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Are you looking for the best Zombue survival maps of Fortnite? Well, discover some of the best Zombie maps of Fornite that are awesome.

The famous Battle Royale mode in Fortnite is a lot of fun. However, with the advent of the Creative Mode in Fortnite, users have altered the game's gameplay. The game's enjoyment has been increased tenfold by adding custom maps and modes. The Zombies mode in Fortnite Creative is one of the most popular map series.

Single-player or multiplayer Fortnite variants are based on the Call of Duty game mode and offer a similar experience. Halloween will be here before we know it, as we're already in October. When it comes to playing a game that makes you feel shivers down your spine, Halloween is the perfect time to do so. The finest Zombie Maps are as follows:


10. Z-Nite: The Factories

Z-Nite: The Factories, Fortnite

Code: 3303-8983-5104

There are endless waves of zombies that test the players' survival skills in Echo's game. It also contains a money system that allows players to buy weapons, ammunition, health and other supplies. It is possible to unlock additional areas of the map with in-game currency. The zombies evolve as the game advances, which heightens the tension. Because of the mutation, they become increasingly faster and more difficult for the player to handle.

Why Z-Nite: The Factories Map Is Great?

  • Players have a hard time with this
  • Each wave of zombies is better than the last.
  • Practice aiming and killing zombies on this map.


9. Zombie Monopoly

Zombie Monopoly, Fortnite

Code: 8100-4167-5016

You may play the classic board game in your browser thanks to one of the most exciting Fortnite zombie map codes in creative. All players begin at the exact location on the map and progress through defeating zombies. The armoury can be opened and weaponry upgraded by hiding in tunnels and searching for three buried coins.

Why Zombie Monopoly Map Is Great?

  • It gives the feeling of playing a board game.
  • Zombies can be concealed and eliminated.
  • Find and excavate zombies.


8. BO2 Town - With Zombies

BO2 Town - With Zombies, Fortnite

Code: 6975-6526-1196

The "Tranzit" sector of Black Ops 2 is recreated in this level called "Town." To win, players must find all twenty meteors on the map. It's virtually identical to the first "Town" map, saying something. It is possible to get help from your friends on this multiplayer map.

Why BO2 Town - With Zombies Map Is Great?

  • Overcome challenges to get success
  • Keep an eye out for zombies
  • pave your route toward triumph by searching for meteors


7. Nuketown Zombie

Nuketown Zombie, Fortnite

Code: 0975-7667-0071

Oberon built Nuketown Zombie for lone gamers who want to put their skills to the test against hordes of undead. Nuketown-inspired weapons are also available to help the player's cause on this map, based on the Black Ops franchise's Nuketown map. However, due to their dispersion around the terrain, it is pretty challenging to find these weapons.

Furthermore, the Zombies formed in this mode are extremely dangerous because of their capacity to inflict massive damage. This ability allows the player to take a limited number of zombie hits before succumbing.

Why Nuketown Zombie Map Is Great?

  • Enhance your ability to survive.
  • Zombies can be killed, and you can live.
  • Find weapons and take out the attackers.


6. Winter Edition Zombie Maze

Winter Edition Zombie Maze, Fortnite

Code: 9300-2622-9913

During the Christmas season, this Fortnite zombie map code is for you. Kill zombies and get out of the 'Winter Edition Zombie Maze'. It's a win-win situation for both athletes and the environment.

Why Winter Edition Zombie Maze Map Is Great?

  • You can go head-to-head with a zombie.
  • Escape the maze by killing the zombies and avoiding traps.
  • You'll get a taste of a white Christmas.


5. Horde Rush

Horde Rush, Fortnite

Code: 1811-5278-9963

Halloween in Fortnite isn't complete without a game of Horde Rush. Monsters assault a group of players tasked with destroying every NPC on the map.

By shucksourdiesel, the map supported four players. During the moving storm phase, there are 12 rounds to go through. To win this map, players must obtain all four in-game goodies.

Why Horde Rush Map Is Great?

  • Take on hordes of zombies in a multi-wave battle.
  • Clear the storm phase by playing a total of 12 rounds.
  • To win, you'll need to collect everything in the game.


4. Arc of Retribution

Arc of Retribution, Fortnite

Code: 0798-7985-2485

Snownymous's Zombie map is suitable for those seeking a challenging experience. Players are only allowed one life on this map, so escaping death is the crucial goal. After each game, players can purchase new equipment through a unique monetary system. One to sixteen players can participate in this map, which has a leaderboard to compare their scores against.

Why Arc of Retribution Map Is Great?

  • Defeat zombies that you come across.
  • You must first live, then aim, and last, you must win.
  • Get a new weapon every time you play.


3. Sunrise City Horde Survival

Sunrise City Horde Survival, Fortnite

Code: 4780-2589-3510

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Fortnite zombie map codes ever created. Players who appreciate grinding and smashing records will enjoy this single-player Creative Mode level.

Players' primary goal will be to keep killing zombies and beat the records of other players in the small area that includes incoming waves.

Why Sunrise City Horde Survival Map Is Great?

  • Make and break records.
  • Zombies can be killed in a small area.
  • By killing zombies, you can break the record set by others.


2. Kino Der Toten Remastered V2.3

Kino Der Toten Remastered V2.3, Fortnite

Code: 0782-2189-7490

Because of Black Ops, another Call of Duty: Zombies map, Kino Der Toten, was recreated. Like nature intended, there are endless waves of zombies on the map. Your current wave or level is shown on the map, like ZombiU. Bonuses, Gobblegum, and an upgrade are all included in this map.

Why Kino Der Toten Remastered V2.3 Map Is Great?

  • Zombie hordes of interminable length.
  • Bonuses are available.
  • Kill zombies with better weapons.


1. Open-World Zombie

Open-World Zombie, Fortnite

Code: 8876-0278-7743

To make the experience more enjoyable, this Fortnite map is set in a bustling city. Suddenly, the entire city was overrun by zombies, and you are now tasked with rescuing it.

Why Open-World Zombie Map Is Great?

  • Gamer's perspective
  • By killing zombies, you can save the city.
  • Weapons are ready, so get to work!


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