25 Best Fortnite Settings to Frag Like a Pro

Best Fortnite Settings
Get busy fragging, fellas

25 Best Fortnite Settings To Give You An Edge Over Your Opponents

I present to you twenty-five essential tips, which optimize the globe’s most addictive game. At the lunch table, recess, by the watercooler at work, in-between college seminars, before practice, after the game; no matter where you go, Fortnite is the main topic of discussion. If you want to engage confidently in these conversations and not sound like a total noob, then consult this list. It will give you a leg up on your competition and impress your peers. Fortunately, Fortnite provides a straightforward, simple user interface, which makes it easy to customize your settings.

25. Install Latest GPU Drivers

To maximize your multiplayer experience, you’ll need sufficient GPU power to handle the higher FPS. Don’t penny pinch when it comes to your GPU and make sure your drivers are up to date.

You can get the drivers for your Nvidia/AMD or the Integrated GPU from the OEMs website. If you’re unlucky finding it there, then you can get it from Nvidia’s or AMD’s official website. Make sure that you update the AMD Gaming Evolved Client and GeForce Experience Game Ready Drivers to get the optimized settings for Fortnite.

Frame dips can be demoralizing. When the going gets tough and things get hectic, your gameplay suffers. Up-to-date GPU drivers that perform in their designated range largely eliminate these concerns.

*If you have a GPU from NVIDIA, here’s a simple guide to follow.

Ninja’s Fortnite settings

24. Set Window Mode to Fullscreen

This mode controls how the game runs on your PC. Playing in fullscreen will provide the best frame rate and highest FPS.

Launch Fortnite. Starting from the main menu, go to the Settings tab by clicking on the three lines at the top-right corner of the screen. This screen is where you go to manage your Video Settings.

To appreciate the breadth of this cartoony, colorful world, you’ll need a big window. An added bonus is the gameplay feels smother and more responsive. 

23. Start at 1080p Resolution

Ideally, your gaming PC will enable you to run games at the ‘max’ setting. But not everybody can afford a beastly gaming rig.

Piggybacking from number twenty-four on this list, you’ll want to stay on the Settings screen. Scan one item down the list to ‘Display Resolution.’ Toggle the settings to your preferred resolution.

Fortnite runs best at 1440p resolution. Nearly every GPU tested by Digital Trends demonstrated the capacity to reach a playable frame rate at 1440p with minimal disruption. 144Hz monitor will make your experience playing with this resolution even more thrilling.

22. Set Frame Rate Limit to Your Monitor's Refresh Rate (at least 60 FPS) 

You should set it to your monitor’s refresh rate or unlimited. With a powerful gaming PC it’s best to run at 144 FPS. For most machines, though, 60 FPS will suffice.

From the Settings screen, scan one item down the list to ‘Frame Rate Limit.’ Toggle the setting to the corresponding refresh rate that your monitor permits.

It’s pretty straightforward. Establishing your frame rate limit at a number equal to your monitor’s capabilities is ideal. It facilitates stable play for consistent gaming sessions.

21. Set View Distance to Medium (or Higher) 

This setting will depend on how good of a PC you own (which is true for most graphical settings in modern games). With a high-end computer, feel free to set it to Epic. But if you’re stuck with a lower end PC, then experiment with Medium.

From the Settings screen, you’ll have to scroll down the list to ‘View Distance.’ Toggle the setting to Medium or Higher.

There’s not much of a difference when it comes to competitive play. Details on the map will render depending on the setting you choose. But the differences are incremental.

20. Turn Shadows OFF

Turning shadows off makes the interiors of buildings appear brighter. It also provides a decent frame rate increase. With shadows turned on, the game appears darker especially at night, which puts you at a severe disadvantage.

Beginning from the Settings screen, scroll down the list to ‘Shadows.’ Toggle the setting to OFF.

This is not a difficult decision. You want a crisp, clean environment to flex your muscle. To ensure you have said environment activated, make sure you deactivate shadows. All the cool kids are doing it, too.

19. Set Anti-Aliasing to medium or OFF

Taking Anti-Aliasing off makes images sharper while keeping it on drops your frame rate quite a bit. The higher it is, the less frame rate you’ll experience. If you have a powerful computer, setting it to Medium is sufficient.

From the Settings screen, you'll have to scroll down the list to ‘Anti-Aliasing.’ Toggle the setting to MEDIUM or OFF.

Behold true beauty

Are you looking to challenge hungry Fortnite warriors with an early handicap? Do you want to go into battle blind? Probably not, right!? Well, make sure Anti-Aliasing is set to OFF.

18. Set Textures to Low (may set higher if you own a higher-end gaming PC) 

Textures are dependent on your PC’s graphical strengths. The higher the configuration is set to, the better everything will look.

From the Settings screen, you’ll need to scroll down the list to ‘Textures.’ Toggle the setting to Low.

Lowering textures, no matter what card you have, will increase FPS. But the main reason I use low textures is to keep players’ avatars/silhouettes crisp even while the ground becomes blurry.  This has the intended effect of making your enemies stand out more from their background.

If you run a robust gaming PC and want to marvel at a crisp landscape, then by all means set Textures to EPIC.

17. Set Effects to Low

Like most of these settings, this feature is PC dependent. Adjusting the effects to low has minimal effect on visual quality.

From the Settings screen, you’ll need to scroll down the list to ‘Effects.’ Toggle the setting to LOW.

You will notice minor detail changes when you turn your effects up or down. It impacts the granular detail particularly in rocket fights and explosions. When you’re in a heated firefight, you might notice that rockets have less detailed plumes or that explosions appear less sharp.

Looks like somebody snagged a front row seat to a big bad explosion 

16. Post-Processing OFF

Post-processing makes your game blurry; therefore, it is best to maintain it at a low setting. Adding lens flares and other unnecessary visual flourishes benefits no one in their quest for #1 Victory Royale.

From the Settings screen, scan one item down the list to ‘Post Processing.’ Toggle the setting to low.

In a sprawling environment where the goal is survival, visibility is vital. Setting post-processing to off makes it easier to see players. Also, it lowers the frame rate without sacrificing quality. Performance should be your primary concern. 

15. Set Vsync to OFF 

Vsync’s primary objective is to eliminate screen tearing. Screen tearing rears its ugly head whenever the in-game FPS is higher than your monitor’s refresh rate. Therefore, you should always run the game at the same refresh rate as your monitor.

From the Settings screen, you’ll want to scroll down the list to ‘Vsync.’ Toggle the setting to OFF.

It’s best to keep Vsync off to ensure you’re optimizing frame rate. In a game that pits cold-blooded killers against one another, it’s imperative to limit visual distractions. Inconsistencies in frame rate are very disruptive to your immersion. Input lag is your worst enemy.

14. Set Motion Blur to OFF 

Purely as an effect, motion blur is pretty realistic. Ii definitely enhances the visual experience. But in a multiplayer battle-mode against one-hundred fierce competitors, its aesthetic allure is largely irrelevant. For most games it actually causes a big hit on performance.

From the Settings screen, you’ll need to scroll down the list to ‘Vsync.’ Toggle the setting to OFF.

In terms of its impact on gameplay, motion blur is best kept off. There’s no doubt it diminishes your capabilities as a gunfighter. In circumstances where you’re turning weapons or the camera, unnecessary blur could be the difference between you winning or losing an engagement.

Recommended mouse settings to frag like a pro 

13. Set Mouse Sensitivity to Lower End

This is an extremely important setting. You’ll most certainly need to tinker with it. Quite literally it establishes your pedigree as a fighter on the battlefield. Make no mistake; your mouse is your boxing glove. What weight class are you going to fight in? Are you a heavyweight or super featherweight?

Again operating from the Settings screen, slide over to the ‘gear icon,’ which is located to the immediate right of your video settings screen (which we’ve just covered in detail). Under the section labeled “Input,” scroll down the list to ‘Mouse Sensitivity.’ Toggle the setting to the desired range.

Your dexterity with the mouse is where you earn the big V-Bucks in Fortnite. The higher your mouse sensitivity is set to, the faster your camera will turn as you maneuver your mouse. Set it to a very low threshold to establish a baseline of comfort. Once you’ve gained experience at a lower setting, you may want to gradually increase your sensitivity. From my experience .05 is a great starting point.http://www.gamersdecide.com/pc-game-news/fortnite-battle-royales-best-weapons

12. Set Mouse ADS Sensitivity to Level in .40 to .50 Range. 

Mouse ADS Sensitivity is the same concept as Mouse Sensitivity except it applies specifically to situations in which you’re aiming down sights. The higher it is, the faster you’re going to move.

While staying on this section of the Settings screen, scroll further down the list to ‘Mouse ADS Sensitivity.’ Toggle the setting to the desired range.

It is necessary to establish a base sensitivity level that meets your threshold for various movements. Once you settle on a setting, stick with it. Forming good habits is essential to your long term success as a fledgling Fortnite fighter.

11. Set Mouse Scope Sensitivity to Number Just a Tad Higher than ADS Sensitivity (.50 to .60.) 

The Mouse Scope Sensitivity is similar to the ADS sensitivity except it’s reserved for sniper rifles and scoping rifles.

Right underneath the ‘Mouse ADS Sensitivity’ setting is ‘Mouse Scope Sensitivity.’ Toggle the setting to the desired range.

Configure it to your preferred playstyle. Your goal is to be a nimble marksman and not some caffeine-addicted, Adderall-abusing tweaker who’s wielding a powerful weapon.

10. Set HUD Scale to .90 or 1

Configuring your HUD to a level that maximizes both comfort and clarity cannot be understated. There’s a fine balance to pinpoint. You want all information that will aid in your conquest present on the screen, but you do not want it monopolizing your screen space. Managing your screen real estate almost requires a special agent.

Also, while still managing the gear icon section of your Settings screen, scroll further down the list to the section labeled “Camera and Display.” Find ‘HUD Scale’ and adjust the setting to the correct range.

Setting HUD Scale to .90 makes everything look a lot smaller and crisper. Clean images are super important in a game with such massive infrastructure.

9. Set Toggle Sprint to OFF 

PC has auto-run, so this mechanic is pretty redundant and unnecessary. But for console plebs, it can be quite rewarding.

Scanning further down the options in this second Settings screen, find the section labeled “Control Options.”  Once you locate ‘Toggle Sprint’ set it to OFF.

This is a very useful tool for console gamers and non-solo scenarios. Specifically, in running situations it's important to activate itput it up. bBecause running wherever you need to go while also managing your inventory is a common practice. This utility really shines in non-solo scenarios. Want to rearrange your guns and drop ammo for a teammate who’s running behind you? With this setting enabled such a task becomes is effortless to perform.


8. Set Turbo Building to ON 

This is another self-explanatory setting. If you hold down the build button, then you can continue to build. For building stairs you just keep ahold of build and it’ll build the next piece automatically.

Scanning further down the options in this second Settings screen, find the ‘Turbo Building’ option. Set it to ON.

Setting turbo building on is equivalent to clicking 20 times per second (which 99% of people can’t do). As for its effect on gameplay, it democratizes the building mechanic and evens the playing field for less adept builders. It certainly provides a boost to console players.

7. Set Auto Material Change to ON 

In an effort to make building easier, Epic released this update. Their objective was simple: to assist users who needed help as they struggled to construct makeshift forts. It definitely contributed to a rapid increase in users spamming materials. But it may have ushered in an unintended consequence. Many players believe it lowered the skill-gap.

Scanning even further down the options in this second Settings screen, find the ‘Auto Material Change’ option. Set it to ON.

Managing this setting correctly is a life saver in situations where you run out of wood, and need to switch to stone.

Another bounty earned means an extra trophy for the private collection

6. Set Brightness Calibration to .60.

This setting may provide more precise, or more customized, calibration than the built-in utilities.

While tinkering with the Settings, at the top of your screen are the various icons for each primary setting tab. Slide over to the next section opposite the ‘gear icon.’ This will bring you to the ‘Brightness Calibration’ interface.’ Adjust the setting to your preferred level.

From my experience (and many others that I’ve talked to and researched) .60 is a legit sweet spot. Setting your brightness calibration to .60 allows you to see players without the environment being too bright.  What good is an adept gamer without proper lighting?

5. Manually Set Keybinds to your Preference

Manually set your keybinds. In terms of personal preference, keeping most of your inputs on the left-side near ‘W A S D’ feels more natural. They’re easier to reach. It helps me maintain composure in high-stress situations.

While staring at the top of the Settings screen, locate the “arrow keys” icon. Access it to adjust your keybinds.

Just bind your keys to whatever is easy for you to hit comfortably. Then stick with it. Build up your muscle memory. Consistency is quite literally key.

4. In Windows Mouse Settings Uncheck 'Select Pointer Speed'

If you're moving your mouse slowly, your pointer moves slowly; you move quickly and it moves faster. Translation: Over the same distance, your cursor will move different distances depending on how fast you move your mouse. That’s an awful predicament for a serious gamer because it impedes your muscle memory. In a game as input-centric as Fortnite, dealing with inconsistent cursor movements would be extremely disadvantageous.

Now go to Mouse Settings. To get there go to Start and type in ‘Mouse Settings.’ Then click ‘Additional Mouse Options.’ Then go to ‘Pointer Options’ UNCHECK ‘Select Pointer Speed.’ Click Apply, and then OK.

Implementing this step will ensure that Windows will not interfere with your mouse speeds while you’re playing, which could impact your aiming in game.

Precisoin aiming is the lifeblood of every shooter 

3. Lower Your DPI Sensitivity Levels (400-800 Is an Adequate Range) 

When it comes to sensitivity, I think a solid rule of thumb to remember is that you need to at least be able to make a 180-degree turn on your mouse pad. What’s crucial in my eyes is consistency. Once you determine what sensitivity best fits your playstyle, stick with it in every game. Never change it because you want to build muscle memory. This rule will dramatically improve your aim.

If equipped with a gaming mouse, go to their software settings and create a new profile to lower your DPI Sensitivity levels. Logitech, Razer, Corsair, etc. have direct mechanisms to accommodate these routine adjustments. Just find your gaming mouse software. Once there, lower DPI Sensitivity Levels.

Ultimately, finding the correct DPI level is a matter of individual preference. What makes you comfortable? What’s your experience with those particular settings? There’s no magic antidote to make you the next Ninja.

2. Set Polling Rate to 1000 Hz

The polling rate is how many times your mouse’s sensor checks for updates per second. 1k is the one that updates the most.

Here’s a detailed guide that shows you how to change your polling rate. The process is pretty straightforward.

Maximizing your chances of winning stems from how well you optimize your mouse. You need an agile, but stable trigger finger.

1. Override High DPI Scaling Behavior Using Fortnite Executable Optimizations 

This final step is just a crafty maneuver some ambitious Fortnite addicts discovered to improve their High-DPI experience. It’s all about making minute adjustments to enhance your gaming experience.

Now navigate to your Fortnite executable file (usually C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Binaries/Win64). The executable is called FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe
Right-click the file and select Properties
Select the tab Compatibility and check Override high DPI scaling behavior.
Click OK

This process will help you pump out a tad more FPS. In a game of survival, you’re desperate to find even the most minuscule edge. Good luck in your battles, fellow fortniters.

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