[Top 25] Fortnite Best Dances of All Time!

Fortnite Best Dances
Break it down!

25. Revel 

Dance in action

This is a simple dance that has you swaying your hips side to side and snapping your fingers. This is a great dance because it’s very simple and easy to replicate in real life!

24. Freemix

Dance in action

The freemix dance is great for any situation such as celebrating a win or even just waiting in the pregame lobby. This dance is great because it has good music and smooth moves to match.

23. Fanciful

Dance in action

This dance is elegant and short but looks great while performing it. On top of that, the moves flow together so nicely which makes it pleasant to watch.

22. You’re Awesome

Dance in action

This dance is a great way to call out other players to a dance battle or to celebrate when defeating another player, just to rub your win in their faces. This is a great dance because it’s short and it’s just awesome (as the name states) 

21. Get Funky

Dance in action

With fast moves, great music, and moves that get better as it goes on, the Get Funky dance is great to bust out for any reason.

20. Ribbon Dancer

Dance in action

This dance is elegant and beautiful. Get a group together and have a performance for other players and put them in awe. This is a more unique dance because it involves a prop, whereas most dances use just the body.

19. The Sprinkler

Dance in action

Just as it’s a classic in real life, it’s a classic in Fortnite as well. It’s great because you only repeat two moves over and over for as long as you please. 

18. Crazy Feet

Dance in action

This dance is reminiscent of someone playing the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, DDR for short. This is a great one because it’s fast and the lights shining with each step are a great touch.

17. Smeeze

Dance in action

It’s S-M-E-E-Z-E NOT S-N-E-E-Z-E! This is a newer dance having just been released on November 29th, 2020. It’s a more simple dance with just having your character hopping left and right pointing their arm out, but that's what makes this one so great.

16. Side Hustle

Dance in action

This is a great emote all around. The music is something reminiscent of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and the move itself has such a great flow. On top of that, your character looks like they’re really enjoying themselves doing this one!

15. Advanced Math

Dance in action

This emote could be considered educational, considering some of the Fortnite population is so young and that's why this is a great dance. And the music is also pretty great.

14. The Flow

Dance in action

This dance originated on the popular app Tik Tok and Epic Games deemed it worthy enough to add it as an emote in Fortnite. This one is great because the moves correlate with the words very well and it's catchy to listen to. This one will probably get stuck in your head!

13. Boneless

Dance in action

This one is super easy to perform in real life and the heavy music to accompany this dance just pulls it all together nicely, making this dance great.

12. Showstopper

Dance in action

Simple yet effective with an arm crossing and fist-bumping beat fitting perfectly into this dance. This is one of the greats!

11. Windmill Floss

Dance in action

Somehow Fortnite took the Floss dance and made it even better. It’s quick and it’s fun to do, especially after winning a game!

10. Pumpernickel

Dance in action

This is a great dance to get you hyped up. It feels like every move gets your blood pumping more and more. This is one you’re gonna want to use before you go into battle.

9. Never Gonna

Dance in action

This dance is never gonna give up and this dance will never let you down. Fun to use at any time and the popularity of this song makes this just a fantastic dance.

8. Billy Bounce

Dance in action

One of the most popular dances in Fortnite, the Billy Bounce is a classic and loved by all! This one is great because the dance and the music work in conjunction so well.

7. Last Forever

Dance in action

This dance is so great because it can be performed with other players and it will sync you up! Grab your best friend and get to moving together! 

6. Orange Justice

Dance in action

An absolute classic in Fortnite dances and from the earlier days of the game as well. This dance goes hard and gets you hyped up and that’s what makes it so great.

5. Intensity

Dance in action

What a fitting name for this dance. With music that builds up and explodes as your character follows with it, this is a great pregame dance to get the blood flowing.

4. Dance Therapy

Dance in action

Inspired by the movie Footloose, this is an uplifting and stress relieving dance to pull out after an intense game. It’s great because there’s such a variety of moves, and just listen to that music!

3. True Heart

Dance in action

This is a great dance because it’s so cheery and upbeat, it’s bound to put you in a great mood from watching it!

2. Fresh

Dance in action

Come on guys, it’s Carlton’s dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Do I need to say anymore?

1. Dance Moves

Best dance ever

You knew this was coming. The OG Fortnite dance. This is great because not only are the moves killer but you get this dance for FREE just by playing the game!


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