Top 15 Fortnite Best Emotes of 2020

Top 15 Fortnite Best Emotes of 2020
Fishy on me, fishy on me!

What are the best emotes Fortnite has revealed in the item shop?

While the main part of Fortnite is building and fighting, another element that adds fun is dancing. Characters can dance anytime they want including: lobby, loading island, before, during, and after fights. Here are the newest and best emotes of 2020.

15.  Call me

Call me dance

This emote is a simple gesture of looking toward another player and putting your hand up to your ear gesturing call me. This is the perfect emote when you find the E-girl or E-boy of your dreams or you simply want to flirt. 14.Coin flip 

14.Coin Flip 

Coin flip emote

With this emote your character pulls out a giant coin from hisback pocket and flips it into the air before placing it on his wrist and the coin’s face is revealed above his head. This emote is perfect when you need to make a decision between you and your teammate. Or you can use it as competition with another player and the winner gets an agreed upon reward.

13.  Droop

 droop dance

With this emote your character bends down low and shakes their body upwards like a worm while cool music plays in the background. This emote is perfect for after trick shot plays.

12.beep beep  

Beep Beep dance

This emote imitates pulling a ship horn down with your arm. This emote is great to use on a boat or helicopter.  

11. Breakneck

Breakneck dance

This dance is a throwback to breakdancing. Your character spins and twirls on the ground, all around in a dizzying display of impressive aerobics. This is your go-to emote for a dance off.

10. Paws and Claws

Paws and Claws dance

This dance and song is all for the crazy cat lovers out there. Your character prances and scratches as it dances to a song, warning players not to mess with this fierce cat. This emote is especially great with the Meowsicles skin.

9. Side Hustle

side hustle dance

Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The emote comes with a funky beat and side to side swing of the legs. Another great dance off emote to use.

 8. Springy

Springy dance

An energetic 360 spin, leg, and hand kick up. This dance is hype! Use it after a squad wipe with your teammates.

7. Hula Hoopin’

Remember when you were a kid or maybe you still are one? Regardless, everyone loves to hula hoop, or at least attempt to hula hoop. Well now you can Hula Hoop flawlessly on Fortnite for all your friends to see. Use this in the lobby to impress your friends.

6. Respect the peace

Respect the peace dance

Do you ever get tired of all the violence and killing on Fortnite. Well now you can throw it back to the 70s and flash that ole’ peace sign. Enemies will be sure to respect the peace...At least, that’s the hope.

5. Sharpshooter

 Sharpshooter dance

Do you ever hit a nasty 200 Meter+ headshot? Well when you do, be sure to let everyone know with the sharpshooter emote. Enemies will be sure to not peak their head next time you’re in the area. 

4.  Wavy T

Wavy T dance

This dance is all in the arms. If you got no hip rhythm then this is the perfect dance for you. Move those arms like a worm and entrance friend and foe alike.

3. Air Horn

Air Horn dance

Do you know what the most annoying sound is in the morning? That’s right. It’s anair horn. Sometimes you just have to wake everyone up and let them know you’re in the building. You’re something to be dealt with, not be taken lightly. Let  them know with the Fortnite Air Horn emote.

2. Backstroke

Do you ever watch the Olympics? Has your attention ever been captured by world class athletes doing perfect backstroke form in the water? Well now you can be one yourself with the backstroke emote. Let everyone know that you slice through enemies like a swimmer slicing through the water.

1. Baller

Harlem Globtrotter meets Fortnite. Spin the ball on your finger, go behind your shoulders, between the legs, and dazzle your enemies. They will be so confused they will be sure to be an easy kill.

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