New Castle

New Castle standing tall and mighty.

New Castle takes #8 on the list as a fortified legend with offensive and defensive capabilities New Castle is a low play rate legend that requires a lot of skill to master. With his ultimate wall he's able to quickly establish authority in fights and provide cover to areas which otherwise wouldnt have any cover. As a support legend he has one of the best defensive capabilities in the game with a revive shield, a deployable shield and a wall that provides cover. You can always find a way to reset and find a way to stay alive with a New Castle on your team. 

Reviving can never be safer with New Castle, whether your teammate goes down or you need to get banners New Castle has it covered. He can deploy his wall in the perfect spot for end-game zones which lead to easy victories. Although he has a lot of good abilities he’s a difficult legend to master, one misuse of an ability can lead to a loss in a fight.

What makes New Castle great for ranked?

  • Mobile shield: With his tactical being a moving wall of cover it has endless capabilities whether it be playing it like a Gibraltar shield, cover to revive your teammate, or even a wall to block incoming bullets while you rotate New Castle has it covered (literally). 
  • Castle Wall: His Ultimate Castle Wall allows you to provide cover in an open endgame ring, revive a teammate that gets knocked in the open or even push a teams height his ultimate’s capabilities are slept on. 
  • Fortified Legend: As a fortified legend New Castle takes 15% less dmg and doesn’t get slowed down when hit by bullets. This allows for extra overall hp and the ability to get to knocked teammates even in the middle of a fight.
  • Retrieve the Wounded: With his passive allowing for a knockdown shield on revives it makes it possible to pick your teammate up mid fight without much repercussion. It is a moveable og lifeline revive which can lead to some nasty plays when a gold knockdown is held. 
  • Support Class: Being a support class legend, New Castle has the ability to craft his teammates' banners even when he couldn’t retrieve them. This allows him to be the ultimate reviving legend.



7. Valkyrie

Valkyrie smirking at the sight of her rockets destroying enemies.

Valkyrie takes #7 on the list as a mobility legend with endless possibilities for repositioning Valkyrie is still a top legend despite the nerfs. She specializes in aggressive playing for quick re-positioning and height control. Although she has been heavily nerfed since release, the ability to rotate where you need to go instantly is still a top ability. 

With the ability to scan, position, rotate and stun she has a large variety of abilities that can easily change the flow of your game. In season 18 of ranked with teams constantly moving to end game zones as soon as they can Valkyrie takes away a lot of stress when dealing with Rotating to a safe place. 

What makes Valkyrie great for ranked?

  • Missile Swarm: Valkyrie’s tactic has to be one of the best if used correctly. It has the ability to break doors, inflict damage and even stun it provides you with different way to change the flow of a fight.
  • Scanning enemies: When rotating with her ultimate she grants the ability to scan the enemies below to know if you're going to a safe spot when moving. Although it is a very time and place ability it can show open spots your team might think were controlled when rotating.
  • VTOL Jetpack: With a literal jetpack with her kit moving to different positions couldn’t be easier. Whether it be getting on top of a building or even hiding in a tree her passive provides many different ways you can get to where your enemy can't. 
  • Skyward Dive: With a jump tower as your kit, rotating to zone is easier than ever. Her ultimate can be used in a variety of ways and makes for one of the best escape abilities there is. 
  • Skirmisher Class: Although the skirmish class is one of the weakest classes it still adds value to information you otherwise wouldn’t have without a skirmish legend on your team. 



6. Wraith

Wraith coming out of her phase drive ready to fight.

Wraith ranks #6 on the list as one of the most picked and most popular legends, Wraith has held a top spot since her release. With an aggro playstyle Wraith is able to pick one off and easily escape. With all the top movement players using Wraith as their main she has one of the best kits in the game and arguably the best heirloom in the game as well. 

Wraith does what other legends can’t, make aggressive plays and not have to deal with the repercussions. With two abilities that allow for a speed boost and one of them making you invincible, running into a fight like an octane is the playstyle for her. With the buff to her portal she makes rotating easier than ever providing instant travel between one location to another.

 What makes wraith great for ranked?

  • Into the Void: With a que that allows for quick repositioning this ability allows for aggressive plays that can set the tempo for a fight. 
  • Dimensional Rift: Wraiths ultimate allows for quick rotating whether it be leaving a fight or entering a new position her portal can lead to some nasty plays. With the additional buff her ultimate she has one of the best rotating abilities in the game allowing you to take 0 dmg in the process.
  • Skirmish Class: Although it isn’t one of the best classes it still allows for insight that other places don’t have. Seeing a Kraber near a team holding a position can allow your team to know not to test that team from distance.
  • Voices from the Void: With a passive ability that allows the player to have a 6th sense it can make or break your reaction speed to enemy fire. Although this ability seems to rarely activate anyone who plays Wraith can remember a time it's saved them. 



5. Revenant 

Revenant staring down his next victim.

Revenant ranks #5 on the list for his aggressive playstyle and movement capabilities. With the ability to position quickly and fight aggressively he’s a top pick for high level ranked players. With the recent changes in his tactical and ultimate, revenant has transformed into a quick in quick out kill legend like wraith. Although he might be a great aggressive legend he can also lead you to believe his ability is absolute and lead to an easy knock for the opposing team. 

Revenant’s ultimate gives you an additional 75 hp and it regenerates with time or on knocks which can lead to rolling through squads without taking much damage. With this aggressive play style he has a que that lets you get massive distance from you and your enemy, which can lead to repositioning or an easy heal and reset.

What makes Revenant great for ranked?

  • Forged shadows: With an ultimate that gives 75 extra hp that regenerates over time/on knocks he is an unkillable force in 1v1 fights in the right hands. 
  • Shadow Pounce: Quick positioning and mobility is Revenant's tactical. Whether it be height or long distances his tactical makes it great for catching your enemy off guard.
  • Assassin's Instinct: Revenant's passive Assassins Instinct allows you to climb up almost any wall and sneak faster, this can be especially useful for climbing behind teams and surprise attacking them in places no other legend can reach.
  • Skirmisher Class: As a skirmisher he provides intel on recent care packages which can provide insight to what weapons the enemy may have. 




4. Bloodhound

Bloodhound searching for enemies with his raven companion.

Bloodhound ranks #4 on the list for being the best recon character in the game. With an aggressive play style he has multiple ways to grab information on the opponent, a tracking ability, and one of the best ultimates Bloodhound is a class like no other. In the right hands paired with a Bangalore, Bloodhound can mow teams down without them even having a chance to fight back. 

With the current meta being an aggressive playstyle for high level play bloodhound is found on many squads for his ability to scan for which direction players are, how many enemies are in front of you, and even highlight them for a brief period of time allowing for easy beams, his recon is unrivaled among other recon classes.

What makes Bloodhound great for ranked?

  • Tracker: Bloodhounds reworked passive shows a bird which if you scan you will get your scan back and it will lead to which direction the closest enemy is which allows for a great tool if you're looking to hunt teams down.
  • Eye of the All Father: A wide range scan which can detect enemies and traps provides knowledge on where the enemy is. Bloodhound’s scan is essentially wall hacks and lets you prepare for anything the opposing team could be planning.
  • Beast of the Hunt: Giving 30 seconds of speed boost, highlighted enemies, and 3 quick scans  bloodhound is able to aggressively find and hunt enemies like no other legend. His ultimate is similar to Revenants in the way it regenerates on knocks rewarding you for your kills. 
  • Recon class: The recon class allows the user to scan the recon beacons providing the location of all enemies on the map. This allows you to pick a safe route to rotate or to engage in battle with knowledge of where other teams might 3rd party from.



3. Horizon

Horizon floating in her space ship before the Apex Games.

Horizon ranks #3 on the list even with the nerfs she is still one of the best legends in the game. With an aggressive playstyle Horizon is comparable to the og wraith cue. With the best get out of jail free type ability she still ranks high even with the recent changes. Her ability to push into a team and either cue to a new position, throw her ultimate or even run away there’s multiple different ways to play Horizon. 

Horizon excels in aggressive playing with the capabilities to quickly position your team to height to get superior angles, she is a must have on your squad in the current meta. With an ultimate that if used correctly can kill an entire team through grenades or trapping them inside a building she’s not someone you want to pass up on. 

What makes Horizon great for ranked?

  • Spacewalk: With one of the best passives in the game Horizon's spacewalk allows for some crazy movement making her the hardest legend to hit. 
  • Gravity Lift: Horizons cue provides a vertical lift that can make for the perfect surprise attack or easy access to the top of large structures. This ability is favored by many players because of how easy it makes it to get to the best spots in Apex
  • Black Hole: Horizons Black Hole has multiple uses, whether it be a distraction or to catch an enemy team off guard trapping them inside of a building Horizons ultimate has endless possibilities for a seasoned player.
  • Skirmish Class: As explained in the previous top legends, Skirmish allows for quick intel on what loot is dropping from care packages giving insight to threats to look out for.



2. Catalyst

Catalyst playing with her ooze while reading a book.

Catalyst comes in at #2 for her defensive capabilities like no other. Catalyst can be played aggressive or defensive but she excels at fortifying buildings. With her kit revolving around fortifying buildings she’s a must pick-up for your team if you want to hold endgame buildings. Her abilities are unmatched in her retrospect and make for the best defensive legend in Apex.

Catalyst can be utilized in numerous different ways with her ooze. If you want to hold a building, placing a trap down next to a wall that can only be opened by teammates makes for an unimaginably strong defensive legend. With her wall being one of the best endgame abilities as well, playing passive isn't your only option, in fact placing a wall in endgame almost always guarantees a dub if played correctly.

What makes Catalyst great for ranked?

  • Piercing Spikes: Catalyst’s cue deploys stun inducing, damage inducing spikes over a large surface enough to cover most paths that an enemy may try to cross. This pairs especially well with her passive making buildings almost impossible to take from a team. 
  • Barricade: With one of the strongest and most useful passives in the game, Barricade allows for the user to block a door from 4 kicks. This gives enough time for you to pop a battery and secures buildings much better than a Wattson, Caustic or Rampart.
  • Dark Veil: Deploying a large wall that induces blindness if crossed Dark Veil is incredibly strong for splitting teams up or giving yourself a path to where you need to go. 
  • Controller Class: As a controller class Catalyst is able to scan beacons revealing the next zone ring which can help rotation and choosing where to set up traps.



1. Bangalore

Bangalore running through enemy fire getting to a vantage point.

Bangalore ranks #1 overall for the best kit in Apex Legends season 18. With rotation abilities, a movement ability and a wide range stun, damage, and vision stun she is without a doubt the strongest legend for ranked. With various strengths unique to her she can be played passive or aggressive depending on your playstyle. 

Bangalore’s cue is one of the best if not the best in the game, has one of the best passives in the game and has a super strong ultimate, she can’t be stopped in the right hands. With digital threats being able to see through smoke it allows the user to have the ultimate cover in the open and rain down fire on their opponents. There’s tons of different uses for her cue whether it be rotating through the open, blocking enemy views by smoking them or even using the smoke to your advantage in close range fights she has many utilities leading to many players picking her up this season.

What makes Bangalore great for ranked?

  • Smoke Launcher: This ability allows for rotating, cover, and an advantage in fights it does it all. With short cooldowns and 2 smokes Bangalore’s cue is useful in every scenario you could think of. 
  • Double Time: Giving a large increase in speed when shot at while running this makes for faster rotations through open areas, increase movement in close-range fights and making her impossible to hit. 
  • Rolling Thunder: Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder rains down missiles everywhere in sight. Whether you want to block the enemy from following you or get them out of their position this ultimate does it all, while also making the player pretty much immoble if hit by it.
  • Assault class: Being in the assault class allows for extra loot specific to you and your team's guns this makes it able to get the highest tier loot fast and on the go.


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