Top 15 Best Rare Skins in Fortnite And How To Get Them

Rare Skins in Fortnite
The best skins in the whole galaxy.

The 15 Most Coveted Fortnite Rare Skins

Well, one of the best ways to show your skill or the age of your account in Fortnite is with rare skins. This list of the top 15 rare skins in Fortnite is based on both rarity and looks, and will guide you in your decision of which skin to use in your next Fortnite game. (Note: Skin rarity may change if/when Fornite decides to rerelease older skins.)

15. Full Omega with Lights

"There can be only one."

The Omega skin was the skin rewarded to players who reached tier 100 of the season four battle pass. It’s an awesome looking super villain skin with progressive levels of armor, a cool helmet, and glowing lights. While the Omega skin itself isn’t very rare, an Omega skin with full armor and colored lights definitely is. In order to unlock all the armor pieces and customizable lights, players had to reach season level 80 during season four (which is equivalent to about 533,000 XP). This required a lot of grinding during this season, and many players didn’t reach the level needed to unlock the full armor and lights. Once the season ended, players could no longer unlock these options, which is why a fully armored Omega with colored lights is nobody to mess with.

How to get it: Reach level 100 in the season four battle pass and reach season level 80 before season four ended.
Price: Battle pass skin (950 V-bucks for battle pass)

14. Royale Bomber

"Searching for a target-rich environment."

The Royale Bomber is a skin that was originally only available with the purchase of a Fortnite/PlayStation console bundle. This console bundle cost about $300 and came with a PS4 console, a controller, 500 V-bucks, and the Royale Bomber skin. Eventually, PlayStation also released this skin in a controller bundle (which included a PS4 controller and the Royale Bomber skin) for $60. Despite this, this skin is still pretty rare because of the amount of money players have to spend to get it. It’s a rare skin, but it’s also a good-looking skin featuring a blue hat and jacket with white fur and some cool sunglasses.

How to get it: Purchase the PS4 console bundle ($300) or PS4 controller bundle ($60). As of now, you can still purchase these items.
Price: $60-$300

13. Galaxy Skin

"Victory is written in the stars."

The Galaxy skin is undoubtably one of the coolest looking skins in the game. Its whole body is a moving galaxy filled with purples, pinks, and blues. The white hair and glowing eyes really stand out against the darker galaxy colors, and it’s completed by the small comets orbiting around its head. What makes this skin so rare is the fact that it is available with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (now around $650) or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (around $1,000-$1,200). Once a player purchased this device, they could play Fortnite matches and unlock the galaxy skin. The huge price tag of a new tablet or phone deterred many players from purchasing this skin, making it rare.

How to get it: Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or Note 9
Price: $650 - $1,200

12. Red Nose Raider

"It's time for some reindeer games."

The Red Nose Raider is a skin from Christmas of 2017. It has red pants, tall boots, and a white Christmas shirt with red and green holiday patterns on it. What makes this skin unique is the addition of festive reindeer antlers and the red nose made to look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This skin was last seen in the item shop on January 31st, 2018, making it pretty rare by this point. It’s a simple skin with some added flair, and its rarity adds to the impressiveness of this skin. This item could come back to the shop during the Christmas season this year, so it is yet to see how the rarity might change in the coming months.

How to get it: Purchased from the item shop
Price: 1,200 V-bucks ($12.00)

11. Code Name E.L.F.

"Elusive. Lethal. Festive."

Code Name E.L.F. is another rare Christmas skin from the 2017 season. It features a green jacket with gold detailing, yellow pants, and a green hat on top of swooping blonde hair. It is a very festive skin and only cost 1,200 V-bucks, so it was a good option for people looking to purchase a holiday skin without spending too much money. Like the other Christmas skins, Code Name E.L.F. is rare because it hasn’t been available in the shop since last season (January 31st, 2018 to be specific). It’s a cool skin that you rarely see people rocking, and when you do see one you know it’s a pretty old and skilled player.

How to get it: Purchase from the item shop
Price: 1,200 V-bucks ($12.00)

10. Nog Ops & YuleTide Ranger

"Have yourself a merry little skirmish."

"Up on the rooftop..."

Nog Ops and Yuletide Ranger are partner skins from Christmas 2017. They wear matching outfits featuring blue jeans, white boots, red and green Christmas sweaters, and festive hats. These skins are both simple and clean looking yet have just the right amount of uniqueness and holiday flair. They both only cost 800 V-bucks when they were available, making them a steal for players looking to show some holiday spirit. A lot of people really favor these skins over some of the other Christmas skins, and you can see original players rocking them in the lobby all year round.

How to get it: Purchase from the item shop
Cost: 800 V-bucks ($8.00)

9. Crackshot

"Get out there and... crack some nuts."

Crackshot is a legendary skin from the 2017 holiday season. This skin is way more detailed than some of the other Christmas skins, and looks completely different. Crackshot is a large nutcracker, with white pants and a red and gold jacket. The most unique and standout part of this skin is of course the nutcracker head and hat. This skin cost 2,000 V-bucks, but many players still purchased it because of how unique it was. Players who love Crackshot still rock this skin to this day, no matter the season. Time will tell if it returns this season to the item shop.

How to get it: Purchase from the item shop
Price: 2,000 V-bucks ($20.00)

8. Aerial Assault Trooper

"Rare aerial assault trooper outfit."

The Aerial Assault Trooper may not look like a stand out skin with its camouflage clothes and orange detailing, but based on its rarity it has become pretty desirable. This skin was part of the season one battle pass back in 2017. Players had to reach level 15 in the battle pass to unlock the ability to purchase the skin for 1,200 V-bucks. A lot less people played Fortnite in season one, and those that did didn’t necessarily want to spend 1,200 V-bucks on a mediocre looking skin at the time. This means that most people playing the game today probably don’t have this skin, making it very rare and giving it a high spot on this list.

How to get it: Reach level 15 in the season one battle pass to unlock the option to purchase.
Price: 1,200 V-bucks ($12.00)

7. Renegade Raider

"Rare renegade raider outfit."

Like the Aerial Assault Trooper, the Renegade Raider is a skin from the season one battle pass. This skin features a dark colored outfit with an aviator helmet and face paint. The ability to purchase this skin was unlocked at level 20 of the battle pass, and then players could purchase it for 1,200 V-bucks. Again, not as many people played during this time or chose to purchase this skin if they reached level 20, meaning it has turned into a very rare and desirable skin.

How to get it: Reach level 20 in the season one battle pass to unlock the ability to purchase.
Price: 1,200 V-bucks ($12.00)

6. Recon Expert

"Rare recon expert outfit."

Many Fortnite players consider the Recon Expert to be the rarest skin in the game. It features an all gray outfit and hat without much detailing beside a star on the shirt and hat. It was a skin purchasable in the item shop, but due to its lack-luster appearance most players didn’t purchase this skin when it was available.   This skin was only available twice in the shop and the last time it was seen there was November 12th, 2017, making it one of the longest running skins without a reappearance. This skin might not be the best looking, but the rarity alone has made it very desirable and earned it a high spot on this list.

How to get it: Purchase from the item shop.
Price: 1,200 V-bucks ($12.00)

5. Merry Marauder & Ginger Gunner

"Sing a slaying song tonight."

"Spread some holiday fear."

Merry Marauder and Ginger Gunner are both Christmas skins from the 2017 holiday season. These skins are both wearing gingerbread costumes (complete with icing decorations) and each have a mask with a different expression, angry for the male skin and happy for the female skin. When these skins were purchasable last year, they were pretty popular, and for good reason. They are both unique and festive looking skins that look great solo or partnered together. Both cost 1,500 V-bucks and were last seen on January 31st, 2018. Due to the continued rising popularity of these, especially due to the use of them on popular YouTube channels like Lazarbeam, these skins have become extremely desirable. It is yet to be seen if Epic Games will add them back into the item shop for the 2018 Christmas season.

How to get it: Purchase from the item shop
Price: 1,500 V-bucks ($15.00)

4. Purple Skull Trooper

"A black and white skull costume."

The Skull Trooper was originally considered one of the most desirable rare skins in all of Fortnite before its return to the item shop in October of this year. When it returned for purchase however, customizable colors were added. While players that bought this skin in 2018 have the choice between the original white skull trooper or a glowing green version, only those who originally played and purchased this skin in 2017 were given the option of a glowing purple color. The purple glowing version of the skin looks great on the black suit and comes complete with ghostly looking purple glow in its eyes. Only original purchasers of this skin have this color option, so if you see a purple skull trooper, you know that they’ve been a dedicated player for over a year.

How to get it: Purchase form the item shop in 2017
Price: Originally 1,200 V-bucks in 2017 ($12.00)

3. Sparkle Specialist

"It's time to shine!"

The Sparkle Specialist earns a high spot on this list for both its rarity and its looks. It is a great, flashy looking skin with shiny pants, a sparkly top, pink detailing, and blue makeup and hair streaks. It stands out in a lobby because of this, and because it was only available as part of the season two battle pass. This skin was unlocked at level 56 of the season two battle pass, but it was more difficult to reach this level during season two than it is today. Weekly challenges that rewarded battle stars were not a thing at this time, so people wishing to unlock this skin had to grind a lot of play time, daily challenges, and XP to try to reach level 56. This, combined with its good looks, makes this pretty rare and desirable today.

How to get it: Reach level 56 of the season two battle pass.
Price: Battle pass skin (950 V-bucks for battle pass)

2. Ghoul Trooper

"Epic ghoul trooper outfit."

The Ghoul Trooper is another skin from Halloween of 2017. Unlike the Skull Trooper, the Ghoul Trooper did not return to the item shop during the 2018 Halloween season like many had hoped. This makes this skin even more rare than it originally was. The skin itself is a very clean looking skin, with an all-black outfit and blue-toned zombie skin. Only players who originally purchased this skin in 2017 have it, so if you see one, you know they’ve been playing for a while. The hype around this skin returning and its failure to do so has increased its rarity and desirability dramatically, making a lot of people want it even more than they did before.

How to get it: Purchase from the item shop
Price: 1,500 V-bucks ($15.00)

1. Black Knight

"The odious scourge of Wailing Woods."

The Black Knight is one of the most iconic, desirable, and best-looking rare skins in Fortnite, earning the number one spot on this list. It is a legendary all-black knight outfit with red details, a black helmet that fully covers the face, and a shield back bling. Like the Sparkle Specialist, this skin was only available in the season two battle pass. Players had to reach level 70 of the battle pass, which required a lot of grinding to achieve. There were also far less players during season two, so most people playing today probably don’t have this skin. It has become extremely desirable, but unfortunately for those who don’t have it, it is not expected to ever return. The rarity, time commitment, and good looks of this skin all make it number one on the list of best rare skins in Fortnite.

How to get it: Reach level 70 of the season two battle pass.
Price: Battle pass skin (950 V-bucks for battle pass)


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