[Top 10] Eternal Return Best Duos That Are Amazing

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Us white haired gotta stick together

We’re back and this time I hope you’ve got your buddy with you because we will be going over the best duo teams to play in this new season. 

With the recent changes to revival, mechanics expect the characters in this list to take advantage of that while your partner or you wait to get revived. Now onto the list.

10. Silvia + Leon

A Surfer and a Cyclist walk into a bar

A Surfer and a Cyclist walk into a church, ever heard that one? 

  • Let’s take a look at the 10th best pair and consider it the benchmark for future pairs. Silvia is the racer, a girl riding a motorcycle who can switch between ranged and melee. She has good aoe damage, as well as slows and speed ups to go along with her motorcycle. Leon on the other hand is a bruiser with a knack for CC, though requires a little bit of setup to land them guaranteed. He also has a shield and a big aoe push that carries enemies along with him for the ride. 
  • How this pair works is that Silvia can engage while Leon protects her and targets his CC while the enemy is distracted by Silvia going in on her motorbike. Once she has dished out her AOE damage, Leon takes over as the main tank landing his CC  and carrying them further away from Silvia who will shoot them from afar. 
  • There is great synergy between the two because Silvia creates an opportunity for Leon to gather and CC the opposing group then dish out the damage while they are still being controlled by Leon. 
  • I would rate this team a 5/10 as the baseline because a tanky enough squad will survive and then lash out, or their CC could be avoided, their characters could also get straight up killed by a higher damage team if they mess up their timings. 


9. Zahir +Hyejin 

Magic and Mysticism

Mystics and Magicians unite 

  • This pair are both ranged characters, both deal good amounts of damage, and both have CC in one form or another. 
  • Zahir is a ranged caster who can spam his Q and W to deal large amounts of poke while also setting up for his E to knock up enemies in case they approach him. Then when CC’d he can combo his skills with his ultimate to create a large AOE damage zone. 
  • Hyejin on the other hand has a small area root, an inbuilt fear, and high damage as well as a dash to get out of a sticky situation. While her poke is not the best she makes up for it in free hitting as the enemy is CC’d or feared preventing them from hitting her. 
  • This pair does a lot of damage and has skills on relatively low cooldowns, so once they have their weapons going they can abuse other pairs who may be still scavenging for the right resources to create their weapons. Pair their harass with an anti engage fear and this pair becomes a nuisance to deal with. 
  • I would rate this team a 7/10, they lost to mobile enemies who can avoid their skills or enemies with control immunity or the ability to become invulnerable as in a sustained fight Zahir will eventually fall off in damage as he runs out of Q’s to throw and Hyejin cannot out damage 2 people at once. 


8. Aya + Isol

Guns Guns and more Guns

Guns and Traps, Perfect Harmony 

  • Again two ranged characters here, maybe we’re seeing a pattern? Anyway, both of these characters can initiate a battle from far away and continuously kite until their attackers die due to their control of the range. 
  • Aya is played as an assault rifle in this duo as that sustained damage is more sought after over her bursty sniper build. With her dash and high attack speed, she can easily outrun and outgun anyone who chases her. 
  • Isol on the other hand can start a fight with her conic W shooting everything in range then quickly repositioning with her E to go invisible and roll away. Combine that with a plethora of traps and you can set up a minefield that the enemy must slog through to even hope and reach you. 
  • Combined they can turn any position into a deathtrap if you are unprepared. Conversely, playing as them requires a lot of farming and a good idea of how far you need to be to fight effectively. The two of them can kite enemies out, and with Aya acting as an emergency tank with her inbuilt shield, both characters have free reign to attack anyone at their leisure. 
  • I would also rate this a 7/10 because without traps they have to play near perfectly to avoid getting caught by an enemy and they are weak to ambushes. Aya’s shield can only protect her from a middling amount of damage so concentrated fire can and will absolutely tear her to shreds. 


7. Chiara + Aiden 

Lightning and Angels

Dark Magic and Lightning, are a perfect combination to make a sorcerer. 

  • Double melee this time with a twist, as both of these characters, can become ranged if given the right circumstances. 
  • Chiara is an assassin posing as a bruiser with her life steal and exploding shield. When she uses her Ult she turns into a fallen angel, becoming ranged and gaining access to execution when the enemy is low enough. 
  • Aiden is a bruiser with good chase and CC potential. He can lock off zones with his ult making enemies think twice before entering his lightning storm and walk right into his sword’s waiting arms. 
  • Combined they are a powerful ambush team and can play on the back foot as well having great single target damage burst to quickly turn a 2 vs 2 into a 2 vs 1. With Aiden’s CC and Chiara’s slows and roots, no 1 target can get away from whoever they set their sights on as they focus down any pair one person at a time. 
  • I would rate this team an 8/10, with the recent changes to revival they have to spread their CC out more otherwise killing 1 member of the pair and letting the other go lets them revive 30 seconds later. However, this does introduce an angle to farm that pair as they will now be on the backfoot and easily killed for weapon levels. 


6. Magnus + Zahir 

Big and Smol boi

What do a Biker and a Magician have in common? Blink and you'll miss them. 

  • One melee and one DPS; an age-old pair that still stands strong even today. Magnus plays as the tank with slows, stuns, and armor reduction while Zahir has knockups, and large burst making this pair a threat to run into. 
  • Magnus in this team builds half tank half bruiser, his role is to keep the enemies near him while Zahir does most of the damage for him. His Q slows while his W reduces armor, and under the right circumstances his weapon skill as well. He can stun with his E and chase down enemies or even finish them off with his ult. 
  • Zahir returns to this list one more time as the damage of the pair. With consistent chakrams being thrown and the occasional tornado to ensure that Magnus can lock down the enemy this pair is terrifying to fight and a nightmare to accidentally encounter. 
  • As a pair, they form the traditional DPS and tank pairing where one locks down the enemy while the other does the damage. It is not like the enemy wants to let the Zahir hit them for free but rather they cannot do anything about it. 
  • I would rate this pair an 8/10, much like the last pair with the new revival mechanic it will be difficult to eliminate a pair early as most of Zahir’s damage is single target but it is difficult to overcome this pair as Magnus can provide enough peel to let Zahir attack freely. 


5. Zahir + Rio

Pew pew

Shoot fast, then maybe Shoot faster. 

  • Zahir is here once again and this time with the archer Rio. Rio is a great poke archer who can also deal consistent Dps at midrange. Fighting the two of them involves dodging a great many skillshots and hoping that your HP will last you as you try to get into attack range. 
  • Rio can switch between her long-range damage form and her mid-ranged sustained damage. Combine that with 2 different poking abilities and a dash and this lady is as slippery as an eel. 
  • Zahir, well everything has already been said about Zahir already but as a quick summary, he plays as damage and pokes in this pairing. 
  • As a pair, they will whittle you down as you approach them and make sure that you will never touch them as they kite you and CC you to death. Even trying to escape won't do anything as Rio can snipe you from a screen away. 
  • I would rate them 8/10. I have fought with a good Zahir  Rio pair once before and I have never felt more miserable watching my health whittle away while they slowly kite me to my death. It's a good pair.


4. Cathy + Celine 

Two bombshells throwing bombs how ironic. 

  • This pair is interesting,  I personally would not have believed in its effectiveness unless I saw it first hand and I have to admit that this team messed me up. 
  • Cathy is an assassin, while she does have some minor healing when casting her Ult most of her kit revolves around landing her skills on the same target for a big burst of damage. 
  • Celine on the other hand throws bombs all over the place. From regular explosives to pushback bombs to bombs that combine into one massive bomb, this explosives expert is a tough character to reach unharmed. 
  • Combined Celine can dish out damage fast and while the enemy is trying to focus her down Cathy can stun the pair with her E or vice versa can throw her whole combo at the enemy while Celine sets up her massive bomb. 
  • I would rate this team a 9/10. Aside from the surprise factor, they can come online quite early into the game and have so much burst damage in an aoe that a caster or another assassin will 100% die before they even realize what hit them. 


3. Isol + Celine 

Bombs and more Bombs

You can never have enough explosions. 

  • Welcome back to Saw, the character pair. Both of these trappers can set up traps pretty fast and can plant bombs in a heartbeat. It is something to keep in mind as you try to fight them. 
  • In this Isol is the consistent source of DPS, and her traps are more like a bonus to this pair’s destructive force, 
  • Likewise, Celine here is more likely to chain her bombs together rather than build that one big bomb for burst. Throwing her bombs out to corral the opponent rather than aiming to kill them in one cycle, but if they offer themselves up then she will 100 to 0 someone. 
  • I would also rate this team a 9/10, you never want to fight them in the final zone due to how much of the map they can control at that point, and you never want to chase them either due to the possibility of walking into their collective minefield. A strong team if not an annoying one. 


2. Hyunwoo + Silvia 

Vroom Vroom

Go fast and kick A**

  • This pair functions like the Silvia Leon pair but much better. Hyunwoo replaces Leon and is tankier as well as does more damage given the right circumstances. Those circumstances are given to him by Silvia in this pairing. 
  • Hyunwoo is a character whose abilities get stronger the more health he has. He has a slow, a dash that can stun, a shield that gives CC immunity, and a windup ult that does massive damage if it lands. 
  • Silvia in this team plays melee more than ranged as she slows and AOEs the enemies down to set up for Hyunwoo’s massive punch. 
  • I would rate this pair a 9/10, they are honestly really strong even if their only hard CC is Hyunwoo’s stun. With how Silvia functions it is really easy for the Hyunwoo to stun the enemy then hit his fully charged ultimate to deal 50% of both enemies' health bars. It even helps that if they need to escape Hyunwoo can just casually walk out while Silvia rides away on her bike. 

1. Luke + Sua 

Two hammers?

A janitor and a librarian. The perfect cleanup squad 

  • Our Final pair stars 2 melee characters. Luke the assassin and Sua the melee caster. Their CC and burst damage make them a headache to fight as you have to hope to either avoid everything or kill one of them first before they can combo you to death. 
  • Luke can engage with his Q, running up to the opponent hit by it, he can also sustain in the fight by using his Q as it heals him for a percent of damage dealt. Every one of his skills deals damage to a single enemy and lowers his Qs cooldown when upgraded. 
  • Sua has CC for days, with a stun, a blind, a knock-up, and her ultimate which repeats any one of her skills again with a slightly longer cooldown. She can also give someone CC immunity if she doesn't want to blind the enemy. 
  • Combined it either creates the perfect situation for Luke: an engagement on a CC’d enemy or lets Sua dish out her bursty damage while the enemy is distracted by the mop in their face. In either scenario, once one of their skills land on you you have to hope that your teammate can get away so you can revive later. 
  • I would rate this team a 9/10, while on paper this pair seems extremely strong, it requires a skilled pair to time all of their CC like this together so that the enemy has no chance of responding. It also hinges on the enemy not having sustain or any way to escape this CC lock such as Sua’s shield. 
  • That is the list of pairs I believe are the best. Of course, people who are skilled in a particular character can pair together and trump these pairs as a skill that will always triumph over in-game mechanics. But these are easy to play together and are extremely pleasing to see work. 

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