[Top 5] Fortnite Best Zombie Horde Maps That Are Fun!

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Fighting with the Zombies

Are you wondering what are the best horde maps of Fortnite that you can play in? Well, find out some of the best maps in this article.

Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is a lot of fun to play. As a result, people have reimagined Fortnite with the introduction of Creative Mode. Playing the game has been made a thousand times more enjoyable thanks to user-created maps and game types. The Zombies mode in Fortnite is one of the most popular map series for Creative. The single-player or multiplayer Fortnite mode in Creative is based on the classic Call of Duty gaming mode. In Creative mode, various Fortnite zombie map codes may be used. The problem is that not all of them are equal to the others. Several factors make certain zombie games better than others, from map design to gameplay.


5. Wild West

Wild West, Fortnite

Code: 0389-9739-0449

This Fortnite zombie map code represents the 'Wild West' zombie gameplay. When a player has the Cowboy Wrangler or Cowgirl Hustler skin, they'll fit right in with the map design. Maps in Creative mode can unlock parts by clearing zombies and eventually defeating a boss. Leveling up and gaining new powers is possible throughout the game.

Why Wild West is great

  • Clearing Zombies leads to boss
  • Level up and gain abilities
  • You can buy weapons 


4. Zombie Monopoly

Zombie Monopoly, Fortnite

Code: 8100-4167-5016

Zombies Monopoly is one of the fascinating Fortnite zombie map codes in Creative, based on the traditional board game. Like a board game, each player begins at the exact location on the map and progresses by killing zombies. Players can use hiding locations, tunnels and even try to uncover three hidden coins to open the armory and upgrade to more potent weaponry along their quest.

Why Zombie Monopoly is great

  • You can use hiding spots
  • Use coins to unlock armory
  • Upgrade weapons 


3. Winter Edition Zombie Maze

Winter Edition Zombie Maze, Fortnite

Code: 9300-2622-9913

This Fortnite zombie map code is for you to experience a zombie war during the holidays. Just slay zombies and get out of the maze are your goals in the "Winter Edition Zombie Maze." Because of this, gamers may enjoy the snow-covered environment while killing zombies one at a time.

Why Winter Edition Zombie Maze is great

  • Snow covered map
  • Kill zombies and escape the maze 
  • Kill zombies one by one 


2. Open-World Zombie

Open-World Zombie, Fortnite

Code: 8876-0278-7743

This map in Fortnite features an RPG theme and is set in a metropolis, making it even more enjoyable for players. Zombies unexpectedly overran the city, and now it's up to you to rid it of them and rescue it from destruction.

Why Open-World Zombie is great

  • Includes RPG theme to increase fun 
  • Kill zombies to save the city 
  • Equip weapons and get in action


1. Sunrise City Horde Survival

Sunrise City Horde Survival, Fortnite

Code: 4780-2589-3510

The 'Sunrise City Horde Survival' map is one of the most fantastic Fortnite zombie map codes out now. This Creative Mode single-player level is geared at players who enjoy grinding and breaking records.

Why Sunrise City Horde Survival is great

  • Grind and break records
  • Kill zombies in a tiny space
  • Beat the record of others by killing zombies

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