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Welcome back, everyone; today, we have a list that is chock full of characters from Eternal Return that are going to rule over your solo matches. Considering that we are months into the latest season, the meta has settled down, and certain characters have risen over the rest. 

Join me as we explore who takes the throne on Lumia island. Welcome to the top 5 Solo Characters. 


5. Eleven

Making it into our 5th slot is Eleven. This cheerful girl toting a giant hamburger has been buffed to become a strong tank with outstanding damage output. In solos, due to her health and healing, she hardly takes any damage and can slap you to death with her giant hamburger. 

Personally, if they made her do a little more damage, she would shoot up on this list as she is now. However, she edges being broken as she defeats assassins handily with how tanky she is. If other characters misplay, she can taunt, stomp and jump on them until they die—honestly, she is an insane character. 

What makes her sound. 

  • In-built healing
  • Extremely Tanky
  • Good CC and Mobility
  • Better than average damage

If you want a slower playstyle with a lot of charging and timing, then this is your character. It feels like a rhythm game as you weave through your charged skills to maximize your damage and CC on enemies. Slap them with hamburgers as you pick up your sliders and survive most of all. 


4. Lenox

Whip wielder Lenox swings into the 4th slot with her insane burst and ambush strategies, making her a final zone terror to fight. From being near the bottom tier to the top of the batch, she has become an insane threat to everyone else in a solo match as she can easily outrun anyone on the field. 

Personally, with the changes made, she is swift now and can always hit the maximum distance on her skills to bleed and do additional damage to whoever she is fighting. She heals more than before if she gets ganked while fighting due to the nerfs in healing reduction. She would place much higher on the list if it were not for her relatively long cooldowns. 

What makes her good 

  • Extremely fast despite not having a dash
  • Reasonable area control with skills 
  • Inflicts bleed to discourage retreating 
  • Great overall damage 
  • Great at ambushing. 

She has a strong burst fighting style that revolves around abusing her cooldowns to dance around the enemy with significant damage and force. Your movement speed will always be higher than then and assuming you hooked them into you; you can land most of your injury from the beginning to keep them trying to escape from your superior speed. 


3. Jackie

It is no surprise that Jackie has returned to the top of the list. No matter what changes are made, one of her kits will always bounce back and lead her to be effective and efficient. It just goes to show how well made her skills are if they always remain relevant no matter the season. 

Her dual swords and ax build are equally powerful depending on which weapon you choose. Axe Jackie leads her to tankier and deals more damage per hit, so she maxes her W to speed up her attacks. As dual swords, she attacks fast and maxes out her Q to increase her damage output. She repeatedly dashes while attacking the enemy until they die. 

What makes her good

  • High damage output 
  • Lifesteal
  • Insane chase potential
  • Inbuilt damage buff
  • One of the best dashes in the game. 

There is not much else to add on Jackie, and she is consistently a threat to the meta and will always appear on these lists. 


2. Leon

With the changes to Mark of the phoenix, and his W, he no longer needs the effect of smoldering or the healing reduction. This lets him focus more on attack damage and other stats that he can scale with better. He has become a significant threat as his attacks do as much damage as a DPS, while his shield and natural tankiness make him closer to a bruiser than a squishy assassin. 

He plays pretty well now, especially since you don't need to land your skills. Rather, you just need to be able to hit your enemies to gain the upper hand in any fight. 

What makes him good

  • Naturally High Survivability
  • Extremely strong basic skills
  • Good CC
  • High attack damage stat now. 
  • Mobile as hell. 

He can get the drop on you, escape ambushes, defeat assassins, out tank tanks. This guy does it all, but the next character on this list does the same but all-around better. It's terrifying to see how our meta has changed to a bruiser burst meta compared to before. 


1. Sua

The best in the current patch. She has great sustain between her shield and vampiric bloodline, good escape with her E chained with her R to move her miles away from everyone. High damage, with Q R. all in all one of the best all-around characters as rather than being mediocre, she destroys everyone by standing heads and shoulders over the other characters. 

I have played her, and so long as you can land her abilities, you will almost always win a one vs. one due to how long the enemy remains CC’d by her. If you are in a fight that you do not think you will win, more often than not, you can escape with your dashes so long as the enemy doesn't block it in some way. 

What makes her good

  • Can combo someone to death
  • Great sustain and shielding
  • Insane escape 
  • CC for Days
  • Generally strong in all aspects. 

With her being at the top of the list, it will be a hard-fought match if you play against someone who knows how to play the character. Keep an eye out and pray that if you encounter one, it is just someone who enjoys her skin rather than wrecking the lobby.


That is the list. Hopefully, you find these opinions acceptable and if not, maybe comment about them. 

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