[Top 15] Fortnite Best Creative Maps That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

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Here you have the best creative maps in Fortnite.

[Top 15] Fortnite Best Creative Maps That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Sometimes, you can get burnt out from battle royale. Either by getting easy wins or getting demolished from every player you see. You just don’t feel like dropping from the battle bus again and want to just chill but still play the game.

In this situation, you load up creative. Now you’re in creative but don’t know what map to load up to have a fun, chill time. So, to help you, I’ll be listing down a list of creative maps that are fun to play and just relax in.


15. RED VS BLUE SLIP 'N' SLIDE! (4716-0772-8835)

Map gameplay

This map has two teams of sixteen against each other, fighting till death. The arena is filled and covered by water, which makes this map stand out. You can even move on sharks in the water and land on your enemies unexpectedly, making it just that fun.

Why Red vs Blue Slip 'N' Slide is fun:

  • Action-packed gameplay with constant fighting.
  • Good gold collecting and base upgrading system.
  • Cool ways for mobility due to availability of water.
  • Fun multiplayer game to play with friends.


14. FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 3 (5069-7974-5191)

Map gameplay

If you like horror games, youmust have played the classic, Five Nights at Freddy’s.  This game was recreated in the Fortnite universe and still has its charm, even though it’s a different game. You’d love to get spooked while getting through this game.

Why Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is fun:

  • Fun horror game.
  • Great re-visit for players who have played the original.
  • Good jumpscare mechanics.


13. SUBWAY ESCAPE 2 (HORROR) (7663-2862-3636)

Map gameplay

This game is such a good combination of horror, and escape paired up with a mystery. You need to get through ten different spooky levels filled with jump scares to work your way out. And if you’re too scared to do this alone, you can even play this map with your friend.

Why Subway Escape 2 is fun:

  • A great horror mystery with 10 levels.
  • Good jump scare timing.
  • Can play with a friend.


12. CARNIVAL PROP HUNT (3119-6798-1923)

Map gameplay

This is a map based on a carnival, as the name suggests. It is a fun prop hunt game that you can play with your friends or random players, to see who is the best at hiding and seeking.

Why Carnival Prop Hunt is fun:

  • Fun hide and seek game.
  • Can be played competitively or casually.
  • Jolly carnival theme.
  • Can play with friends and enjoy ourselves together.


11. THE BACKROOMS (4284 - 8758 - 1462)

Map gameplay 

The backrooms, which you must’ve heard of, is an urban legend of an endless maze in the face of an office department. It was re-made in Fortnite to show how a mundane office floor, could be so scary if you were being followed by someone in such a simple environment.  Enjoy the scares, as this map is said to be one of the scariest maps in Fortnite.

Why The Backrooms is fun:

  • One of the scariest maps in Fortnite.
  • Well-timed jump scares.
  • Fun for horror lovers.


10. SPLAT! (FORTNITE SPLEEF) (2118-6405-0869)

Map gameplay

This is a really fun map with up to 16 players to play at a time. The goal is to make your opponents fall through several platforms, by breaking the floor their standing on.

Why Splat (Fortnite Spleef) is fun:

  • Competitive game with the goal to eliminate all your opponents.
  • A fun way to eliminate others by breaking their floors.
  • Multiplayer so you can play with your friends.


9. FORMULA 1 GRANX PRIX (3475-0153-7922)

Map gameplay

If you enjoy car racing video games, you’ll definitely love this map. This map has a formula 1 type of track, where you can race your cars against other players.

Why Formula 1 Granx Prix is fun:

  • Accurate re-enactment of the real formula 1 race tracks.
  • Fun to play competitively.
  • Can be played with friends in multiplayer.


8. TOY STORY PROP HUNT (5530-6235-0681)

Map gameplay

This is a hide and seek prop hunt based on the movie “Toy Story”. This map was beautifully created as it’s very similar to the real room in the movie. If you are a Disney fan and have watched the movie, you’ll have a blast on this map.

Why Toy Story Prop Hunt is fun:

  • Remade after the famous Disney movie “Toy Story”.
  • Good places to hide with the toys.
  • Multiplayer fun with friends.


7. EXTREME DROPPER (3949-8901-9626)

Map gameplay

If you like sky diving, you’ll like this map even more. You need to free fall in this map through obstacles placed mid-air. You can’t even touch any object on the way down; got to dodge them all.

Why Extreme Dropper is fun:

  • Reaching the bottom is very hard so it feels rewarding.
  • Difficult but in a fun way.
  • Cool concept of free-falling.


6. POPPY PLAYTIME CHAPTER 2 (8750-4231-5841)

Map gameplay

The famous trending horror game has been re-made in Fortnite, finally. This map has a fun horror vibe to it, with good mini-games and jump scare mechanics.

Why Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is fun:

  • Good mini-games.
  • Fun levels.
  • A cool remake with fun gameplay.


5. FORTOPHOBIA (2108-2091-0547)

Map gameplay

This map consists of a cool haunted house, the idea taken from the original game, “Phasmophobia”. You need to complete fun objectives to progress but need to look out for the ghosts wandering the house.

Why Fortophobia is fun:

  • Objective-based gameplay.
  • Spooky house in which you need to deal with ghosts.
  • Can play with friends, up to 4 players can play at a time.


4. SPY WITHIN (AMIDST US) (0288-3600-7090)

Map gameplay

This map was featured as a game mode in Fortnite which says a lot about how good the game mode is. This creative map is a remake of the very popular game “Among Us”. It has been executed in a very accurate way as the gameplay is very similar to the original game. Best game to play with friends.

Why Spy Within (Amidst Us) is fun:

  • Really fun multiplayer game to play with friends.
  • Deceit-based game.
  • Even new players can play this.


3. "FALL GUYS" - ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT (3958-4575-1075)

Map gameplay

Going against 15 other players to reach the end first is the goal of this game. This map is a remake of the hyped party royale game, “Fall Guys”. This map has many fun mini-games, through which you need to survive and lead to be crowned.

Why "Fall Guys" – Ultimate Knockout is fun:

  • Really fun mini-games.
  • Competitive survival gameplay.
  • Fun multiplayer madness with friends.


2. ROCLOUD LEAGUE (3690-3156-7805)

Map gameplay

The famous “play soccer but with cars” game, “Rocket League” is now in Fortnite. This insanely fun game mode was added with the new cars in Fortnite that move faster and smoother; adding fluidity to the game mode. This makes it more enjoyable to play.

Why Rocloud League is fun:

  • Wacky soccer gameplay with cars.
  • Fun concept.
  • Multiplayer to play with friends.


1. ROYAL RACEWAY CUP - FORTNITE KART 64 (7340-1511-8471)

Map gameplay

This is a recreation of the OG game, loved by all, the original Mario Kart 64. It has the famous Royal Raceway. The old game concept paired up with the new mechanics of Fortnite is like the cherry on the cake.

Why Royal Raceway Cup - Fortnite Kart 64 is fun:

  • Fun racing concept.
  • Fast gameplay.
  • Competitiveness is present in the races.
  • Fluid gameplay.
  • Great to play with friends.


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