3 Biggest Fornite Tournaments Coming in 2018

The only thing better than a Victory Royale is earning money for your Fortnite win!

With millions of gamers on the Fortnite Battle Royale train (or should we say battle bus), it’s no surprise that Fornite tournaments are on the rise. The game is also heading quickly towards the world or professional esports, with Team SoloMid recently announcing their formation of a Fortnite BR team for competitive play. Tournaments range from the most casual of players to the best pros in the game. Here’s a look at the 3 biggest Fornite tournaments coming in 2018 as well as what’s next for the game.

Major League Gaming, Ongoing
Touted as tournaments for the most hardcore players, Major League Gaming offers competitive PC play on an ongoing basis. The single elimination rounds can earn players up to $300 per win with a low entry fee. MLG charges 5 credits per player to join and 10 credits on the site, which is their lowest available amount to purchase, costs $7.50. While it doesn’t cost much per entry, keep in mind that your hard earned money could be gone within a matter of seconds when dropping in high traffic areas like Tilted Towers. MLG’s tournaments are currently offered for Solo and Duo players.

The ESports Hub, Ongoing
The ESports Hub offers players the chance to bet their way to the top with no fee wagers and ladder tournaments. Their 1v1 deathmatch tournaments award $100 to the winner while their 2v2 deathmatch tournaments award $200 to the winning team. Many tournaments require you to purchase credits in order to join but you can find several that don’t cost credits. The site does require you to sign up for an account before any competitive Fortnite play takes place. Looking to find out what their tournaments are like before joining? You can check out The ESports Hub’s Discord channel to connect with other competitive Fortnite players.

Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, June 2018
This year’s E3 will feature a major Fortnite tournament event that will have everyone glued to Twitch. 50 celebrities and 50 pro players will face off in the first ever Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am during the event in Los Angeles, which takes place June 12-14. In a recent announcement, Epic Games talked about one team rising to the top, so it looks to be a Duos or Squads based competition. The announcement from Epic and E3 comes on the heels of Drake and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins practically breaking the internet when they teamed up on Ninja’s Twitch stream, bringing in over 635,000 concurrent viewers. More details, including a complete list of competitors, should be revealed soon.


Though the majority of Fortnite tournaments are currently independently run , the introduction of official tiers of competitive play by Epic Games will undoubtedly have an immediate impact in the pro gaming world. Epic Games recently stated that they’ll soon have information about Fortnite Battle Royale’s first season of competitive play. The official announcement and details should be coming in the next few weeks.  

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