Top 15 Best Fortnite Action Figures That Look Awesome

Here are some Fortnite skins

Action Figures are pretty cool, especially having action figures  from your favorite video game.

Fortnite being one of the highest most played game since 2017 sure does have their perks.

They have books, board games, and speakers with their brand on it.

Let’s take a look at  the Top 15 Best Fortnite  Action Figures that Look Awesome.

15) Fortnite Brite Bomber

Brite Bomber is still commonly used on Fortnite, but not that much as the newer skins. This action figure will be cool to have part of your collection. Brite Bombers brings many colors to the game and knows how to party. The Brite bomber is one of the better-looking skins on Fortnite.

  • Stand tall on base 
  • Hair is pink
  • Is able to do emotes


14) Fortnite Rust Lord 

The Rust Lord is not used on Fortnite. So why not have an action figure of a character that is not used as much, you can be different. This action might not look that decent, but it still is cool to continue your collection.

  • Can do emotes 
  • Includes mask
  • Looks realistic 


13) Fortnite Bandolier

Bandolier is another skin that is not used as often. This action figure pickaxe is cool and since this skin is not even used in the game, it would be awesome to have it in real life. Since it’s not that commonly used. This action figure also includes:

  • Includes pickaxe 
  • 9 points of articulation and highly detailed decoration
  • Only 4 inches


12) Fortnite Ragnarok

This skin is still commonly used on Fortnite, so why not have it in real life. The mask looks cool and the action figure is cool as well. There are other reasons why this is awesome, such as:

  • Stands tall on base
  • Includes mask
  • Is able to do emotes


11) Fortnite Solo Carbide

Carbide reminds me of Cyborg off of Teen Titans and Cyborg is a funny character. Carbide would be pretty cool to have. This action figure includes some interesting items, such as:

  • Includes Pickaxe
  • Includes back bling
  • Stands tall on base


10) Fortnite Solo Figure Teknique 

This is a cool looking action figure, but it is not as cool looking as the one that is in the number 1 spot. This action is the less dressed up wearing some armored suit or costume.  This action figure comes with a pickaxe and the back bling, but it also comes with a lot of other items. Such as:

  • Wood could be used as a stand post
  • Includes pickaxe
  • One of the most popular skins

Price: $12.97-$24.99

9) Fortnite Rex

A dinosaur action figure, even this skin is not used as much anymore it’s still pretty cool. This action figure can do emotes and it would look cool if it was in the dinosaur emote that is used in the game. This action figure also includes:

  • Includes pickaxe 
  • Perfect for emote posing
  • Stands tall on base


8) Fortnite Black Knight 

The Black Knight looks awesome and it even includes a grenade launcher, but to make the theme as one it should’ve included a sword. The Knight is known for protection and attacking the enemy. It has a nice black metallic style to it. This action figure also includes:

  • Includes pickaxe 
  • Stands tall on base 
  • Includes a grenade launcher


7) Fortnite Love Angel

 This is a cool Fortnite skin that is used a lot.  Love Angel is used a lot on and off the game. To keep up with the collection get Love Angel. The love character is just awesome all around, especially with the love wings.

  • Stands tall on base 
  • Includes wings 
  • Is able to do emote


6) Fortnite Raven

The skin that everyone assumed was the best of the best. The skin that everyone wanted to have as soon as it was released.  If you had this character you were already deemed as a good player. 

  • Includes base 
  • Stands tall on base
  • Looks realistic 


5) Fortnite Drift

A Fortnite skin that knows how to break it down and party. So why not get the party skin along with the pickaxe and back bling. Also, this action figure even has a mask that comes with it. This action figure also comes with:

  • Includes the Pickaxe
  • Drift stands tall on base
  • Comes with Back Bling 


4) Fortnite Raptor 

The Raptor is pretty cool, looks more like a skiing skin. The nice color combination and the back bling. This action goes with the snow and would make your room look cool. Have it squatting on your desk/ dresser. The Raptor skin also includes:

  • Includes Ice Breaker Pickaxe
  • Equipped with drum gun
  • Stands tall on base 

Price:$18.74- $24.99

3) Fortnite Omega 

This action figure is more futuristic looking.  It would be good to have this action figure part of your collection. Even though this skin is not used as much as the other skins. It’s only right to have this skin. It also includes:

  • Stands tall on base
  • Includes pickaxe
  • Equipped with an assault rifle 


2) Fortnite Skull Trooper 

Fortnite Skull Trooper action figure looks cool, especially with the pickaxe. This Fortnite skin has not been used as much anymore, but it would be awesome to have it stored in your room somewhere. This action figure does have other features, such as:

  • Ready for battle with the bolt- action sniper rifle.
  • Stands tall on Fortnite- branded display base.
  • Perfect for emote posing

Price:$19.99- $24.99

1) Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader 

Cuddle Team Leader is one of the more cooler looking action figure. Even if you use this skin on Fortnite so why not have this skin in real life. Also since this skin is not seen used as much as the other skins. This action figure is cool for many reasons such as:

  • It comes with the pickaxe 
  • Comes with iconic cuddle bow back bling
  • Equipped with legendary assault Rifle


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