[Top 10] Best Fortnite Gun Game Maps

Cars, Forest, Fortnite
Cars, Forest, Fortnite

Are you looking for the best gun game maps of Fortnite to play in 2022? Well, find out the top maps here in this article.

You've probably played Gun Game before if you're familiar with the genre. This kind of play challenges your skill to use various weapons, and the notion has now been used in Fortnite. As soon as you make a kill with the first gun in your set, you'll be given the next one. Siphoning is usually allowed in this mode, so you'll receive health back with every kill. 

To win, you'll need to keep getting eliminated so that you may go through the entire collection of firearms. You don't have to worry about harvesting or protecting yourself with structures to play this option, making it ideal for those who don't enjoy construction in Fortnite. The Gun Game mode, which has long been popular in FPS games, is now available in Fortnite thanks to the efforts of Fortnite Creative. 

The community has created a wide variety of maps thus far, and gamers have no shortage of possibilities. Fortnite's Gun Game mode is similar to the Call of Duty games in that each player begins with a predetermined weapon. They must score a kill with each weapon in the set to win the game.


10. First Person Gun Game

First Person Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 6821-7528-4726

Fortnite's Battle Royale mode provides players with a third-person perspective. However, for game types such as Gun games, the first-person perspective has always been more intense. The First Person Gun Game option enables players to experience the Gun Game through the eyes of a first-person shooter. The player who obtains 25 kills first wins.

Why First Person Gun Game is great:

  • Get 25 Kills to be Victorious
  • First to Get Target Kills Wins
  • Experience the FPP experience
  • Play with Squad


9. Summer Time Gun Game

Summer Time Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 5497-9533-0527

Is there anyone who doesn't like a day at the seaside? In this Summer Time Gun Game map, you may live vicariously via your favorite Fortnite character. We may find everything from a Ferris wheel to a promenade with fairground games at one location. Head to Slurp Beach and collect 25 eliminations before everyone else.

Why Summer Time Gun Game is great:

  • Get the Most Eliminations to Win
  • Play Solo or with Friends
  • Summertime Experience


8. Time Twist Gun Game

Time Twist Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 5918-7034-6151

In Time Twist, you may play various games, but the most popular one is the Gun Game. As a result of this, you may shift between worlds throughout a fight, allowing you to either flee or surprise your opponents, depending on the situation. Players may use their Rift-to-Go! to switch between standard physics and enhanced physics instantly, much as in Chapter 2, Season 8!

Why Time Twist Gun Game is great:

  • Shift Between Worlds
  • Flee or Surprise Attack your Opponents
  • Use of Rift to Go
  • Switch Between Physics and Enhanced Physics


7. Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game

Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 4340-5772-0250

Gamers who grew up playing Call of Duty indeed have a sweet spot in their hearts for the Terminal map from Modern Warfare 2, which is now available in Fortnite! This faithful recreation by Jakko includes a big airliner and explorable kiosks. Up to 16 people may participate, and the one who completes 30 eliminations wins.

Why Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game is great:

  • COD Experience
  • 16 People can Participate
  • Get 30 Kills First to be Victorious


6. GUNGAME: Mars

GUNGAME: Mars, Fortnite

Code: 3246-2759-9251

Playing Gun Game in outer space is, without a doubt, as entertaining as it sounds. With each game, players may alter gravity and experiment with numerous weapons combinations on this level. The GUNGAME: Mars map is unusual in that it has various modification choices that allow players to choose the most appropriate modes for them.

Why GUNGAME: Mars is great:

  • Play GunGame on Mars
  • Play with Combinations of Weapons
  • Play in a new type of gravity
  • Choose Modes


5. Zoo Gun Game

Zoo Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 8169-7821-3985

It is a thrilling theme for any fan of Gun Games! You are placed in a Zoo on this map and must battle your way up the ranks as various animal classes. Each animal class has its distinct benefits, which means that as you go through the gun roster, you'll need to adapt your playstyle accordingly! Even those bored of the Gun Game mechanism will appreciate this new take on the original mod!

Why Zoo Gun Game is great:

  • Battle your Way out of Zoo
  • Defy Various Ranks of Animals
  • Adapt Playstyle According to the Ranks of Animals


4. Among Us Gun Game

Among Us Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 1665-4835-6529

Among Us is one of the most surprising gaming successes in recent memory, earning its own LTM in Fortnite. On the other hand, if you like Gun Games over murder mysteries, this Creative map may be ideal for you. The action takes place on The Skeld, the original terrain from Among Us, which has Vents that transport you between chambers.

Why Among Us Gun Game is great:

  • Among Us Inspired Mode
  • Play in the Skeld Map of Among Us
  • Use Vents to Transports
  • Solve Mysteries


3. Bikini Bottom Map

Bikini Bottom Map, Fortnite

Code: 3300-7669-9591

While the Bikini Bottom map is geared for Spongebob fans, other players will like its gameplay elements as well. A new enchantment is placed on the map every thirty seconds, introducing random dynamics such as decreased gravity, sliding, and damage bonuses. As a result, the Bikini Bottom map is a must-try for those looking for an alternative to the standard Gun Game mode.

Why Bikini Bottom Map is great:

  • Play in Bikini Bottoms
  • You get to See new Enchantments every 30 Seconds
  • Experience Random Dynamics


2. Rift Jumpers

Rift Jumpers, Fortnite

Code: 7101-2798-6542

The gun game is undoubtedly developing as we get more choices in Fortnite's creative mode! This map enables you to travel between land and sea with your rift-2-go equipment! These are two unique maps, including some fantastic underwater places and a farm-like ground level! 

Every sixty seconds or so, a random event will occur, adding a distinctive element to the game. It may range from ultra-slow to maximum speed, damage increase, and more! A delightful and intriguing map that will provide you with a great deal of diversity each time you play.

Why Rift Jumpers is great:

  • Every 60 Seconds, New Event will Occur
  • Excellent Map to Experience new Things
  • Travel Between Lands


1. Odyssey III Map

Odyssey III Map, Fortnite

Code: 4570-7675-6600

Odyssey III is a Fortnite Creative map geared at players who enjoy constructing strategies. Several floors are accessible through elevators, and a continually changing object is located in the map's center. Typically, the item bestows thrilling bonuses to the player's health and mobility. Odyssey III's theme depicts a future warehouse manufacturing high-tech products.

Why Odyssey III Map is great:

  • Best for the Constructing Strategies
  • Access Several Floors
  • Odyssey 3 Theme

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