[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Attachments

Apex Legends Best Attachments
Octane finds a Gold Barrel Stabilizer

Is your inventory full of Anvil Receivers, Holo Sights, or Extended Energy Magazines?

Well, you can dump all of them in favor of something better. These Apex Legends attachments are the best items for being more versatile , adapting to dangerous situations, and obtaining those sweet, sweet kills.

5. Extended Light and Heavy Magazines

Using an Extended Magazine can compensate for missed shots, or enemies with high tier shields.

Arguably the best and most important attachments in the game, Light and Heavy Magazines are essential for any gun that runs them. Having more bullets means you’re more likely to kill your enemies, especially later in the game when you’re dealing withbetter shields and more powerful healing items. Having the abilityto spray 27 rounds of Light Ammo into an enemy can be devastating. Not needing to reload every couple shots in a Longbow or Spitfire can decimate an enemy, or even a whole squad.

  • Fairly common spawn rate, and no player can pass them up.
  • Can be found in every Death Box or area on the map.
  • No cosmetic change to the weapon, unlike Barrel Stabilizers or Scopes.
  • Expanded magazine capacity.
  • More bullets=More potential to kill
  • Not needing to reload as often means you aren’t a sitting duck in a firefight.
  • Quickly kill an enemy in one magazine

4. Turbochargers

The Turbocharger adds a cool lightning effect to the gun, as well as improving spool-up times.

While only used for the Havoc and Devotion, Turbochargers reduce the spool-up rate for both . The guns will fireat their maximum rate in no time at all, offering blisteringly fast potentials for kills. Any seasoned player knows to fear an Energy weapon with a Turbocharger.

  • One of the most common Gold attachments.
  • Decreases spool-up rate.
  • Gives a glowing effect to the Havoc
  • Extremely high DPS= Enemies die faster.
  • Fairly uncommon pickup rate, so you won’t have to fight enemies for it.
  • Usually accompanied by an energy weapon

3. Ranger Sight

The Ranger Sight is arguably the best optic in the game. It's perfect for most engagements.

The Ranger Sight is easily the most versatile and easy to use sight in the game. It’s great for close quarters and fairly long distance engagements and can be placed on every weapon in the game. Passing up a Ranger Sight is a definite mistake, as it can be used for a placeholder for any other specialized sight a player might want.

  • 2x zoom can be used in a wide variety of situations for any weapon.
  • Every gun accepts it.
  • It offers minimal screen coverage, unlike larger sniper scopes.
  • The simple arrow design of the reticle makes any target intuitive to hit at any reasonable distance.
  • No rangefinding capabilities mean players won’t be pestered in\ close quarters situations.
  • It can turn almost any gun into a medium-long range weapon while still holding ground in close quarters.

2. Barrel Stabilizers

Finding something as useful as a Barrel Stabilizer should never be ignored.

Barrel Stabilizers minimize recoil, and are incredibly common. It feels like every chest, house, and corner of the map has at least a grey Barrel Stabilizer. Recoil is one of the biggest problems players face when trying to improve their accuracy . Luckily, a purple or gold Barrel Stabilizer will greatly minimize the effects of recoil and leave you feeling like a professional.

  • Literally every area, player, Loot Tick, etc, has a Barrel Stabilizer.
  • They visually change weapons, adding a silencer-esque barrel extension to the end of the barrel.
  • Reduce the effects of recoil
  • Minimizing recoil means you’ll miss fewer shots against enemies.
  • Not having to worry about recoil patterns means you can focus more on the game.
  • Cool barrel extensions make the guns look like killing machines.

1. Shotgun Bolts

Shotgun Bolts are a slept-on attachment in Apex, but one of the most essential.

Shotgun Bolts increase the fire rates for shotguns. This attachment is extremely important for the Peacekeeper, as players can pump out rounds at an alarming rate and do some insane damage at close range.

  • Even grey Shotgun Bolts add a noticeable fire rate improvement to shotguns.
  • No visual changes.
  • Shotgun Bolts are perfect for players that may miss shots every once in awhile.
  • With the Peacekeeper and EVA 8 buffs hitting Season 3, bolts are a necessity.
  • Almost as common as Barrel Stabilizers and Extended Magazines
  • Being able to fire off rounds noticeably faster means you’ll be killing more enemies.
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