[Top 10] Fortnite Best Creative Maps For 3 Players

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If you want the best creative maps for your trio, you've come to the right place.

Want the best maps for your trio to practice and have fun on? 

Playing with one friend is fun but do you know what’s more fun? Playing Fortnite with two friends. Trios is a very interesting battle royale mode. It is a good middle ground between duos and squads.

Duos can be a bit too sweaty as it is considered the “try hard” mode. It can be extremely hard if your duo partner isn’t as good as you and you need to carry the duo alone.

Squads is a bit too casual as it’s seen as a fun game mode. Squads is harder in competitive light too since if you’re the last person alive, it can be a pain in the butt to 1v4 a squad.

Trios is the perfect mid-ground where it’s neither too sweaty nor too casual. 1v3 is doable and if one teammate is not good, you and the other player in your trio can carry together.

Even though trios is a good mode, you still need to make sure you practice fighting and having fun with your trio. This makes sure that you lot are on the same page.

For this reason, I went researching and found the best trio maps for you and your friends to improve while enjoying simultaneously.



Map display

This map has more of a fun side where you and your trio jump in with all sorts of trickshotting weapons. It’s always fun to find out which friend is extremely skilled and who has golden luck.


  • It is a fun light-hearted mode.
  • Playing this mode can improve sniping.
  • The action is continuous with three players.


9. TRIO DEATHRUN (3603-3128-0988)

​Map display

Ah yes, the good old deathrun. This map has a simple fundamental rule, “all for one and one for all”. If you want to surpass the levels in this run, you and your trio need to work together. Teamwork matters a lot in this map.

Why TRIO DEATHRUN is Great for 3 players:

  • It’s good to have a fun time.
  • Your team coordination will improve as you work together.
  • Your trio’s communication becomes better.


8. TRIOS BOXFIGHTS! (7732-7502-2185)

​Map display

How can we not include box fights in this list? Trio box fights enters your trio against another trio in a small, boxed area. You and your trio need to eliminate the others in this enclosed space. And the only way you can do that is by outsmarting the opponents with quick edits and clean shots.

Why TRIOS BOXFIGHTS is Great for 3 players:

  • This map is great to practice fighting in congested areas.
  • It improves teamwork among your trio.
  • It allows you to practice quick edits and lining up shots.


7. 1VS1VS1 EDIT COURSE (TRIO) (6919-7441-4425)

​Map display

The name of this map speaks for itself. This is a trio edit course where your trio can compete against one another. You and your partners run on your separate paths with builds in place that you edit through. Competing against one another helps you to find out who needs the most improvement to catch up with the rest.

Why 1VS1VS1 EDIT COURSE (TRIO) is Great for 3 players:

  • This map is great to practice editing with friends.
  • It allows you to find out which teammate is lacking in this aspect.
  • It helps you get better at editing while listening to your teammates calls, which helps you in real games.



6. EXCALIBUR TRIO GUN GAME (1721-5783-8161)

Map display

Excalibur gun game is a map leaning more towards the fun side. In this map, you and your trio can verse each other or different trios in a gun game. As you get kills your weapons upgrade. And you need to cycle through the list of weapons as you get kills till you reach the end weapon. The first to get a kill with the last weapon takes the cake.

Why EXCALIBUR TRIO GUN GAME is Great for 3 players:

  • It’s a good map to chill in.
  • It improves your gameplay with all types of weapons.
  • You can get some practice for early-game weapons since the starting weapons are very bad.



5. BEDWARS - CHOPPA RACERS [TRIOS] (5242-6476-2340)

Map display

This map has a very interesting way of operating. Every trio has its base with one helicopter. Each base is supposed to upgrade and protect its base while attacking others. In the end, winning the game boils down to teamwork and communication.

 Why BEDWARS - CHOPPA RACERS [TRIOS] is Great for 3 players:

  • It’s something new to try out with your friends.
  • This map improves the team’s communication.
  • You learn to shoot while moving on helicopters.


4. MYTHICAL MAYHEM LTM - TRIOS (8486-2021-6932)

​Map display

This is another wacky game mode falling more inside the fun zone. It’s pure chaos with all types of mythical weapons that have been vaulted and unvaulted. This game mode is the ultimate stress reliever since all you have are OP weapons and your trio to smash.

Why MYTHICAL MAYHEM LTM - TRIOS is Great for 3 players:

  • It’s great to relieve stress.
  • This map is fun.
  • There is constant action with the respawns among the trio.



​Map display

This is such a good map for competitive players who need some end-game practice for tournaments. You and your trio load into this map with weapons. The teams verse each other in this moving zone and the last one standing wins.

Why TRIO'S LATE GAME ARENA BATTLE ROYAL is Great for 3 players:

  • It provides great end-game practice.
  • This map replicates scenarios in tournaments thus allowing players to play in similar environments.
  • It improves communication in hectic moving zones.


2. TRIO HOUSE WARS (3610-9611-3144)

​Map display

This map is one of my favorites since it’s such an underrated practice for early-game fights. Each trio lands at their house and loots it and then the fight ensues with whatever loot each team found from the house. If you die early in the game, this map is best for your trio to practice early-game fights and looting.

Why TRIO HOUSE WARS is Great for 3 players:

  • It’s great for early game practice.
  • It improves looting skills.
  • This map improves communication and teamwork since your trio needs to work with less.


1. TRIO ZONEWARS (32 PLAYERS) (2497-8745-4182)

​Map display

This is the best zonewars map for trios to practice in for FNCS tier tournaments. It starts trios off in different locations with random loot and mats. Each team needs to work their way out with what they’re given inside the moving zones alongside 10 other trios. This mode becomes very hectic and only the team with the best communication and teamwork can survive.

Why TRIO ZONEWARS (32 PLAYERS) is Great for 3 players:

  • It highly improves teamwork and mat shifting among teammates.
  • This map allows practicing stacked end-zones with 32 players.
  • The practice this map provides is highly similar to the situation you’re put in, in real tournaments.

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