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Are you looking for the best weapons in Fortnite 2022? Well, discover some of the best locations to find amazing weapons here in this article.

Exotic weapons in Fortnite are the most expensive and unusual equipment that may be added to your arsenal. Purchasing them will require the use of your gold bars. Although the price is considerable, their exceptional powers make it worth the money.

To obtain a fabled weapon, you must first fight the NPC that owns it. As a result, they're frequently more formidable than you may expect. Let's take a look at where all of Fortnite's fabled weapons may be found.


10. Sanctuary: MK-7 Assault Rifle—Foundation

Sanctuary: MK-7 Assault Rifle—Foundation, Fortnite

Mythical Fortnite weapon: The Foundation's MK-7 Assault Rifle is dropped by the Foundation, dubbed "The Rock." He spends most of his time in the Sanctuary's southeast. Isn't that something he's cooking? It would be best if you first fought him to get him to drop this powerful weapon, which isn't that simple. Aside from his powerful weapon, he also throws stones at you right after you fire at him. It's worth it, though, because the MK-7 is one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game.


9. Bunker Jonesy: The Dub

Bunker Jonesy: The Dub, Fortnite

Bunker Jonesy sells the Dub, a rare weapon in Fortnite, for 500 gold bars. This one lives in the Sanctuary's southernmost region. As with a double-barreled shotgun, a Dub also knocks the shooter back, as well as those who are hit by their bullets. Even though it only has a short effective range and a small capacity, this weapon is devastating. Make your own decision on whether or not to use this weapon.


8. Llama Hut and Sanctuary: Boom Sniper Rifle

Llama Hut and Sanctuary: Boom Sniper Rifle, Fortnite

Sniper enthusiasts will appreciate this weapon. One can purchase a Boom sniper rifle from either of these locations. Lt. John Lama is the one who sells the first one. The price for the weapon is also 600 gold bars. The Lama Lodge, a modest hut near a mountain to the southwest of Logjam Lumberyard, is where you'll meet John.

The scientist at Sanctuary sells the second boom sniper gun. He also wants 600 gold bars from you, the same as Lt. John Lama. Like our beloved Heavy Sniper, the Boom Sniper Rifle likewise gives blast damage to the player, but it does so on impact. The rifle's magazine holds five rounds, compared to the Heavy's one.


7. Butter Barn and Camp Cuddle: Marksman Six Shooter

Butter Barn and Camp Cuddle: Marksman Six Shooter, Fortnite

The Marksman Six Shooter is the only weapon on the map that is twice as powerful as the rest. Pancake and the Cuddle Team Leader each sell 400 bars of the product. Pancake can be found at Rocky Reels' Butter Barn, a dilapidated structure off to the southwest. When it comes to the Cuddle Team Leader, they live in the pink-roofed huge house at Camp Cuddle.

This firearm will appeal to everyone who enjoys the classic design of the revolver. A rapid and powerful shot can be fired from the hip, resulting in much damage. Shooting with the sights increases accuracy but slows down the weapon and does less damage in a second every shot.


6. Greasy Grove: Chili Chug Splash

Greasy Grove: Chili Chug Splash, Fortnite

The exotic chili splash is a healing item with a secondary function, not a weapon. Greasy Grove's northernmost building, where Guaco sells them, has three of them for sale for 210 gold bars. This item is also found when a supply llama is looted. You and your friends each receive a 20-HP boost from this item, which can be either Green or Blue Life. It also has a similar effect to the chili effect, where you may run exceedingly fast for a brief period.


5. Auto Shotgun

Auto Shotgun, Fortnite

When it comes to weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3, it's impossible not to compare them to those that were dearly missed in Chapter 2 - and the Auto Shotgun is surely Chapter 3's version of the famous Tactical Shotgun. It's fast. It can do some serious damage but bear in mind that the reload speed takes a while to catch up once you've emptied your mag. Fortnite players who enjoy building battles would prefer this shotgun over the other, which is currently the only option available. You can obtain the Auto shotgun from Chest, Rare Chest, Floor Loot, Supply Drop, Fishing (Plain), and Fishing (Hole).


4. Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Fortnite

The Hunter Bolt-Action is the only sniper weapon available in Chapter 3, Season 1 of Fortnite. This is not the vaulted Automatic of old, but it is a powerful weapon capable of dealing massive damage to an opponent in a single shot (provided they don't have a full shield). Three bullets in your clip give you a couple of chances to down and finish your opponents, which is especially useful when you're learning the ropes. Rare or not, you can find the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle practically everywhere loot normally does. Wherever weapons are found, hunter bolt-action Rifles are likely to be found in various locations, including chests and floor loot.


3. Stinger SMG

Stinger SMG, Fortnite

Spray and pray extraordinaire; this SMG has a reload speed of 2.25 seconds, 30 magazine capacity, and an average damage per shot (DPS) 264. While your opponents are still attempting to organize their defenses, this is the weapon you'll switch to in a construction war to rip down those structures and land some soul-destroying shots into them. Aside from the Bolt-Action Sniper, Chapter 3, Season 1's SMG, is the only viable option. The location of Gunnar's Stinger SMG. There is a new POI called Covert Cavern situated in the northwest corner of the map, just on the edge of the snowy region, where you may discover 


2. Sidearm Pistol

Sidearm Pistol, Fortnite

Yes, a Sidearm Pistol has made it onto our list of the finest Fortnite weapons, and you'll see why after you try it out for yourself. With a 15-round magazine and a reload time of just 1.26 seconds, this sidearm pistol has established its usefulness as an item slot and should not be overlooked. I like it up close, but it doesn't mean you're out of the running after a reset because you have one weapon. You can obtain the side arm pistol from Chest, Rare Chest, Floor Loot, Supply Drop, Fishing (Plain), and Fishing (Hole).


1. Honorable Mention: Flare Gun

Honorable Mention: Flare Gun, Fortnite

Finally, the Flare Gun, reintroduced on January 11 in the V19.01 update, deserves special note. This weapon has a similar effect to the Fireflies found across the game, which is a wonderful addition. Then, there's more to it. The Flare Gun leaves a mark similar to the Shakedown effect when fired over your opponents. This rifle is more about utility than damage stats. Thus, it deserves a nod here. It's the only method to obtain a Flare Gun in Fortnite other than going through all the chests and supply drops or getting fortunate and finding one on the floor. You can't purchase flare Guns from NPCs or vending machines.


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