[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Wattson Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Wattson Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome
Nothing like a spark of electricity to get you going!

Wanna be a lit electrical engineer?

Don't you think it would be great if your electrical engineering self could be LIT? What better way to do that than to start by a thread makeover? So, if you wanna be the best looking Wattson out there then check out this list of the best Wattson skins ever!

10.  Fly by Wire (ok)

Fly by Wire has a camo jacket, black rubber gloves, leather knee-boots, and a beige jumpsuit. It has black straps, black goggles, and black headphones.

What makes Fly by Wire awesome:

  • The camo and khaki colors make it great for camouflage in the vegetation-covered areas, and in King’s Canyon. Take any advantage you can get!
  • Those black rubber gloves look like they mean business. Don’t mess with an electrical engineer…
  • The black goggles look pretty mean… Why else would the tough cop always be the one wearing them?

How To Get Fly by Wire: 

Go to Legends. Select Wattson. Click on Skins and select Fly by Wire from the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Fly by Wire in action: 

Fly By Wire in action.

9.  Vaporwave (ok)

Vaporwave is built like Fly by Wire but has a pink jacket and gloves with a black jumpsuit. The straps are turquoise and pink with pink mirror goggles.

What makes Vaporwave awesome:

  • This is one of the few party-themed Wattson skins… and come on! Who doesn’t like a good party?!
  • Pink is a pacifying color… make your enemies think you’re just a harmless little girl. Then teach them.
  • Does anyone know what pink and blue represent? Guess!

How To Get Vaporwave: 

To get Vaporwave you need to own Fly by Wire. Once you own the required skin, go to Store during the time Vaporwave is available. Buy Vaporwave for 6500 legend tokens.

See Vaporwave in action: 

Vaporwave in action.

8.  Ace of Sparks (ok)

Ace of Sparks is built like Fly by Wire, but it has a purple jumpsuit, red jacket, and dark purple gloves. It has the same brown leather boots as Fly by Wire, with golden mirror goggles and grey and red straps.

What makes Ace of Sparks awesome:

  • Ace of Sparks is very purple. Purple is a royal color if you know any history!
  • There is high contrast between the red and purple clothing… like between winning and losing!
  • Golden mirror shades kinda make a pretty rich impression… Don’t feel cool enough yet? Try it!

How To Get Ace of Sparks: 

Go to Legends. Select Wattson. Click on Skins and select Ace of Sparks from the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Ace of Sparks in action: 

Ace of Sparks gameplay.

7.  Outlands Explorer (good)

Outlands Explorer has a khaki Safari suit with khaki jacket and pants and brown leather boots and knee pads. Wattson also has a leather flack jacket and brown leather gloves. She has a brown helmet and desert-biker goggles.

What makes Outlands Explorer awesome:

  • The safari-themed skin is a great idea. What better kinda clothes for a hunter… of other legends.
  • The helmet and goggles are reminiscent of the colonial English in Africa.
  • The sleeping roll on top of the pilon is a pretty neat touch… really adds authenticity to the theme. Wanna be authentic? Wear this!

How To Get Outlands Explorer: 

Outlands Explorer was only available for purchase during the Lost Treasures event.

See Outlands Explorer in action: 

Outlands Explorer in action.

6.  Bionic Wonder (good)

Bionic Wonder has turquoise, blue, and white full tight bodysuit. She has a bright yellow geometric jacket and a cybergenic head and face. Her coil has and engraved silver head.

What makes Bionic Wonder awesome:

  • Blue and yellow relate to hope and joy… Only the best can feel like that on the battlefield! Are you one of them?
  • The engraved pylon is really cool… I mean, who’d say no to a hunk of silver metal?
  • Wattson’s face looks robotic. Know what robots can do for you? Watch A.X.L.; THEN, you’ll click.

How To Get Bionic Wonder: 

To get Bionic Wonder, you need to own Cyber Security. Once you own the required skin, go to Store during the time Bionic Wonder is available. Buy Bionic Wonder for 10 500 legend tokens.

See Bionic Wonder in action: 

Bionic Wonder in action.

5.  Ruby Joules (awesome)

Ruby Joules is a cybergenic build like Bionic Wonder, but it is entirely red with just a bit of white here and there. Wattson is also wearing red eye-shadow, and her pylon appears to be black carbon or metal.

What makes Ruby Joules awesome:

  • Red is related to vengeance and violence… What better color combo could you get for a great warrior such as yourself.
  • Red is the kinda color you wear if you want the whole world to see you from the other side of the globe. Wanna start a fight? Wear this!
  • I doubt I’d hang around to chat if something with red around its eyes is chasing after me… Would you?

How To Get Ruby Joules: 

To get Ruby Joules, you need to own Strange Attractor. Once you own the required skin, go to Store during the time Ruby Joules is available. Buy Ruby Joules for 6500 legend tokens.

See Ruby Joules in action: 

Ruby Joules in action.

4.  Strange Attractor (awesome)

Strange Attractor is a cybergenic build like the last two, but it also has cybernetic transmission implants on the surface of Wattson’s face and full bodysuit. The bodysuit is bright orange while the geometric jacket is black with a yellow inner lining.

What makes Strange Attractor awesome:

  • The cybernetic implants make Wattson look completely like a robot. How fitting for an electrical engineer!
  • Orange represents enthusiasm and fascination… How much deadlier can you get in a killer?
  • The transparent pylon arms look absolutely dope. Electricity out of thin air!

How To Get Strange Attractor: 

Go to Legends. Select Wattson. Click on Skins and select Strange Attractor from the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Strange Attractor in action: 

3.  Silver Age (legendary)

Silver Age has a leather helmet with a golden ridge on top of the helmet. The pylon head is shaped like golden wings. Wattson is wearing a metallic electric-blue jacket with a lot of gold inlay and lining. She is wearing a tight beige bodysuit with golden and blue inlay. She has leather boots with gold overlay.

What makes Silver Age awesome:

  • The golden-winged pylon makes Wattson look like an angel, do you deserve to be called one?
  • The color combo is super classy. Now it’s your turn to look down your nose at all your friends… NOT the other way round!
  • If you like flashy, then this is the way to go. Think about it. The whole lobby will be after you!

How To Get Silver Age: 

Silver Age was only available for purchase during the Grand Soiree event.

See Silver Age in action: 

Silver Age in action.

2.  Cyber Security (legendary)

Cybersecurity is built like Ruby Joules and Bionic Wonder but has a black and white bodysuit and geometric jacket. Her pylon is black, white, and electric blue.

What makes Cyber Security awesome:

  • Black and white are very no-nonsense colors. I assume you’re good enough of a gamer to call yourself that… EH?
  • That geometric jacket looks like it could shred your enemies off the bone… OUCH!
  • The purple eyeliner makes it look like there’s electricity coursing through Wattson herself. Imagine if you could conduct electricity WITHOUT dying!

How To Get Cyber Security: 

Go to Legends. Select Wattson. Click on Skins and select Cybersecurity from the Legendary section. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Cyber Security in action: 

Cyber Security in action.

1.  The Warrior Empress (legendary)

The Warrior Empress has a medieval warrior-themed suit of scarlet, jade, and emerald. It has a feather in the helmet with elegantly decorated and embroidered fabric.

What makes The Warrior Empress awesome:

  • It looks like the battledress of a medieval royal warrior.
  • The scarlet, jade, and emerald look kinda like Turkish delight… YUM!
  • Anybody with gold and jewels embedded in their dress has got to be important. Guess what that means? Your enemies will be so busy staring they’ll forget to shoot!

How To Get The Warrior Empress: 

The Warrior Empress was only available for purchase during the Iron Crown Event.

See The Warrior Empress in action: 

Warrior Empress in action.

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