[Top 10] Eternal Return Best Food That Are Excellent

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Cooking time with Xiukai!

Welcome back everyone, are you feeling hungry for that Win? Well In Eternal Return food may be more impactful than it seems. The regen may actually play more of a part in combat than most would be led to believe. 

These foods are based on how easy it is to gather the ingredients, the amount restored, and how much experience you gain from crafting these items. After all, if you come into a fight with a higher level and higher regen, then it is more often than not in the bag. 

With that let's get to it. 


10. First Aid Kit

Eternal Return food 10

Simple to use, Harder to find. 

Taking the 10th spot on our list is one of the few items that heal you for a good chunk of HP 1000 points in fact. While this amount may seem like a lot. The difficulty lies in obtaining this item. 

When it comes to late game the burst healing that this item can offer is second to none, however, there is only 1 copy of this item in every match you play. 

What makes it good 

  • Best Healing Item in the game
  • 1000HP Regen
  • There is only 1 so no one else can have another

How to make it

  • Kill Wickelene and obtain it

So if you are in the lead usually you would not have to use this item as with the Wick buff and with generally higher weapon levels you would save this for an all-in fight. Of course, you must still respect the 1000 HP regen it provides as the next closest item recovers 740. 


9. Tear of Selene 

Eternal Return Food 90

The moon isn't the only thing crying

Taking up the 9th slot is an item that is more common than the last and provides a massive SP regen it even gives you attack power which is a rare effect in Eternal Return on food and beverage. 

This item can get your SP back to full in no time, however, it does pose the problem that normally you would never hit that low of an SP count even if you were constantly fighting because you would have been drinking other beverages to give you that SP you need.

What makes it good

  • Gives a stat buff of +10 Atk
  • Heals 1080 SP 
  • Highest SP regen in the game
  • Will get your SP to fighting levels in a few seconds 

How to make it

  • Gather stones from any location 
  • Water can be found from Starting inventory, Pond, Hotel, Cemetery, or Forest
  • Meteorite can be found from random drops, blue boxes, and Wolves and Bears over level 14

So with the exuberant cost of a meteorite, it is an item that is hard to make, and if you do get a meteorite why not craft it into a permanent item? Of course, if you are full build and using it to deny the item from others then this is still nothing to scoff at.

8. Holy Water 

Eternal Return Food 8

Water with the Hell boiled out of it. 

Aside from being an essential item to Johan, this item is the other stat-giving item in the game. It is much simpler to make compared to the previous however it does come with the drawback of an even rarer material, Mithril. 

Usage wise this item is best for denying Mithril, on Johans for their passive, and for a quick burst of healing while in a brawl with other players. While it may seem deceptively simple to make there are many other things that Mithril can be used for, as well as the late spawning time of Mithril making it difficult to get yet wanted by many. 

What makes it good

  • Gives a stat buff of +10 Def
  • Heals 750 HP Regen
  • Keeps you alive longer with the combination of healing and buff
  • Also good to use in preparation since the defense buff lasts for a while. 

How to make it 

  • Water can be found from Starting inventory, Pond, Hotel, Cemetery, or Forest
  • Mithril can be found from Alpha, Wiickeline, Bears, and Wolves over level 14

So due to the first Mithril spawning on Alpha, it becomes hard to get a hold of one, and there are even games where you will never see one because it has been crafted into a permanent item. However, no one can deny that putting this on a tank makes them that much more effective.


7. Iced Coffee

Yummy Coffee

Perfect for those hot days on Lumia island.

What puts this drink higher up on this list is the ease of access paired with the relatively high SP regen this item provides. It also is commonly found in the locations that caster type characters and skill scaling characters tend to go through to find their gear. 

While it is an uncommon item, meaning the crafting exp it gives is low, the item is created exceptionally fast and can be found along the way. The only drawback is that if you are aiming to craft this in the late game, it is almost impossible to find as Ice is commonly used by most casters for their extension item. 

What makes it good

  • Both items have 1 spawn location they share and 2 others they don’t
  • Restores 380SP 
  • When crafted comes with 2 charges
  • The lower-ranked you are the more likely these items are untouched
  • It will sustain you for the early game

How to make it

  • Ice is found in Hospital, Hotel, and Cemetery
  • Coffee is found in Uptown, Dock, and Cemetery 

Overall this is a good early game item to make if you are moving through the cemetery as your first to the third zone. If you need to use ice for crafting this is, even more, better since ice is found in 2s meaning one can be used for your item and the other for this drink.

6. Soju

Time for some Sip

Just a little sip won't hurt.

Moving on to SP regen this does not apply to every character as some naturally regen faster and use less as they go along their predetermined routes. Of course this means that for casters and high usage characters this item would be a godsend in terms of ease of access and can be made into a healing item if the situation demands it. 

Made from Alcohol and Water, this item only takes a few seconds to craft and gives enough SP regen that you can focus on gathering rather than having to sit down and recover SP that way. Most characters even pass through zones with Alcohol in it so if you need a drink pick this item up. 

What makes it good

  • Most characters that need SP regen spawn in zones with Alcohol
  • Restores 400SP 
  • When crafted it comes with 2 charges
  • Alcohol is less used than other materials 

How to make it

  • Alcohol is found in Hospital, Factory, and School
  • Water can be found from Starting inventory, Pond, Hotel, Cemetery, or Forest

With how often characters spawn in Hospital or School this item is easy to make if you remember it and if you find 2 alcohols all 4 Soju can stack only taking up 1 slot instead of 2 for inventory space. 

5. Oriental Concoction 

Secret Mixtures and Tonics for All. 

Secret Medicine and herbal spices this healing item falls into the rare category but is quite easy to make and is usually accessible by anyone keeping an eye out for it. It has a good HP regen for the early game and can carry you to stronger items mid game while you fight both animals and other players. 

This item is crafted from oriental herbs, water, and a lighter. Now Lighters are one of the most sought-after items in the game, mostly due to how many food combinations are made from lighters. So if you are starting in a zone with a lighter such as Factory, Alley, or School make sure to pick up a few of these along the way. 

What makes it good

  • Lighters are found in bulk around starting spawn locations or second zones for most characters. 
  • Restores 525 HP
  • Comes with 3 charges
  • Denying lighters prevents other players from cooking and making higher tier equipment
  • Most ignore Oriental Herbs early on so they are usually abundant in Forest and Temple. 

How to make it

  • Lighters can be found from Dock, Factory, Alley or School. 
  • Water can be found from Starting inventory, Pond, Hotel, Cemetery, or Forest
  • Oriental Herbs can be found from Forest, Pond or Temple 

In total that is a 525 HP Regen item that is simple to make and usually found along the way. Can be used thrice before running out and can be used in the later stages of the game as the regen it provides is sizable.  

4. Baked Carp

Yummy Fish

Cooked? Grilled? it's all the same when eaten. 

This item makes it on the list over its Seaside brother because it restores a little more HP while being virtually the same item. Fish and stones  are a never ending resource so long as the game goes on long enough and lighters can be gathered early on. 

While this item may seem bad because you must drop everything to fish up Carp; if you look at the mid to late game you are most likely going to be pushed inland meaning that rather than waiting for something to happen you can fish and cook these instead. 

What makes it good

  • Can always be made at any point in the game
  • Heals 525 HP regen 
  • Comes with 3 charges 
  • The crafting recipe essentially allows you to make this item twice so 6 charges

How to make it

  • Carp are caught in Forest, Pond, and Cemetery 
  • Stones are gathered from any location 
  • Lighters can be found from Dock, Factory, Alley, or School. 
  • Heated Stones can drop from green boxes, Bears, and Wolves at all levels. 

From early game to late game you can always attempt to create this item as animals also drop the completed heated stone required to cook the fish, so long as the zone is not closed you can always fish up more food to cook for yourself. 


3. White Russian 

Drinks on the house

Milk? I've got the next best thing. 

Coffee, Alcohol, and Milk make for a good time. Even in Eternal Return, this drink allows you to regen SP fast enough to keep with a full-on fight for that little bit of time needed to secure a kill. 

While these items are not necessarily next to each other, they can be collected along the way when walking from one zone to another. The SP regen is massive and it gives a good chunk of crafting exp as it is a rare item. 

What makes it good

  • Meant for late game but can be collected early 
  • Restores 750 SP
  • Comes with 4 Charges 
  • Its components Coffee Liqueur and Milk comes in 2 charges each so you could make 8 white russians, but the maximum capacity is 6 

How to make it

  • Coffee is found in Uptown, Dock, and Cemetery 
  • Alcohol is found in Hospital, Factory, and School
  • Milk is found in Chapel, Avenue, and Hospital
  • Coffee Liqueur can be found in green boxes. 


What makes this item placed so high is that its SP regen paired with the common materials used to create this makes it a low investment high reward item that can be found and crafted at any point in the game so long as you keep moving and playing the game. 


2. Fried Chicken


Still Finger Lickin Good 

This item is easy to make so long as you keep on hunting and powering yourself up in the game. Because of its ease of accessibility, most players would tend to have the materials in their inventories or pick them up right from the start so you either have to do the same or kill players who are weaker than you to get these items. 

This item has a great payout when it is crafted, it can even be cooked straight from the Bear’s inventory if you are lucky, saving you precious inventory space. While not the highest healing in the game it stands over its heated stone counterpart Steak due to the additional health regen it can provide. 

What makes it good

  • Easy to craft, and others will also likely have either the heated oil or fried chicken.
  • Heals 550HP Regen
  • Comes with 2 charges when cooked 
  • Meat is easily gathered so you can make more chicken. 
  • 550 is just at the threshold of being able to sustain most people in a fight. 

How to make it

  • Lighters can be found from Dock, Factory, Alley or School. 
  • Oil can be found from Archery Range, Factory, Uptown, and Avenue 
  • Meat can be gathered from Boars, Wolves, Bears, and Chickens. 
  • Heated oil can drop from Bears, Wolves, and green boxes.

With how often you have to hunt animals you could get lucky and chance on heated oil to make this craft easier to accomplish, along with the meat that comes from those animals its practically served to you on a silver platter.


1. Choco Pie Box

made from 50% Chocolate

A little Chocolate goes a long way

This item is easy to make and gives a good amount of healing at the same time. It has a quick crafting time as a rare item and more HP Regen than most of the other items in the same category. Of course it has its own drawbacks being its relatively difficult to collect materials and distance between collection points.  

Made from Bread, Chocolate, and a Box this item starts out with you already 1/3rd of the way there. So long as you are able to keep your bread and make your way to some chocolate you can make chocobread which can heal in an emergency but combined with a neat little box and you’ve got yourself one of the best healing items in the game. 

What makes it good

  • Items are easy to collect early and are found next to each other 
  • Heals 622HP regen
  • Comes with 2 charges when cooked 
  • Ingredients are not often picked up due to their lack of options

How to make it

  • Bread is found in the Starting Inventory, Hospital, and School
  • Chocolate is found in Uptown, Avenue, and Archery Range
  • Box is found in Dock, Pond, and Chapel 

This item is deceptively easy to make as collecting the ingredients is as simple as moving to the next zone rather than having to teleport across the map. It has good HP regen and comes with 2 charges which puts it at the top of my list. 

Of course, this is just my opinion based on personal experience. If you have a different top 10 or want to talk about why certain items may or may not be on this list then please feel free to do so. 


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