[Top 10] Fortnite Best Adventure Maps

Fortnite Best Adventure Maps
Find out which creative maps you've been missing out on.

10. Tiny Toys

Image of the Map Tiny Toys on Fortnite's Creative Mode.

This map is great if you’re into Toy Story or just want a novelty gameplay experience in Fortnite. This map shrinks you down to toy size, creating a perfect scenario for a big (or tiny) adventures.


What's Great About Tiny Toys:

  • Great adventure gameplay for friends
  • Unique and creative game mode
  • An inspiring example of Fortnite’s Creative Mode capabilities 



Download Map: 9673-6880-8356


9. The Floor Is Lava

Is it hot in here, or is it just the floor?

The title itself is self-explanatory, but this map is a perfect pairing of a classic game concept alongside Fortnite’s built-in building mechanics. Outside of the map is a ton of fun; this a great map and game mode to practice your building skills on the fly.


What’s Great About The Floor Is Lava:

  • Perfect map for players that love to build
  • Fun and potentially challenging map
  • Good spot to practice building and editing to keep away from that lava


Download Map: 1201-1101-4279


8. Mega Wall Wars

Get ready for the showdown of the century in Mega Wall Wars.

This map is perfect for high-stakes adrenaline seekers. The map divides itself into eight sections with giant walls (surprising, eh?). As the player, you will have two minutes to gather every resource you can, and after those two minutes, the walls come tumbling down. Once those walls are down, it’s go time. With what you have gathered, it’s now a battle royale until there’s one player left standing.


What’s Great About Mega Wall Wars:

  • Exciting and fast-paced battle royale game mode
  • The unusual, exhilarating, and stripped-down version of classic Battle Royale
  • Simple and straightforward gunfights


Download Map: 4177-4290-4967


7. Super Smash Bros

A perfect Super Smash Bros. throwback created in Fortnite's Creative Mode.

The goal of this creative map is to recreate a classic Smash Bros stage to the best of Fortnite’s ability, and it doesn’t disappoint. The gameplay doesn’t perfectly mimic Smash Bros, but there is excellent detail in this creative map.


What’s Great About Super Smash Bros:

  • A nostalgic throwback to a classic Super Smash Bros fighting stage
  • Fun gravity settings that mimic the mechanics of Smash Bros
  • Very detailed and polished map


Download Map: 9784-9942-55-46


6. Working Phone

Sure, you can play on your phone any time. But how about playing on your phone WHILE playing Fortnite?

This novelty map is… well, a novelty. It’s a working phone within a map that you as the player can interact with, browse things, etc. While there’s not too much to do outside of play on the phone, the skill that made this novelty map is something to be appreciated.


What’s Great About Working Phone:

  • Incredible creative use and design of Fortnite’s innovative tools
  • Extraordinary novelty creation
  • Calm and laid back map


Download Map: 2977-8511-9806


5. ATV Race

Catch me if you can!

Chaotic, thrilling, and daring are all perfect adjectives to describe this creative map. The map is a vast and intricate race track. This map's creator used every possible mechanic to make this track as dangerous and fun as possible.


What’s Great About ATV Race:

  • Entertaining racing style game
  • Very different from Fortnite’s standard Battle Royale
  • Fun with friends or the option of time trials for single player


Download Map: 1330-3984-1519


4. Rainbow Road

It's no illusion, and yes, it is a dream come true: Rainbow Road recreated on Fortnite.

While this map is not as vibrantly colorful or smooth as the infamous Rainbow Road, this brilliantly designed map is a very inspiring nod to the fun race track on Super Mario Kart. Given creative tool mechanics at hand, turns can be dangerously sharp. However, some delightful surprises mimic the obstacles of Rainbow Road, making for an entertaining ride.


What’s Great About Rainbow Road:

  • A nostalgic nod to the Super Nintendo version of Rainbow Road
  • Very well designed
  • Fun gameplay and use of creative mechanics


Download Map: 2668-3299-3251


3. Lordly Labyrinth

Ever wanted to just disappear? The creator of Lordly Labyrinth has got your back.

You can tell when playing this map that some serious thought and planning went into this creative map. In simplicity, it’s a giant maze, a maze that’s well crafted and challenging. This map is excellent for playing hide-and-seek or even turning the heat up with an exciting maze deathmatch.


What’s Great About Lordly Labyrinth:

  • Great attention to visual detail and overall design of the map
  • The map can be played competitively or adventurously
  • A large and expansive map 


Download Code: 1991-9282-9857


2. Rollercoaster Escape

Hang on! It's about to get bumpy.

A great fusion of classic escape rooms and exciting rollercoasters, this map is a terrific way to be challenged physically and mentally. This airy take on an escape room theme is incredibly refreshing and fun.


What’s Great About Rollercoaster Escape:

  • Less claustrophobic feeling for an escape room style map
  • Very well designed map
  • Mentally and physically challenging


Download Code: 1036-8889-6703


1.Prison Break

Can you find your way out in one piece?

Incredibly fun with friends, this map places you in a prison that you must escape from by solving puzzles alongside your friends. The goal is to get outside, which may prove difficult in this expansive and tricky map.


What’s Great About Prison Break:

  • Impressive use of Fortnite’s creative mechanics
  • A fun labyrinth-style escape room game mode
  • Lots of fun solving puzzles with friends


Download Map: 0893-8977-9494

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