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Are you wondering what the best prop hunt maps of Fortnite are? Well, discover the best creative maps here.

When you first start the game, you are presented with three choices for playing (Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative). If you want to play alone, pick the creative option and then PLAY and CREATE (don't start a server).

The Orange Rift will take you to islands where you can design your maps once it has loaded. To avoid this, please check out the featured portals below. If you're new to Fortnite, you may have to look around a little bit to find the customer portal area. Interact with one of the gateways with the console in front of it.

Alternatively, if you have a specific code in mind, you can enter it into the URL field and click "Paste." When you click "Accept," the island of your choice will load. To get to it, run into the rift, and it will take you right there.


10. Roller Disco Prop Hunt 

Roller Disco Prop Hunt, Fortnite

Code: 3948-7015-9316

Roller Disco Prop Hunt transports you back to the 1980s, where you can hide from the hunters by disguising yourself as one of a variety of arcade and roller disco artifacts. The discovery tabs in-game used to feature this map, so you know it's good. Even though the gameplay is very typical and follows the pattern of most prop hunt maps, the atmosphere is fun for people who enjoy feeling nostalgic!

Why Is the Roller Disco Prop Hunt Map Great?

  • Nostalgic map
  • Enjoyable atmosphere 
  • Roller Disco Prop Hunt transports you back to the 1980s


9. Prop Hunt: Modern Mall

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall, Fortnite

Code: 1679-1165-5282

This is a well-liked map that has been updated from time to time. Epic featured it at one point, which gave it a surge in popularity because players liked it right away. Hunters face an additional obstacle due to the vast array of disguises available. Unlike other prop hunts, the hunters have unique powers that come in handy.

Why Prop Hunt: Modern Mall Map Is Great?

  • A well-liked map
  • It has epic features.
  • The hunters have their own unique set of powers that come in handy.


8. Laser Tag Prop Hunt 

Laser Tag Prop Hunt, Fortnite

Code: 9933-9770-9493

One of the best maps in the game at the time, and with good reason. Aside from some similarities to the arcade, it stands out because of its visually appealing sections and new innovative features. There is not only a fantastic-looking lobby but there is also an actual laser tag area, which you would recognise if you've ever played laser tag. It's an excellent portrayal of the game! Overall, if you enjoy prop hunt, this is a great map to play.

Why Is Laser Tag Prop Hunt Map Great?

  • One of the best map
  • Use of new innovative features
  • An excellent portrayal of the game


7. Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt

Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt, Fortnite

Code: 0139-3586-5803

Look no further than this indoor water park prop hunt as an excellent way to kill some time with pals or queue up an intriguing theme map! To top it all off, the map is decorated to look like a water park, complete with a massive pool and numerous slides. Getting ready for the water is even easier because there is a locker area to change your clothing!

Why Is Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt Map Is Great?

  • An intriguing theme map
  • The map is decorated to look like a water park.
  • There is a locker area where you can change your clothing.


6. The Yacht Prop Hunt

The Yacht Prop Hunt, Fortnite

Code: 7257-6466-2198

When was the last time your family and friends had the chance to spend time on the water on a luxurious yacht? Instead of being a passenger, you're pretending to be someone else and hoping that you won't be discovered. Your oyster has been opened to a world of possibilities.

Why Is the Yacht Prop Hunt Map Great?

  • Watery theme
  • A world of possibilities.
  • The ocean on a massive yacht


5. Shop til You Prop

Shop til You Prop, Fortnite

Code: 0880-3740-6109

The objective here is to run around a mall that amusingly resembles Retail Row. Encounter a range of shops, each with its own unique set of characters and props that players can craft. The hunter has their job cut out for them because so many things might be used as props!

Why Shop til You Prop Map Is Great?

  • Shopping mall theme 
  • Variety of shops
  • There are so many things that might be used as props.


4. City Park Prop Hunt

City Park Prop Hunt, Fortnite

Code: 8312-0054-3731

You're in the middle of a bustling metropolis, surrounded by stunning scenery and visuals. On the inside, there's a massive park with a tonne of cool spots to shoot in! So, if you are or were a city kid, this may bring back memories.

Why Is the City Park Prop Hunt Map Great?

  • Stunning scenery and visuals
  • A massive park with a tonne of cool spots to shoot in
  • May bring back memories.


3. Tidal Wave Prop Hunt

Tidal Wave Prop Hunt, Fortnite

 Code: 8312-0054-3731

Bring in the summer with this excellent prop hunt map that will have you scurrying around the beach and huts, looking for clues. What makes this map stand out is that a tidal wave will periodically sweep across and move players around during your time playing on it! If you're looking for a fun and challenging map, this one's for you.

Why is the Tidal Wave Prop Hunt Map Great?

  • Includes the beach and huts
  • A tidal wave will periodically sweep across
  • A fun and challenging map


2. Battle Pass Prop Hunt

Battle Pass Prop Hunt, Fortnite

Code: 9565-6442-7019

There's a great combat pass exploration section in Chapter 2: Season 2 of the game. This has an area for skins, challenges, and awards, as well as a secret spot for Deadpool. This map of the prop search recreates the entire region and allows you to disguise yourself as some of the props used there. It's a good choice if you're searching for a more intimate setting to battle on.

Why Is the Battle Pass Prop Hunt Map Great?

  • Has a section for skins, challenges, and awards
  • A secret spot for Deadpool
  • Allows you to disguise yourself as some of the props


1. Western World

Western World, Fortnite

Code: 3541-6722-7262

The desert-themed map Western World is a favorite among Fortnite gamers. Since there is so much terrain, there are numerous objects spread across the region that players can hide.

Why Western World Map Great?

  • In the desert-themed map,
  • Numerous objects are spread across the region that players can hide.
  • A favorite among Fortnite gamers


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