[Top 10] Fortnite Best Driving Maps That Are Fun

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Time to get those wheels warmed up.

I’m sure you must be thinking how did we go from Fortnite being a shooter to having racing games?

Fortnite has evolved a lot since it first came out. From a 3rd person shooter battle royale, it has added a lot more to offer. The main change in Fortnite came when the creative mode was introduced. Players had their islands on creative. This invited several creative minds to take over.

Then new maps were made with different game modes on them. These new game modes and props were used to make mini-games that were different from shooters. Hide and seek, prop hunt, horror maps, and racing maps came to the surface.

In this article, I will be telling you about the racing maps that were created in the process. The map creators got so creative with what they had and this can be seen by the race courses designed in the following list.


10. RACE: GREASY GROVE 0376-3133-1051

Map gameplay

This is a simplistic racing map based around the famous tilted towers. This map gives a nostalgic vibe of the time when you and the boys used to drive carts in tilted. Good days!

Why RACE: GREASY GROVE is Great for Driving:

  • Nostalgia: Very nostalgic map design.



9. 2OG SUMMER FEST 9665-2320-5403

Map gameplay

This is a team map that you can play with up to 16 people. It has 8 teams of two including you and your duo. This map has four races of different types mixed in with mini-games between each race. The design and gameplay are immaculate.

Why 2OG SUMMER FEST is Great for Driving:

  • Variety: There are many race course modes to choose from.
  • Mini-games: You can play mini-games between races to earn gold.



8. SUMMER VIBES 'N' RACE 3238-6201-5489

Map gameplay

This is a summer-themed map, as per the name. It is based around a beach with a building on the side of the map. You race around the course in quad crashers which are the fastest vehicles in Fortnite. This adds extra madness.

Why SUMMER VIBES 'N' RACE is Great for Driving:

  • Fun: The quad crashers add lots of madness and fun with the high speed they provide.



7. CRAZY 8 RACE 5894-8835-3173

Map gameplay

This is a very chill racing map that you can play on your own to just relax after some hard battle royale games. The map offers a race track and custom cars that you can choose from. You race the car through a timer and you can attempt to beat your previous record.

Why CRAZY 8 RACE is Great for Driving:

  • Solo: You can enjoy this map alone if you want some time for yourself.



6. DEATH RACE 6 4470-0486-5647

Map gameplay

This race is very dangerous and vicious as there are no rules in it. You can play as dirty as you want. You can either win by driving well, or making sure other cars don’t survive in the race. The demolition and destruction part of this race adds a lot to it.

Why DEATH RACE 6 is Great for Driving:

  • Destruction: This race has the element of destruction in it thus making it more fun.



5. FORMULA 1 GRANX PRIX 3475-0153-7922

Map gameplay

This is a remake of the original granx Prix races that take place in the world. The map is designed very similarly to the real thing. The race course is also exactly like how it is in real life. You need to run your cars through the track and see who finishes first.

Why FORMULA 1 GRANX PRIX is Great for Driving:

  • Reality-based: Formula 1 enthusiasts will admire how good of a remake this map is.



4. THE RAINBOW RACE IN SPACE! 4133-2232-0160

Map gameplay

This map has one of the most beautiful map designs out of any race. The map is based on an outer galaxy in which you race and run your cars on a rainbow. The design is very eye-catching and keeps you engaged.

Why THE RAINBOW RACE IN SPACE is Great for Driving:

  • Eye candy: The map design is worth playing regardless of if you want to race or not.



3. MULTIRACE 7 IN 1 2069-3783-5966

Map gameplay

This map is amazing as well due to the variety of maps it offers. This map has 7 maps; which is pretty obvious by the title. The 7 maps range from maps based on winters, and summers to a course based around a volcano with erupting lava. The map creator did very well with how beautiful and well-designed all the maps were.

Why MULTIRACE 7 IN 1 is Great for Driving:

  • Variety: The map offers seven different maps that you can race on and switch through.
  • Contrasting designs: The map designs aren’t similar either, they’re very contrasting which prevents boredom.



2. ROYAL RACEWAY CUP - FORTNITE KART 64 7340-1511-8471

Map gameplay

This map is a remake of the original classic Mario kart on the original Nintendo. The remake is very well made as the map is a replica of the original game. You and your friends can get on golf carts and good around or try hard depending on your mood.

Why ROYAL RACEWAY CUP - FORTNITE KART 64 is Great for Driving:

  • Nostalgia: The exact map replica of the original takes you back to the old times when gaming was simple.
  • Good details: The map creator even added little props on the race course to give it an even more real similar feeling.




Map gameplay

This map is based on an underground city with beautiful monuments and themes. The race course is made in the middle of the city with big cage wires around the edges to prevent the cars from going outside. The races on this map are very intense and brutal.


  • Design: The map of the sunken city has been very beautifully created by the creator.
  • Intense: The atmosphere on this map is very electric and intense.



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