[Top 10] Fortnite Best Music Packs (And How To Get Them)

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If you don't know what to listen to in the lobby, you can rely on me.

You need these tunes in your lobby, trust me.

When you get boxed like a fish by a cracked 14-year-old and go back to the lobby, the waiting time can be frustrating and boring too. The built-up anger from the lost fight doesn’t help either. So here Fortnite introduced lobby music to calm you down and prevent controllers and keyboards from being broken.

Fortnite introduced lobby music in the battlepass of season 6. The whole Fortnite community was begging for the OG Fortnite lobby music and Fortnite responded by adding it to the first batch of music.

What really struck people was the ability to have a variety of music to choose from; to listen in the lobby. Fortnite first used the music of famous emotes as their starting music packs.

The best melodies were used when the emotes were used to make lobby music. Such as twist, slick, electro-fied, and similar emotes with good melodies that are literally music to the ears.


10. Coral Chorus

Music display

This music pack has such a calming vibe to it. It makes you teary by just how soft it is. This was originally a tune that played with the coral glider, which was later added as lobby music. People immediately loved it due to the fact it had such a soothing effect.


9. Disco

Music display

Disco has a very lively outlook as its name suggests. The upbeat of this pack makes you want to dance and groove as soon as it slides into your ears. This music is still very popular in party royale, as nearly every third person is still doing the disco emote and that music revolves around the block to this day.


8. Billy Listen

Music display

Billy listen is one of the trendy songs Fortnite got right on the money. The dance is what mainly caught everyone’s attention and then the music sealed the deal. The squeaky chair coupled with smooth notes of music makes you want to jump out and do the weird leg dance associated with this song.


7. Justice

Music display

Justice was based on the orange justice emote Fortnite released in season 4’s free pass. That emote was highly requested by the community too as it was an impersonation of a kid doing that dance in his room. So Fortnite first released the emote and everyone loved the dance and the music combined with it. The music was then released in this pack for players to enjoy in the lobby.


6. Solid Groove

Music display

This was also primarily the music of an emote. I loved the music and the dance as my favorite streamer always did this emote after a win and the memory stuck. As the name speaks for itself, solid groove has a really solid groove that makes your body move on its own.

It was released as a music pack after some time when the hype of this emote settled down a bit and guess what? The music pack revived the hype once again. For a long time after this music was released, everyone in the battle bus island before the game was doing this emote which shows how much of a revival this pack gave the solid groove emote.


5. Saxy Groove

Music display

This music pack goes very hard as it's based on the best-sounding saxophone emote. The movement in the emote is very groovy too. The sax is played so well and it sounds like something that you would hear at a lively posh carnival or a flamboyant occasion.


4. Electro-fied

Music display

Electro-fied is also based on an emote and this emote had such a cool dance synced perfectly with the beat of the song. I was really happy when they released this music as it was something I was looking forward to hearing in my lobby. And you best believe that this was all I heard for a long time once I finally had it in my locker room.


3. Mellow Days

Music display

If you are like me and like the sound of jazz, you will adore this music pack. This was one of the first emotes I got along with the music pack coming next, just for their music.

It is one of the best-sounding music packs and the emote was just as good. I’d rate it in the top three best melodies in Fortnite in a heartbeat. There is just something about soft jazz mixed in with piano producing a soft tune that sounds like heaven.


2. Twist

Music display

Twist has been my favorite emote ever since I heard its music. The dance is simplistic but the music associated with it is one of the best things I’ve heard, in a video game at least. As soon as I saw the twist emote in the item shop, I bought it in a heartbeat.

I used to emote all the time in the lobby just to hear this music and hoped to get it as lobby music one day. The day it came out as a music pack, I remember how big of a smile I had. I adore this music and it is my favorite out of all. This is one of the only music packs that sound better than their emote counterpart.


1. OG (Remix)

Music display

Here it is everyone, at the top of the list. This is the music pack that led the way for custom lobby music in Fortnite. This was the beginning of it all. Fortnite outdid itself by reintroducing the OG lobby music with a sick remix.

OG remix sounds better than the original and has a very nostalgic touch to it which made the player base very happy. The community went nuts and everyone from streamers to casuals, everyone loved the OG music and the idea of custom lobby music packs it introduced.

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