[Top 10] Best Fortnite Weapons to Use

Best Fortnite Weapons
Best Guns on the Fortnite Map, lets get em!

Ready for more Victory Crowns? Lead your team to the #1 spot and rule the battlefield! Let's get that head glowing with a list of the best weapons Fortnite has to offer.

10.  Infiltrator Pump Shotgun

A newer pump shotgun in fortnite, the Infiltrator Pump Shotgun has already made a name for itself. Always be ready with this gun. Close combat or off to the side of the battle, keep your enemies on their toes with this versatile weapon.

I wanna know I have something that will be useful in a build battle or open fire fights. This is that gun. Quick fire rates, good range and high rates of damage make this one of the best shotguns to grab. In my opinion its mobility, quickness and overall aesthetic make it a fun and useful gun to have in your loadout.

What makes the Infiltrator Pump Shotgun great:

  • It doesn't even feel like a pump shotgun with a fire rate of 1.2; this is an accelerated rate of fire from past in-game shotguns. I wanna knock enemies down as fast as possible, especially when playing in teams. The fire rate on this gun makes that an easy goal.
  • Dealing a lot of damage is definitely important in this game. The Infiltrator Pump Shotgun deals 91.8 damage per second! When I have a downed teammate and need to get to them I wanna do it fast. Keeping this in my loadout helps me get them up when they're feeling down.
  • No one wants to get caught with their pants down in a battle, or reloading. This shotgun has a magazine size of 6. I know, I know, it's not a lot but it's decent for a shotgun and gets the job done when you throw all the other stats in the mix also.

How to get the Infiltrator Pump Shotgun:

If you want to make sure you have this gun in your loadout the best way to do it is by landing NW of Relentless Retreat at the Shore Shack. Once there you’re going to find Fish Thicc and talk to him. He will offer to sell you a rare version of this weapon. If you’d rather take your chances, you can also find this weapon around the map as ground loot or in chests.

9. Scoped Burst SMG

Don’t wanna be in people’s faces but still wanna get the job done? Grab yourself a scoped burst SMG when you hit the ground. With burst action, it's more accurate and less spray. Definitely a good thing when trying not to die.

Sometimes I don't wanna run headfirst into battle but I still wanna be close enough to see everything going on. This SMG makes that easy with a clear and accurate dot sight scope. Shooting in bursts keeps my targets in my sights so I don't have to keep finding them.

What makes the Scoped Burst SMG great:

  • Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy. Short, simple and to the point. Other SMGs spray all over the place making it hard to hit the target. They've fixed that by adding a burst SMG with a 3.3 vertical recoil and 0.25 horizontal recoil, making it much easier to stay on target.
  • It has a reload rate of 2.6 seconds which means less time jumping around like a monkey for your character. It gives you more time in the battle which means more chances of downing your opponent.
  • The fire rate of this gun is 11.43 making it quick to play with. Being quick is good in any game. Having a reliable, fast and accurate gun can be a game changer.

How to get the Scoped Burst SMG:

This gun can be found as ground loot, in chests and in heist bags. Of these, heist bags are the most likely to drop this weapon. If you want to make sure you have it, you can buy this item from Piper Pace at the North end of Slappy Shores. Another sure way to get this gun is to head over to Eclipsed Estate, head to the basement and defeat Throne. He will drop a Mythic version of this weapon along with other high-end items.

8. Thermal DMR

This is a long-range marksman rifle that makes headshots a breeze. For people who sometimes have a harder time seeing the enemy this is a great gun to have in your loadout. With a changeable scope you’ll be able to choose how you play with it.

Stealth is always a good option to have in any game. The Thermal DMR gives you exactly that option. Its thermal scope makes it a great tool for finding the enemy before you run in blind. This gun lets me see where they are, giving me the tool and a plan to win.

What makes the Thermal DMR great:

  • The scope on this gun is able to be toggled from thermal to regular scope view. Use your thermal option when looking for enemies or in thick areas like jungles. In an open area where thermal isn't needed, switch over to your regular scope and rule the field. This gun gives you options.
  • It has a semi-automatic firing style. You don’t have to leave scope view for 5 shots, unlike other marksman rifles in Fortnite where for every shot you have to reload. This gun will give you more power over keeping targets in sight.
  • Being a marksman rifle this gun will give you long range accurate shots. No matter where I am I know I’ll be able to land a shot when I’m holding this gun, making the headshot I’m looking for even easier.

How to get the Thermal DMR:

You can find this weapon in different rarities as regular ground loot, in chest, in heist bags, and basically anywhere there is loot to be found. To be sure you will have it land at Sanguine Suites and defeat Diamond Dealer. He will be waiting for you in the underground area of this POI. Once eliminated he will drop a mythic version of this weapon.

7. Suppressed Pistol

Wanna make sure you’re protected without drawing the attention of everyone around you? You can easily do that with this unvaulted pistol. It has an automatic firing style and a suppressor! Sneak around or open fire, it won’t matter which you decide with this quick and quiet gun.

I know I definitely don’t wanna miss the chance to get a kill and make it to #1, so I’m sure you don’t either. Go ahead and take out the person running across your path with this silenced yet effective gun. I love having a sure-fire way to down the enemy without calling someone to shoot me in the back.

What makes the Suppressed Pistol great:

  • The suppressor on this gun makes it so your gun fire isn’t gonna show up on map or be heard from longer range. Noone wants to give away their location. This gun is perfect for downing people without being found or giving away your plan.
  • With this gun you’re going to get first shot accuracy. That gives me the ability to keep doing damage at longer ranges. I’m not gonna have to fumble to switch weapons, this one pistol will get the job done.
  • Having a suppressor is also going to give you a tighter bullet spread. I don’t have to worry about my bullets jumping around like ping pong balls. I can fire and know this gun is going to be on-target for me.

How to get the Suppressed Pistol:

They can be found as ground loot, in chests, heist bags and sometimes in a vending machine placed in random areas around the map. Unfortunately, there is no definite place to go to get one of these pistols.

6. Rocket Ram

This high-powered rocket type weapon has been kinda controversial in the Fortnite community. However, no one can argue about its power, damage and the all-around blast you have with this gun, literally.

Sometimes I find myself in a sticky situation and I need a quick way out.  The rocket ram is the perfect tool for that. Aim, pull the trigger and fire off into the distance with your Rocket Ram. Walls and buildings in your way? It doesn't matter because this rocket will blast right through them causing no damage to you.

What makes the Rocket Ram great:

  • You don’t have to find any ammo for this weapon! This gun will regenerate its shot every 25 seconds. You never wanna be fighting for your life and run out of ammo. This rocket gun is gonna make sure that doesn't happen and you’re always ready.
  • It will shoot you a pretty far distance when using it. This makes it great to use for when you're running from the never-ending storm. Don’t worry about getting caught in the rain when you have this in your loadout.
  • This Rocket Ram will destroy all structures around it. Caught in a build battle and tired of chasing them? Pull out this gun and destroy the whole build and the enemy.

How to get the Rocket Ram:

This gun can be found as ground loot, in chests and in heist bags. Of these, heist bags are most likely to give you this awesome weapon.

5. Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle

This season has given us some awesome suppressed gun choices and this is one of the best. An assault rifle is so good to have in your loadout. It features a suppressor which means not only is it an assault rifle, it’s a quiet one! This gun is gonna have your back no matter what.

I know I love having an assault rifle in my loadout, you probably do too. This rifle gives you a suppressed shot without losing a crazy amount of damage points. It’s going to keep you in the game for the long hall. Knock 'em out and move on before anyone even knows you’re there.

What makes the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle great:

  • This gun is going to hit what you want. The accuracy of this gun is amazing. For a gun with no scope, it makes aiming and hitting the target a breeze. Don’t even worry about wasted ammo, you’re gonna hit the enemy.
  • Featuring a suppressor is an awesome quality for this gun. You’re going to be able to fire without alerting anyone around you. So, open up fire with a powerful and quiet shot.
  • This gun has power. It will deal a DPS (damage per second) of 126 and just go up from there with rarity. You’re not trading any power for the other qualities of this gun and it’s fantastic.

How to get the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle:

This gun can be found as ground loot, in chests, in heist bags and in holo chests (you will need a key for this chest). A mythic version of this weapon can also be obtained by defeating a Highcard Noss. These NPCs spawn after the first storm circle appears. They can be found at Brutal Bastion, Mega City and Shattered Slabs.

4. Suppressed Sniper Rifle

When you’re using a sniper rifle one of the things you definitely want is to be quiet. This rifle is gonna do that and so much more! It packs power and accuracy into a suppressed weapon that will protect your team no matter where you are.

I always enjoy having a good sniper in my loadout. It keeps me prepared for anything I see no matter how far away. I also know that I will still be able to have my teams back even when I’m away from them. This powerful sniper rifle is going to do the work for me.

What makes the Suppressed Sniper Rifle great:

  • With the type of chamber this gun has it’s going to automatically reload for you. Yup that’s right! This gun will reload after your shot is fired without you having to push anything! This is going to keep a bullet in your chamber and you on the move no matter what.
  • Landing a headshot with this gun will down a fully shielded enemy. Running along and you see someone looting across the field? Aim for the head and get a kill under your belt. With the great aim on this gun, you’re gonna get that down no problem.
  • The scope on this rifle is built for any distance. It doesn't matter how far away your target is! This rifle is going to be reliable no matter what. If you can see them then it can hit them! Just pull up your high-powered scope and let the gun do the rest of the work.

How to get the Suppressed Sniper Rifle:

You can find this gun around the map as ground loot, in chests and in heist bags. Sometimes a downed henchmen (the enemy NPCs at certain POIs) will also drop one of these rifles.

3. Sharp Tooth Shotgun

This shotgun definitely brings the boom with it. It’s become a popular favorite in the Fortnite world. With its smaller spread and better range than other pump shotguns, players are loving this awesome gun.

In dense areas of the map I want something that's going to help me. This is one of those weapons. The smaller spread on it is going to help me in the dense areas so much. That’s not it though, because it’s also great outside those dense areas. The range on this gun helps to keep it useful even in the open field.

What makes the Sharp Tooth Shotgun great:

  • With a well-aimed headshot you can eliminate a fully shielded enemy! What’s not great about having a shotgun in your loadout that can do that? The power it’s going to bring to your game is just gonna help carry you to the top.
  • If you prefer to aim from a distance this gun is still going to work for you. The fact that it has a smaller spread when shooting makes aiming from afar still an option. You’re not going to have to worry about your bullets missing because they spread too far from the target.
  • In this battle royale chances are you’re going to end up with someone in your bubble. This gun is going to be super useful in those close-range battles. The damage it’s going to bring you is going to protect you and your bubble.

How to get the Sharp Tooth Shotgun:

This gun can be found as ground loot, in heist bags, from holo chests (you will need a key for this chest), in fishing spots, by shooting down drones that fly around some POIs, and you can buy one using gold bars from some vending machines placed around the map.

2. Twin Mag Assault Rifle

Want an assault rifle that's for longer range, has better accuracy and a quick reload? This is the one you’re gonna want to pick up. It has a medium rate of fire so the scope isn’t bouncing around while you shoot. You’re gonna get more downs and be quick about it!

This gun is so awesome to have in my loadout. Its scope makes it an ever-better assault rifle in my opinion. It does good damage and I know I’ll be able to see the target clearly. It has a very reliable aim and with less recoil I have less wasted ammo.

What makes the Twin Mag Assault Rifle great:

  • With its twin mag clip this gun is going to work for you. It only takes 1.17 seconds to reload! It’s never a bad idea to have such a quick gun on hand. There are times I end up surrounded by enemies. When that happens I wanna know I’ll be able to keep shooting and quickly.
  • It’s fully automatic so you're not going to have to try and fire quickly. This gun has a medium fire rate. You’re going to get fast shots and hit the target. The gun won’t be bouncing around with this fire rate. You’re going to love shooting this one.
  • This gun deals 167.4 DPS (damage per second) and it just goes up from there with the different rarities of this gun. You’re going to be dealing heavy damage quickly. This gun will definitely help you get to those smaller circles.

How to get the Twin Mag Assault Rifle:

You will find this gun around the map as ground loot, in chests and in heist bags. The heist bags found around this season's POIs (Sanguine Suites, Eclipsed Estate, Relentless Retreat) are most likely to drop this item. To be certain you’re carrying this weapon you are going to need to talk to Nolan Chance. This NPC can be found in the bottom of the barn in the north end of Frenzy Fields. He will sell you a legendary version of this gun for 400 gold.

1. Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG

Looking for an awesome gun? Look no further than this SMG! You’re not only going to have a beast of a gun, but it comes with some amazing attributes. Be unstoppable and make it to that crown when you have this gun in your loadout.

This exotic gun is so fantastic to get my hands on. It keeps me moving and firing at all times. It gives me some great advantages that will help to make my team unstoppable. Not only will I always make it to circle with this gun but I’ll be taking that #1 spot for the win.

What makes the Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG great:

  • Holding this gun gives you slap effect. With this exotic SMG you're going to have unlimited stamina. No more getting caught in the storm or losing the enemy running from you. This effect is going to keep you moving and quickly.
  • Reloading while sprinting is now possible and with this gun you don’t even have to push anything! This gun will automatically reload while sprinting. No more being forced to slow down when you need to throw more bullets in your gun. Run at full speed and get a reload in so you’re always ready no matter what you run into.
  • This gun has the biggest magazine of all the weapons you can grab. It holds 33 bullets in its mag and when you do need to reload it’s going to be a quick second, literally. Yup only a 1 second reload keeps your gun full and ready.

How to get the Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG:

You can find this gun from the exotic grab bag augment or in holo chest. This gun will take 2 keys to unlock its chest so make sure you have enough. Once you have your keys make your way to one of the lock symbols that show up on your map. Not all holo chest areas will have one of these but when you do find one simply walk up to the chest and put your keys in. This will cause the box to open and your gun will pop out along with some ammo for this gun.

There you have it. A list of the top 10 guns Fortnite has to offer on the map. So go grab yourself one of these sick weapons and get those victory crowns! See you on the battlefield.

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