[Top 5] Fortnite Best Assault Rifles To Use (Ranked)

Check out these sweet new ARs

Fortnite Chapter 5 introduced us to a new set of Assault Rifles, with new names, stats, and ways to obtain them. Assault Rifles are best for medium-range to long-range combat. These guns use medium bullets, which can be found in abundance around the map. 

With the introduction of gun modifications, all of the ARs in this chapter are customizable like never before. Below is a ranking of Chapter 5’s Assault Rifle options, but keep in mind that you can adjust these to your personal play style.

5. Striker AR

Striker AR

Strike early with this assault rifle that also reminds us of our favorite SMGs. 

What we love about the Striker AR:

This is an AR with the soul of an SMG., The Striker AR leads with its fire rate. One thing we’re sad about is how the Striker AR was essentially nerfed after an early update in Chapter 5, lowering its damage points. But, the Striker AR is still a solid pick for many players, especially if you’ve got a good hold on aiming and prefer a high fire rate. 

What the Striker AR Excels in:

  • Fire Rate: unbeatable fire rate at 8.1, which is significantly higher than the Nemesis
  • Availability: you can get a Striker AR in your inventory very easily at the start of a match
  • Damage Per Second: who doesn’t love dealing more damage in less time? 

Striker AR Stats:

  • DPS: 186.3 (common) - 194.4 (legendary)
  • Damage: 23 (common) - 28 (legendary)
  • Magazine Size: 25
  • Fire Rate: 8.1
  • Reload Time: 3.52s (common) - 2.88s (legendary)
  • Structure Damage: 23 (common) - 28 (legendary)


4. Nemesis AR

Nemesis AR

 The Nemesis AR is a staple for your inventory.

What we love about the Nemesis AR:

The Nemesis AR is an easy-to-obtain AR that can act as a temporary sniper as you build your arsenal early in the match. This fully automatic weapon is helpful when it comes to aiming and hitting accuracy. Especially if you’re looking to get hits from a distance, you’ll love having this gun available to you. 

What the Nemesis AR Excels in:

  • Availability: you can find this gun literally anywhere you land on the map
  • Magazine Size: larger mag size than the Striker AR 
  • Scope: when you add a scope, this AR does extremely well
  • Reload Time: offers a significantly faster reload time than the Striker AR

Nemesis AR Stats:

  • DPS: 145 (common) - 175 (legendary)
  • Damage: 29 (common) - 35 (legendary)
  • Magazine Size: 28
  • Fire Rate: 5
  • Reload Time: 2.75s (common) - 2.25s (legendary)
  • Structure Damage: 29 (common) - 35 (legendary)


3. Enforcer AR

Enforcer AR

Bet you didn't know this gun existed, hmm?

What we love about the Enforcer AR:

Not many people are aware of the Enforcer AR, which you can use to your advantage. It has a possibility of dropping when you defeat Vengeance Jones at the Underground HQ. The good thing is that Jones is friendly until provoked, so once you reach him you can gather up all the resources around him making for an easy, stacked battle. The weapon itself is the best of both the Nemesis and the Striker ARs. When you get the Enforcer AR from Jonesy, it’s equipped with the Holo-13 Optic scope and speed mag mods. 

What the Enforcer AR Excels in:

  • Reload Time: offers the fastest reload time compared to the Nemesis and Striker
  • Damage: this gun packs a punch with high damage to players and structures
  • Rare: the Enforcer AR is not readily available as the other common ARs, but seeking it out makes it well worth it given its stats and gives you an edge over your opponents

Enforcer AR Stats (currently only Rare available in game):

  • DPS: 138.25
  • Damage: 35
  • Magazine Size: 25
  • Fire Rate: 3.95
  • Reload Time: 2.2s


2. Montague’s Enforcer AR (Mythic)

Montague's Enforcer AR

You can earn this gun by defeating Montague at Grand Glacier. 

What we love about Montague’s Enforcer AR:

A guaranteed way to get an insane Enforcer AR is by defeating Montague, a boss located at Grand Glacier. Even though Montague’s AR carries the “Enforcer” title, it’s actually intended to align more with the Nemesis’s stats. As Chapter 5 grows on us, the Nemesis and its mythic counterpart- Montague’s Enforcer AR have won favor in the hearts of many players.  

What Montague’s Enforcer AR Excels in:

  • Magazine Size: this AR has an impressive 40-bullet mag size
  • Rarity: if you get your hands on this mythic AR, you’ll be the only one with it, giving you a huge advantage
  • Reload Time: the fastest magazine reload compared to any other AR this season

Montague’s Enforcer AR Stats:

  • DPS: 158
  • Damage: 40
  • Fire Rate: 3.95
  • Magazine Size: 35    
  • Reload Time: 1.87s


1. Nisha’s Striker AR (Mythic)

Nisha's Striker AR

Nisha's Striker AR drops when you defeat her at Fencing Fields.

What we love about Nisha’s Striker AR:

Can’t get enough of the Striker AR? Well, let me introduce you to Nisha– the boss you face at Fencing Fields. Once defeated, she drops a mythic Striker. Nisha’s Striker AR is already outfitted with mods that will give you crazy DPS. Plus, it’s everything you love about the Striker AR, but with even better stats, which you’ll want considering a recent update nerfed some of the Striker AR’s damage stats. Even still, you can’t beat the lightning-fast fire rate and lowered reload time. 

What Nisha’s Striker AR Excels in:

  • Damage Per Second: highest available DPS from an assault rifle in Chapter 5, Season 1
  • Rarity: if you get your hands on this mythic AR, you’ll be the only one with it, giving you a huge advantage
  • Hip fire: Nisha’s Striker AR has fantastic hip fire accuracy so quickly finishing off your opponents when paired with the right shotgun companion
  • Location: Fencing Fields is located further into the map and is often right along the path of the battle bus, which means you can easily drop down to retrieve it very early in the game

Nisha’s Striker AR Stats:

  • DPS: 234.9
  • Damage: 29
  • Magazine Size: 25
  • Fire Rate: 8.1
  • Reload Time: 2.72s
  • Structure Damage: 29


Now, if I were you, I’d be making plans to visit Jonesy at the underground HQ and then hitting up Nisha and Montague. Here’s to Chapter 5’s Assault Rifles!


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