[Top 10] Fortnite Best Guns That Wreck Hard

Fortnite Best Guns
Put on your diapers and face these untamed beasts!

These are the best weapons from Chapter 2 season 6

Novelties from the previous season, primal weapons.

We are already at the very end of Fortnite chapter two, season 6. No doubt one of the most exciting so far. Many things have changed, but most important are the radical changes in the weapon load-outs that require a drastic adjustment in the playing style.

The very beginning of the season caught us by surprise. Some of the weapons we first encountered were surprisingly difficult to use. New primal weapons were presented and behaved primal as the name suggests. However, with a little patience, learning the new crafting system, and a mix of good old guns we learned to love them.

With a few updates and tweaks, it is already too easy to get your perfect loadout in no time and delete everybody to claim the Victory Royale. While we wait for the dramatic end of this season, let us look at some of the most powerful weapons we have come across over the past few months.

10. Primal Bows

Set them on fire or stink them all with deadly gas with these Primal bows that were introduced first in Fortnite chapter 2, season 6.

This weapon was introduced at the beginning of season 6 in response to the vaulting of the sniper rifles. They may not have their precision or damage, but their use is multi-purpose.

Where to find a primal fire bow?

  • Create it: all it takes is to find a primal bow (which is a common thing on the island), and combine it with either a gas can or a firefly jar. Or, find a common rarity mechanical bow, and craft it with a few animal bones.
  • You can also find them in a supply drop, and less often like a floor loot, or in chests throughout the island.

Why use them?

  • First, you may be one of those passive Fortnite players who does not just jump into someone's box and hits with whatever possible.
  • ​Imagine watching a show-off trying to build his six-floor building. One fire arrow is enough to put him back to the ground and on top of that, he gets fire damage while trying to escape.
  • This bow does damage on direct contact, but its main purpose is to get players out of their wooden builds.

Where to find Primal Stink Bows?

  • Just like the fire bow, you can either construct one or find one. It is easier to craft because there are so many resources throughout the map.
  • You can craft The Stink Bow by combining a Primal Bow with either a Stink Sac or a Stink Fish. 

Why use them?

  • Fully charged arrows could deal damage up to 72 DPS on impact, and on top of that, similar to stink grenades create a cloud of stink gas that constantly damages players for quite some time.

9. Mechanical Bows

Mechanical bows are powerful weapons and rotation tools

Like primal bows, mechanical bows are a logical response to a weapon formerly known as a sniper rifle. The difference between them is the greater accuracy and damage that goes up to 94 DPS.

Where to find Mechanical Shockwave Bows?

  • It takes a mechanical bow and shockwave grenade to create the Mechanical Shockwave Bow. 

Why use them?

  • These arrows act like shockwave grenades. Anyone within the radius of the arrow's target is launched into the distance. 
  • You can stack up to 31 arrows that equal 31 shockwave grenades that make this weapon good for damaging a player and rotation.

Where to find Mechanical Explosive Bows?

Mechanical Explosive Bow

  • It is easy to create this powerful weapon. You will need to combine a mechanical bow and six grenades (both are very easy to find).

Why use them?

  • As the other bows mentioned above, this one too serves as a replacement for the sniper rifles. In addition to the initial damage, the arrow drops several grenades that further damage the opponent, making him too vulnerable.

8. Dual Pistols

Dual pistols, double the fun.


Dual pistols have been unvaulted once again and they appear in their Rare and Epic variants. You can find them as ground or chest loot, all over the map. With a lack of decent pistols around the map, duals arrived just in time to make some damage. 

Why use Dual Pistols?

  • With 39 Damage of the Rare variety and 41 Damage of the Epic, multiply that with a couple of precise shots, you sure do not want to be that person on the other side


Dual Pistols unvaulted in Fortnite!

7. Infantry Rifle

Infantry rifle is the weapon you love to hate

One of the best weapons unvaulted lately is the Infantry Rifle. It comes in a green, blue, purple, and gold variety. It is the closest thing you can get to the sniper rifle for now. 


Where can you find it?

  • Players can easily find uncommon-rated Infantry Rifles from loot chests and floor loot available across the entire map of Fortnite. However, Rare, Epic, and Legendary are also easy to find.

Why use it?

  • With first shot accuracy being deadly precise, fire rate of four bullets per second, each of which deals 38 damage to the enemy, you can wreck the opponents from far away in a matter of seconds.

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 6 - Infantry Rifle


6. P90 (Submachine Gun)

P90 (the best close combat weapon no doubt)


The SMG from hell and the pro players’ worst nightmare is back in Fortnite and is here to annoy everyone. There is no need to speak much of this weapon as it speaks for itself.

Where to find it?

  • P90 is not a common weapon in season 6 and is not that easy to find throughout the map. You will probably get it in the blue rare or bunker chests that are buried across the map. Learn the locations for you will get nothing less than an epic or legendary weapon, and P90 is very likely to be one of them.

Why use P90?

  • It is probably one of the best firearms the game has to bring to the table. It shreds through the builds, and it leaves you no time to react.
  • If you are a player who wants to get the job done quickly, combine it with a shotgun blast, and you are good to go.


5. Mythic Primal Shotgun

Look at this beast. Good thing it was vaulted in time.


Shotgun created in Fortnite Season 6 is considered one of the most overpowered weapons in the game, which is why its damage was reduced. This shotgun dealt 70 damage per shot, meaning an enemy player with full power health and the shield only needed to be hit three times to be eliminated. 

Where to Find Mythic Primal Shotgun?

  • Eliminating the Spire Assassin boss at The Spire will grant you this beast. It is currently vaulted.

Why use Mythic Primal Shotgun?

  • The magazine for the Mythic Primal shotgun is the same as for the pistol, and it discharges at the same rate. In 1v1 competitions, any player can easily shred their opponents with this gun. Before having to reload the weapon, you can eliminate up to three opponents.

4. Legendary Tactical Shotgun

Tactical shotgun is Fortnite's classic since day one.


With the TAC shotgun being vaulted at the beginning of season 6, there are no words to express the joy when I saw this back a couple of weeks ago. The Tactical Shotgun is a Fortnite classic, and Epic Games has been caring enough to unvault it halfway through Season 6. Being one of the favorite guns to many including myself, re-adding to the game was simply the right move to make.

Where to Find Legendary Tac?

  • Weaker variants of this shotgun can be found all over the map, but for the Epic or Legendary, you will have to find a rare chest or a supply drop. Another way of getting this bad boy is upgrading at one of the many NPC’s throughout the map.

Why use This Shotgun?

  • This shotgun is extraordinary compared to other Fortnite weapons at short reach. It can deal damage up to 132 DPS, assuming you hit all your shots.


3. Rocket Launcher

You are one shot closer to the lobby.


Fortnite Season 6 brings back Rocket Launchers. You are looking for a quick ending to the fight, try to find Rocket Launcher. Nobody wants to see someone holding that thing in Battle Royale. When upgraded to a higher level, it can knock out a player without a shield in just one hit. Rocket launchers are very powerful on the upper tiers. If you have one, you should take advantage.

Where to Find Rocket Launcher?

  • This weapon can be quite difficult to find, but it is a must-have if you can find one. 
  • Same as the other Epic and Legendary weapons, it can be found in bunker chests or supply drops. Epic Games tends to keep this season as primal as it gets including weapons, and that goes for RPG too.

Why use it?

  • Offering massive damage with an incredible projection radius, the Rocket Launcher will and always will be one of the best and most powerful weapons in Fortnite. 
  • The reload time is a bit long, but if you hit your shot, you can get away with firing at the opponent only once.
  • You have Rocket Launcher - you win.


2. Legendary Pump Shotgun

"Bring back Pump"


The pump shotgun has been unvaulted too, thanks to the Fortnite community. “Bring back Pump” might be the most common phrase on social media related to Fortnite. 

Where to Find and How to Get Pump Shotgun?

  • Thanks to careful crafting, the rare pump shotgun variant is easier to find. 
  • You only need to find a rare makeshift shotgun and mechanical parts to turn it into an epic pump.
  • The next thing you want to do is find an NPC who can upgrade weapons, and turn your Epic into a Legendary Pump.
  • You should also check the bunker chest as potential spawns.

Why use Pump Shotgun?

  • Although its rate of fire may be relatively low, if you are accurate enough, it can cause 100 damage per shot. 
  • The damage of the pump shotgun has also increased this season, from 100/110 for epic and legendary variants to 108/116.

1. Legendary Assault Rifle (Scar)

Bow down to the best weapon in Fortnite since chapter 1, season 1.


Another Fortnite classic, and probably THE BEST gun introduced in the game since day one. Perfectly balanced, great first shot accuracy, high damage. This is a deadly weapon. You want this rifle at all times.

Where to find SCAR?

  • Similar to the Pump Shotgun, Scar is easy to upgrade to Epic Rarity using a blue Makeshift Rifle combined with some mechanical parts.
  • Find an NPC that upgrades weapons and turn your Epic Scar into a legendary one.
  • In addition, these legendary rifles are very common in bunker chests, so maybe you should go and search for their location.

Why use Scar?

  • Since its release in season 1, the SCAR has been considered the best weapon in the game, as these rifles deal 35 body damage so they become almost essential for mid to late game. 
  • Its effectiveness is no mystery. Hitting six shots on a player with full health and shield is enough to eliminate them. With 30 rounds in the magazine, the player can eliminate five enemies before reloading. 
  • The main reason you want to use this weapon is that there is no better gun in the game, not even close.

Many great guns have changed in the game so far, having in mind the specifics of the last season and its weapons; I tried to make it easier for you to choose what would help you the most.



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