[Top 3] Apex Legends Best Solo Legends

Apex Legends Best Solo characters
Lone wolves can survive too...sometimes...

Playing to win in Apex Legends is best done in a coordinated team, but of course this can’t always be the case.

It often happens that a frustrated stranger will quit if they didn’t get to choose their favorite character, or perhaps they’re not patient enough to be revived, or maybe things just aren’t going their way.

Or maybe you're the sole survivor when the rest of your team gets whacked. With this in mind, you may want to choose a Legend with whom it’s possible to go it alone...and with stealth and luck, you may prevail.

3. Pathfinder

The most mobile character in the game is definitely worth considering as a solo choice.

His grapple can make him hard to hit in firefights as he flies around buildings and obstacles, as well as give him the edge in combat.

His Zipline ultimate ability is also a factor; although it allows him to easily get the high ground and move rapidly around the map, it can additionally let Pathfinder make some very quick escapes - an important parameter to consider when up against a full enemy squad.

Pathfinder can also access survey beacons which will reveal the next ring location on the map. This will allow you to plan your routes carefully and avoid enemy teams.

Why Pathfinder is great for solo:

  • Evade enemies with his grapple
  • Make quick escapes with the Zipline
  • Plan your way around the map by using survey beacons

2. Wraith

It isn’t only a small hit box that makes Wraith a solid choice when going solo. Her phase running skill allows her to avoid any and all damage for a brief time, potentially giving you an edge in firefights and allowing you to delay your entrance into the ring.

Wraith’s portals can also be of help by letting you instantly move between two set locations; you can divide squads by provoking them into following you through, only to find you waiting on the other side, or at the very least make a quick escape.

Why Wraith is great for solo:

Small hit box

Able to briefly avoid all damage

Warp between two portals, placed as you choose

1. Mirage

Sending out Mirge'strademark decoy can cause your enemies to focus their attention elsewhere, and subsequently reveal themselves after opening fire. This can be of help in determining where the enemy is, or in the midst of a firefight.

Mirage’s true asset, however, is his ultimate ability, which renders him entirely invisible for a short amount of time...although this is often more than enough time to allow him to escape. His passive ability also makes him invisible when he goes down; in a solo situation, this will only be of help if you are fortunate to find a self-reviving knockdown shield. Crawling away to hide while cloaked can allow you to bring yourself back to your feet instead of being quickly gunned down as often happens when trying to self-revive.

Why Mirage is great for solo:

Fool your enemies with decoys and reveal their positions

Go invisible to get the edge in firefights…

...or make a quick escape

Crawl away cloaked and safe when downed (if you have a self-revive knock-down shield)

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