[Top 10] Fortnite Best Parkour Codes You’ll Love (Fortnite Best Parkour Maps)

Fortnite Best Parkour Codes
Ready for the challenge ahead!

Parkour maps are great because they test your agility and reflexes. On top of that, it’s fun to be acrobatic and jump around for a while! Now a disclaimer: most parkour maps are also deathruns! Here’s is a list of the 10 best parkour maps in Fortnite.


10. Easy Parkour __+_ Easy Deathrun - 50 LVL (2323-7333-1033)



Map gameplay


This is a great beginner start if it’s your first time doing a parkour map. Not too hard and not too challenging, take this map to learn in ins and outs of parkour in Fortnite


Why this map is great:


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Fairly easy
  • Not too long so it’s fast and easy!


9. Muddy Mire: Deathrun (6068-0045-2110)


Map gameplay


This map ups the difficulty just a bit and requires you to have good control of your character!


Why this map is great:


  • A good jump in difficulty, challenging you a little more
  • Still great fun
  • A good length map


8. 50 Level Race (0167-9187-0380)



Map gameplay


This map is a little more intense as it’s not only a parkour/deathrun but it’s also a race! Put your skills to the test against random players and friends alike!


Why this is a great map:


  • Race against friends to see who can finish first
  • Challenge yourself to see how fast you can complete this map
  • Possibly set a record like this video above!


7. Spidermans Default Deathrun (6681-6634-9010)



Map gameplay


This is a unique map as it tries to replicate the feeling of being Spider-Man! Swing through tight areas, leap across gaps, and land on very small platforms!


Why this map is awesome:


  • Spider-Man themed!
  • It can be hard landing on the small platforms but practice makes perfect
  • Have fun pretending to be Spider-Man in Fortnite!


6. Test Center (8981-2966-6727)



Map gameplay


This is one of those “500 IQ” kinds of maps that really make you think about how to progress and that makes this level all the more fun!


What makes this a great map:


  • Unique ways to get to the next level
  • Always keeps you guessing
  • You’ll feel so smart after you complete this one!


5. Summer Splash - Deathrun Race (3958-2152-5837)



Map gameplay


This map is a nice change of scenery and is reminiscent of the show Wipeout if you’ve ever seen that! It’s very fun to do this map over and over again!


Why this map is fun:


  • TV show obstacle course feeling
  • Nice and warm summer theme
  • Great replayability! 


4. The 50 Level Christmas Fun Run (9992-7696-1465)



Map gameplay


Here we have a great Christmas themed run! Jump across presents, climb up colored ice blocks, and a voyage through an ice castle!


What makes this a great map:


  • Christmas themed
  • Fun to play if you miss the holiday season!


3. 100 Level Default Deathrun Remastered! (8893-8753-3931)



Map gameplay


This map is just classic fun and maybe one of the most popular maps in Fortnite!


Why this map is great:


  • 100 levels to keep the fun going
  • Very well made, that’s why it’s so popular!
  • Fun to play through multiple times


2. Temple Run (5001-0003-6492)



Map gameplay


This map is based on the popular mobile game Temple Run! Try to get to the end without getting caught!


Why this is a great map:


  • Fast-paced parkour!
  • Run, jump, and slide your way to the end
  • See how fast you can complete this map!


1.Kwint’s Hard Parkour Jungle + Futuristic (0600-7540-4232)



Map gameplay!


This is a hard parkour map, use this to prove your skills and be the best parkour player out there!


Why this map is amazing:


  • Unique jungle and future mixed theme
  • A good challenge to prove your worth!
  • Up to 4 players so grab some friends to see who’s the best of all!




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