[Top 15] Apex Legends Best Gun Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Best Gun Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

15. Supersonic (G7-Scout)

See skin in action:

Whilst the G7-Scout might not be the best gun in Apex Legends, it's easily one of the most fun. It's fantastic at racking up high-kill games and just a blast to use even in season 16. Because of how rough the gun can be without sights, the Supersonic skin might just be the best-looking one for it.

The iron sights on this skin are fantastic, super clear and easy to use. The skin itself is a clean and smooth white with some grey, black and red accents. The skin also sports Rampart’s signature “R” sign on the front of the gun, just to show she’s modded it to perfection. Overall, if you love clean skins with not much flair going on, then the Supersonic is for you.

How to get the Supersonic: The Supersonic was the season 6 battle pass reactive skin reward for tier 100. This was eight dollars at the time, but can sadly no longer be obtained. A recolour might eventually come into the store in a future update, but for now, you can't get access to it.


14. Polished Perfection (Prowler)

See skin in action: 

Out of all the guns in Apex Legends, The Prowler might have the worst iron sights. Yeah, guns like the R-99 and Wingman might be bad, but the Prowler comes out on top in our eyes. So, that's one of the reasons why the Polished Perfection Prowler skin is amazing.

The iron sights on this skin are clean as you can get them, making shots way easier to pull off. This skin is also super sleek and slim, making for a less bulky view model in a match. The gold body with blue accents makes this skin stand out, and it's gonna be a great skin to pick up for sure.

How to get the Polished Perfection: The Polished Perfection Prowler SMG skin was only available during Season 7 of Apex Legends. This skin was the free reward for purchasing the Battle pass that season, making it an exclusive skin. Though Respawn has changed their minds on recent Battlepass exclusivity, the Polished Perfection isn't coming back. A recolour might be released in the future, but sadly you can no longer get this $10 skin.


13. Red Rocket (Wingman)

See skin in action: 

The wingman is easily one of the most powerful weapons in all of Apex Legends, but that power comes at a cost for newer players. The iron sights on the Wingman are some of the worst in the game. They Are bulky, have way too much in your way, and just get frustrating at a point. Most players run a 1x sight on the wingman, but what if you don't find one-off drop?

That's where the Red Rocket and its variants come into play. These skins for the wingman have perfect insights and make using the gun a whole lot easier. Red Rocket is the best looking out of the lot as well. The metallic red etching throughout, the hints of turquoise. God, it's just beautiful to look at.

How to get the Red Rocket: The Red Rocket Wingman skin is a free recolour available in the game. Whilst it's not available all of the time, it does rotate in the shop every so often, so keep an eye out. If you can't get the red rocket, then its normal variants will do just fine as well. It costs 6500 legend coins when it comes around.


12. The Galvaniser (Alternator)

See skin in action: 

The Galvaniser is the perfect alternator skin in our eyes. It's clean, sleek and a great gun to look at. The alternator is a slim gun already, with a great base model. However, the Galvaniser improves it by adding neon rails to the gun and a Tron-like vibe to it.

Out of any alternator skin readily available in the game, the Galvaniser is our pick. I mean, just look at this thing. It's amazing to look at. The cross-hatched white texture along the side, thin neon orange rails and black accents to boot.

How to get The Galvaniser: Luckily, The Galvaniser is a skin obtainable in the game at all times. You can get it from an Apex pack, purchase it for 1200 crafting materials, or even purchase it for 1800 Apex coins when it appears in the store.


11. The Last Spartan (R-301)

See skin in action: 

The R-301 is the smoothest gun in all of Apex Legends to use. From drop, all the way into the final circle, the R-301 is a dream to use. The base iron sights are fantastic, but there's one thing missing. The base gun doesn't exactly look fire-enough for us.

That's why we've chosen The Last Spartan. There is a myriad of R-301 skins, but nothing as easy to obtain and as badass-looking as The Last Spartan. The 301 has some fantastic skins under its belt, but this badass, chain-wrapped and rustic-looking firearm is our choice.

How to get The Last Spartan: Just like the Alternator we just spoke about, The Last Spartan R-301 can be crafted in-game using 1200 crafting materials, found in Apex packs or just obtained from the store whenever it rotates in for 1800 coins.


10. The Polarizer (Havoc)

See skin in action: 

Now onto one of the most hit-or-miss guns in Apex. Some love the Havoc, some hate it and honestly, we're in the middle. It's a fantastic-looking gun, to say the least though, as energy is constantly coming out of the barrel and towards the back of the rifle.

The Havoc has some pretty fantastic skins, but the simpler the better on this gun. Its base model is already a banger, so why mess with it? That's why we think The Polarizer Havoc is the best skin for it. Its oriental design with copper trim throughout. All on a black backplate with blue energy to make it pop even more.

How to get The Polarizer: This is actually a recolour, similar to the Red Rocket Wingman skin from earlier in the list. This means that you can online craft the skin whenever it rotates into the shop for 6500 legend tokens.


9. Cardiac Assault (Hemlock)

See skin in action: 

Whilst the Hemlock might be in the care package loot pool during season 16, this gun still deserves a skin. The Hemlock is another hit-or-miss gun in Apex, but honestly, this skin makes up for it. Over the years, the Hemlock has had some decent skins, but the Cardiac Assault might just be the best. Its deep red and gunmetal silver design stands out on certain characters like Bloodhound.

The beating heart in the back is similar to the reactive spitfire skin from a few seasons back. Overall the skin is just fantastic and well worth your crafting materials. Speaking of.

How to get the Cardiac Assault: This skin is available to every player at any time. You can use your crafting materials earned from the battle pass and apex packs to grab this skin in the skins menu whenever you want. It was from the Halloween Thematic event a few years back, meaning it's available for everyone, all the time. Currently, it should cost 1200 crafting materials.


8. Fatal Injection (Volt)

See skin in action: 

One of the most used guns in Apex Legends has to be the Volt SMG. It's high power and low recoil make it fantastic in any player's hands. Unlike many guns in Apex, the Volt already has fantastic iron sights at the base, so that doesn't play into our pick for this skin.

That's actually great though, as we have every Volt skin to choose from. Out of the bunch though, the Fatal Injection has to be the best. This Battlepass skin has a sleek metallic red design with gold accents throughout. Gleaming gunmetal silver joins, and even moving spider arms after each kill.

How to get the Fatal Injection: This skin sadly isn't available anymore as it was only available in the season 10 battle pass as the tier 100 reward skin. That does make this skin reactive, so it could come back as a paid recolour in the near future.


7. Wymborn (CAR)

See skin in action: 

The CAR has one of the fastest time to kill in Apex Legends, even after its many nerfs. It's also become one of the most used guns in the game since its release with Ash a few seasons ago. Ever since its release, the gun has received some fantastic skins, but the Wymborn might just be the best.

This skin is one of a kind in Apex, as the gun has a dragon throughout it. It's not just got dragon scales on the sides, no, the gun has a purple and orange dragon flowing throughout the gun. Now that's sick.

How to get the Wymborn: Sadly, the Wymborn skin is now unavailable, as it was only available during season 13’s battle pass as the free first reward for purchasing it. However, after season 11, Respawn made a change to the system, meaning skins in the Battle Pass are no longer exclusive. So, later down the line, you might just be able to get this skin.


6. Dragon’s Spine (Devotion)

See skin in action: 

Whilst the Devotion might not be one of the best guns in the game, it deserves a nice skin, right? Yeah, it's kind of bad without the turbocharger, and mid with it equipped, it's still a cool-looking gun that deserves some love okay. Our pick is the Dragon’s Spine skin.

It's heavily inspired by the mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion as the purple, green and gold colour scheme directly looks like Eva 1 from the anime. This mecha-inspired skin is a fantastic addition to your loadout if you have it.

How to get the Dragon’s Spine: This skin was available in the season 9 battle pass as the final tier 110 reward. This means that it's no longer available, but could come back similar to previous reactive skins like the peacekeeper. It was available for only $10 from the Battle Pass.


5. Tombstick (Mastiff)

See skin in action: 

We couldn't finish off this list without the Mastiff right? It's one of the most iconic guns in the game, especially if you played during the first few seasons. Few, remember the care package version. That was rough. Either way, over the years we've seen some great skins for this shotty, but the Tombstick is the best by far.

This sleek, gold-trimmed shotgun is perfect for any sweaty wraith main looking to bounce around with this beast of a shotty. The almost ivory look all throughout this design really makes the blue barrel energy pop even more. It's just beautiful, and the wood trimmings are the cherry on top.

How to get the Tombstick: This was available during the Lost Treasures collection event as a free prize tracker item. Sadly this means you can no longer get this skin, but it might come back in the future as a recolour. Ultimately this item was free though, so that's a nice change from the current gaming trend of $20 skins.


4. Revolutionary (R-99)

See skin in action: 

Oh boy, now we’re onto some bangers. The skins we’ve spoken about in today’s list have nothing on these last 4. We all know how important iron sights are to gameplay right? Many people forget about how important they are to early engagements, but once you start using a good iron-sighted skin, this changes.

The R-99 is a skin with poor sights at the base, but the Revolutionary changes that. Not only is this skin amazing with its carbon fibre black chassis, and green energy that moves as you get kills, it's got fantastic iron sights. Fights have never been better with a gun like the R-99 and a skin like this on top of it.

How to get the Revolutionary: Well, sadly this skin is no longer available as it was the final battle pass reward back in season 7. This gun could come back in a future event as a recolour, but other than that it's not available for $10 anymore.


3. Northern Lights (Peacekeeper)

See skin in action: 

We had to have at least one Peacekeeper skin on this list, and Northern Lights is the best by far. Northern Lights is a glowing green peacekeeper skin that sports fantastic iron sights as well. The base PK has thick sights, but the Northern Lights make this thinner and better to use overall.

This is a simple, yet fantastic recolour of The Superstar, available in the game. The skin even seems like it moves due to the glowing effect on the lights, how amazing is that?.

How to get the Northern Lights: The Northern Lights is a rotating shop recolour of the Superstar, meaning it's just a palette swap. If you really want the iron sights, get The Superstar, but for the green Northern Lights, it's gonna set you back 6500 legend coins the next time it's in the store.


2. Heat Sink (Flatline)

See skin in action: 

One of the most controversial skins in Apex Legends has always been the Heat Sink Flatline. The Flatline is one of the most powerful guns in the game, but its base iron sights are atrocious.

During the early years of apex legends, this skin was released and changed everything. It was the first “Pay 2 Win” Skin in apex legends and it's been infamous ever since. Regardless of its heritage, this skin looks phenomenal.

The gold and black body, with a cool glowing blue interior, really make this thing pop. What makes it better is the reactivity from getting kills, and opening up the barrel in the centre to show even more eye-popping blue. What an amazing skin.

How to get the Heat Sink: Just like many skins on today’s list, the Heat Sink Flatline was a battle pass reward for completing it. This means it's no longer available but could be coming back in the near future as a recolour. For almost a year now, a recolour of this skin has been sat in the game files, so who knows, maybe we will see it in the shop one day.


1. Zero Point (R-99)

See skin in action: 

Finally, the best skin in apex legends that looks freakin awesome has to be the infamous Zero Point R-99 skin. We’ve of course already spoken about a great R-99 skin, but this is better. It's got a really simple white and black design, but that's what makes it special. The design is just simple, sleek and amazing to look at. What makes this gun the best though are its iron sights.

This gun has the best iron sights on any R-99 skin, and possibly in the entire game. They're super clean and basically have a red dot built into them. This skin is so controversial that many people wanted it changed for the longest time. Whilst nothing really happened in this regard, it still stands as the best skin in the game in our eyes.

How to get the Zero Point: I guess it's a trend in Apex of having the best skins never be able to return, as that's the case for the Zero Point. This was available back in season 4 as the free purchase battle pass reward. Yeah, it wasn't even tier 100 or anything, it was that easy to get. Hopefully, we get a widely available recolour of this skin in the near future, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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