Top 10 Best Fortnite Weapons

Fortnite Best Weapons
Can anything outrank the Rocket Launcher?

Top 10 Best Fortnite Weapons

When you first jump out of the Battle Bus in Fortnite Battle Royale, you want to get your hands on any weapon you can find. Prioritizing weapons over healing items, traps, and building materials can help you get some early kills. From there, you can loot from players you've taken out and take over the town you landed in. From there though, what should your loadout look like? We count down Fortnite Battle Royale's Best Weapons to help you claim that Victory Royale.

10. Crossbow
Often overlooked but should never be underestimated. If you've got pro level aim, the virtual silence and infinite ammo is reason enough to make it a mainstay in your loadout. 
Rare - Damage: 75, 1 shot of infinite ammo
Epic - Damage: 79, 1 shot of infinite ammo

9. Silenced pistol
This little guy packs a punch and keeps enemies guessing where you're firing from. It's not going to be the weapon that wins you the game, but it's a great pick for the right situation.
Epic - Damage: 26, Magazine Size: 16
Legendary - Damage: 28, Magazine Size: 16

8. Tactical submachine gun
The tactical SMG uses light bullets and trades a lower rate of fire for higher ammo capacity than the SMG. However, if you grab it early game and aim for the head, you should be able to win a fair share of gun fights.
Rare - Damage: 17, Magazine Size: 30
Epic - Damage: 18, Magazine Size: 30
Legendary - Damage: 19, Magazine Size: 30

7. Scoped assault rifle
Great in both medium and long range fights, the scoped assault file is one of the most precise weapons you can pick up. You can also reload and fire faster with the scoped than any other sniper. Combined with great aim, you should have the advantage when picking fights.
Rare - Damage: 23, Magazine Size: 20
Epic - Damage: 24, Magazine Size: 20

6. M16 assault rifle
The great thing about the M16 is that you can find one in just about any area of the game. It's a good option that delivers decent damage with plentiful ammo. You'll want to upgrade to something stronger as the game goes on but it's a good pick in the early minutes.
Common - Damage: 32, Magazine Size: 30
Uncommon - Damage: 33, Magazine Size: 30
Rare - Damage: 35, Magazine Size: 30

5. Tactical shotgun
The tactical shotgun fires fast and handles more easily than its pump counterpart. Though it may not do as much damage, you can jump around and pop enemies a few times to quickly end their game.
Uncommon - Damage: 67, Magazine Size: 8
Rare - Damage: 70, Magazine Size: 8
Epic - Damage: 74, Magazine Size: 8

4. Pump shotgun
The pump shotgun may have a slower fire rate but if you can land shots, you'll decimate enemies before they even have a chance to fire back. If you miss, you'll be back at the loading screen and boarding the Battle Bus yet again.
Common - Damage: 90, Magazine Size: 5
Uncommon  Damage: 95, Magazine Size: 5

3. Rocket launcher  
The rocket launcher is hands down your best option for destroying well build forts in the late game. Once they're on the ground, swap out for a rifle or shotgun to claim your Victory Royale. Keep in mind that ammo is hard to come by so you'll want to check every ammo crate you can.
Rare - Damage: 110, Magazine Size: 1
Epic - Damage: 116, Magazine Size: 1
Legendary - Damage: 121, Magazine Size: 1

2. Bolt-action sniper
The bolt-action is an extremely precise weapon when fighting across the map. It fires and reloads faster than other snipers currently in the game. With great aim and an assault rifle and shotgun on the ready, you'll be grabbing Victory Royales left and right.
Rare - Damage: 105 , Magazine Size: 1
Epic - Damage: 110 , Magazine Size: 1

Sure, it doesn't do as well in long range fights against snipers but nothing compares to the damage a SCAR can do in close to medium range fights. It's got a hefty magazine sire and fast fire rate, and should be your absolute go to assault rifle in the game every time.
Epic - Damage: 37, Magazine Size: 30
Legendary - Damage: 39, Magazine Size: 30

Did your favorite make the list? Think a different weapon deserves the top spot? Let us know your opinion on the best weapons in Fortnite by commenting below! 

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