[Top 15] Fortnite Best Creative Maps We Love!

Fortnite Best Creative Maps
The sky is the limit.

15. “Fall Guys” Ultimate Knockout (3958-4575-1075)

Map Gameplay

This map is a great recreation of Fall Guys in Fortnite! Play all of your favorite challenges from Fall guys! This is a great map to just hop in with your friends and change it up from the normal Fortnite gameplay. 

What makes this map fun:

  • Fast-paced obstacles
  • Able to play with your friends
  • Changes up the usual Fortnite gameplay

14. Blood Gulch (9677-6974-5646)

Map Gameplay

On this map, two teams of six battle it out in a game of capture the flag in a remake of the classic Halo multiplayer map Blood Gulch. This is a great map, and it’s even better if you purchased the Master Chief skin from the item shop so you can get the full Halo experience.

Why this creative map is great:

  • Small and simple map design
  • Capture the flag mode which differs from normal gameplay
  • A great team base mode to play with friends

13. Fortophobia (2108-2091-0547)

Map gameplay

A spooky creative map! In this one, you’ll be hunting ghosts and collecting evidence. Play with up to 4 people to try and catch the ghost but be careful because if you get caught, you lose. Be sure to grab some friends and a blanket for this spooky map!

Why this is a great map:

  • Scary atmosphere 
  • Ghost hunting
  • Paranormal activity

12. Jduth 100 Level Default Deathrun (2359-35574-9339)

Map gameplay

A classic deathrun map. Keep trying over and over and over until you reach the end! This map is a great way to compete with your friends to see who can get the furthest. And if you think you’re good enough, try to beat the world record!

What makes this map so fun:

  • A great movement challenge
  • Compete with friends
  • Set a high score and try to get as high as you can

11. Infinite Flappy Bird (8991-7322-6083)

Map gameplay

It’s flappy bird in fortnite, go for a high score! Enough said!

Why this is a great map:

  • Infinite playability
  • Challenge friends to see if you can beat each others scores

10. Werewolf’s Manor | Prop Hunt (6384-7950-7690)

Map gameplay

A great map for the classic prop hunt game mode. Hide, run and seek through a haunted manor. This is great fun with friends and random players alike!

Why this is a fun map:

  • Hiding from seekers can get intense
  • Look for clever hiding spots to outsmart seekers
  • Finding all props as a seeker gives a sense of accomplishment

9. Spy Within: Gilded Galaxy (1234-7612-3264)

Map gameplay

This map is more or less Among Us in fortnite. This is a fun party map and you get to work together with other players to figure out who’s the odd one out! Complete tasks or kill other players if you're an imposter. If the imposters kill all players it’s game over! 

Why this is such a fun map:

  • Working together gets you the win
  • Being an imposter is fun to hide
  • Completing tasks is entertaining 

8. Royal Raceway Cup - Fortnite cup 64 (7340-1511-8471)

Map gameplay

This map is a recreation of the original Royal Raceway from Mario Kart 64! Race against other players while drifting, boosting, collecting items and trying to come in first place! Fun with random players and with friends alike.

Why this is a great map:

  • High speed fun
  • Items shake up how each race plays out
  • Race against your friends

7. Shipment: Gun Game (4804-9489-3873)

Map gameplay

The classic shipment map from Call of Duty, we all love it and we all hate it. It retains the original fast paced design and brings that breakneck speed into Fortnite. Go for a 100 kill game or maybe end up with 100 deaths instead.

What makes this such a fun map:

  • Fast paced combat
  • Potential to rack up lots of kills
  • Team up with friends to dominate other players

6. Golden Gate Bridge - Zone Rush (9312-1947-3701)

Map gameplay

This map offers long range sights for sniping but constantly forces you to move up because of the storm always closing in behind you. Because of this constant storm threat, you have to be precise and calculate your every move if you want to win.

This map is fun because:

  • The storm creates a sense of urgency so matches are intense
  • Hitting those long range snips are satisfying
  • Great practice for on the move shooting and learning how to rush players

5. Grapplerman (0787-5770-1561)

Map gameplay

The best way to describe this map is by saying you’re Spider-Man but with guns in a free for all  up against 5 other players. If that doesn’t sound like a blast to you then I don’t know what will. You have a good chunk of a city to swing around and get to other vantage points to try and take out other players. Be careful you don’t get dropped on by another player swinging above you!

Why this is a fun map:

  • Unique way of playing by swinging and shooting
  • Swing is a blast to do through the cityscape
  • There’s nothing like grappling up to a building and taking out other players

4.  Dead Spaceship Nightmare (0553-9226-6091)


This is another horror map but this time, you’re going at it alone. Complete with jumpscares and even 3 different endings, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and on edge while you play this map.

What makes this map fun:

  • Jumpscares catch you off guard
  • 3 different endings to try and get
  • Intense atmosphere

3. Temple Run (9193-7637-8040)

Map gameplay

This puts the mobile game temple run into Fortnite. This is another one of those maps you could just play over and over again. Run, collect coins and dodge obstacles! If you get caught it’s okay, you can just start right over again. 

Why this map is super fun:

  • Never gets old
  • Get better the more you keep playing
  • Able to start at 1000m or even 2500m to get a head start

2. Star Wars The Last Remnants (7809-4036-4587)


This map is a must play for any Star Wars fan. It takes place in a star destroyer and there are a series of tasks you need to complete. This map is super detailed and a decent length so it’s sure to keep you entertained for a good amount of time. Wear a Star Wars skin for full immersion!

What makes this map so fun:

  • Fun tasks to complete
  • Amazing details throughout
  • Fun for everyone, not only Star Wars fans!

1. Mars Tycoon (6855-5160-9915)

Map gameplay

This is one of the most unique maps in Fortnite creative mode. Build your own base on Mars and make money so you can keep upgrading it. This is a really great map to play with friends to see who can make the biggest base the fastest!

Why this map is fun:

  • Upgradable base parts
  • Compete with other players to make your base bigger than everyone’s
  • Unique space setting gives a nice view to a new area


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