[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Difficult Heroes Used by Pros

Witness how these complex heroes shine brightly when mastered correctly.

Playing Mobile Legends becomes more challenging because of heroes that are complicated in terms of skill set and laning. From the level of their difficulty, we can determine the hero's usability and ability. The heroes that will be present in this article are the top 10 heroes who aren't friendly beginners. 

These heroes require a deep understanding of their skills. Everyday practice is a must to outshine these heroes' abilities during battle. It'll consume time and effort to master these heroes yet, they can turn gameplay into some breathtaking actions that you, your teammates, and enemies would be amazed at.

10. Beatrix (Marksman) 

Eight skills in one hero, can you handle it all? 

She looks cute in her short pink hair. She looks confident and calm when walking. Impressive when preparing to shoot an enemy. But wait, don't be fooled. She's not your typical girl who plays barbie doll as he plays 4 different weapons. Weapons that need to change every time a battle situation changes. So the question is, can you handle Beatrix's complexity and make her shine more brightly?

Of course, you can! The only thing that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with her 4 weapons namely Renner, Bennet, Wesker, and Nibiru. Each of them has a unique ability that corresponds to different battle situations and this makes her hard to play as it requires a fast-thinking ability by the user to change Beatrix's weapon in every team fight. In short, the only thing that will limit Beatrix is your level of mastery of her. 

Beatrix may seem complicated but she's impressive in dealing insane damage. Learning Beatrix is the best choice if you want to be a good player. You only need to master every single corner of her. 

What Makes Beatrix Great: 

  • She's strong in the late game. 
  • She can deal great damage to opponents so it's not possible for her to "one hit" her enemies. 
  • She has a greater ability than other marksmen.


9. Wanwan (Marksman) 

If Beatrix is complicated, Wanwan is simple yet conditional!

You can only use her destructive and unlimited kick-ass skill if and only if you meet one condition. You need to attack the enemy's weak point by directing Wanwan's skill 1 and continuously attacking the enemy with her basic attack. If successful, there will be a unique indicator that Ultimate is active and ready to attack. Otherwise, her Ultimate is useless and just a display button. 

Wanwan is a marksman who's difficult to use but it's not impossible to master her. With perseverance and determination, you can lift your teammates with Wanwan. Keep practicing, watch some tutorials and play wisely then you'll see how Wanwan catches and conquers all enemies! 

What Makes Wanwan Great: 

  • She can attack while walking. 
  • Immune to any attacks when she's in her ultimate. 
  • Strong in the late game. 


8. Benedetta (Assassin)

Her destructive dash requires a high level of mastery! 

Benedetta is the only girl assassin whose skill set has uniformity. All of her skills specialize in dashing to deal damage. Dashing may look easy but it requires a high level of mentality to kill or escape. Like in using Benedetta, the user must be a quick thinker. 

It's difficult to use her skills during battle because the area of effect of her skills are limited - straight line and fan-shaped. We can't tell our enemies to stay online just for us to deal damage to them during battle. So this hero, Benedetta, requires perfect timing, and quick and witty thinking. If you're not, then better make an effort to master this destructive hero.

 What Makes Benedetta Great:

  • Deals high damage.
  • Capable of escaping away from enemies and chasing opponents. 
  • Can slow enemies essential to team fights. 


7. Hayabusa (Assassin)

Can't deny the fact that he's the trickiest assassin. 

Using his uncontrollable Ultimate requires a mark to target an enemy. If not, you'll waste Hayabusa's Ultimate on minions, crabs, or jungle monsters. It requires proper timing, fast hand movements, and the ability to think faster than your enemy. 

Hayabusa is a tricky assassin as it needs a user who has a witty mind. He deals more damage when he's near to a target and it's kinda dangerous because Hayabusa is very weak against burst damage. He needs to play safe, requires stacking to deal greater damage, and efficient but fast decision making by the player because teleporting to the shadow can be predictable sometimes. You need a tricky mind to dominate against your opponent. 

What Makes Hayabusa Great: 

  • He has high mobility. 
  • He is hard to capture by enemies. 
  • He has very high burst damage.


6. Gusion (Assassin) 

The only thing to kill an enemy is to do a perfect combo. A very confusing combo. 

Gusion is one of the coolest and most amazing heroes when creating a combo. But his combo will depend on the level of your mastery of this hero and also how fast your hand is. 

There are two combos mainly used by pro Gusion users. It depends on the distance of your enemy. When using Gusion check yourself first if you can think fast, fast hand player, and strategist. If there's missing on these any three conditions, better spend more time meeting these 3 requirements. It'll be a great help on game battles. 

What Makes Gusion Great: 

  • High agility.
  • Deals high damage.
  • Cool execution of combo skills.


5. Selena (Assassin)

Selena is one of the hardest heroes to play yet deals a high burst of magic damage. The only thing that sets her apart from the other heroes, is she can't kill if she fails to shoot her arrow at the enemy. Her other skills will be nonsense if her first skill failed to do its job. 

Playing Selena requires perfect timing and a high sense of prediction. This will be a great help for a successful shoot to kill using this high level of difficulty hero, Selena. 

What Makes Selena Great: 

  • Perfect for a surprise kill.
  • Has a long stun effect.
  • She has a dashing ability perfect for chasing and escaping away from enemies.


4. Chou (Fighter)

Trial and error is your friend when using Chou! 

Chou is a high burst damage hero but this hero can't kill a full life bar enemy if he doesn't use his ultimate followed by his powerful second and first skill. To execute and master his powerful combo, you need to bring a huge amount of determination, effort, and consistency as Chou is not a beginner-friendly hero. 

It's hard for a beginner to understand Chou's unique skill set. It's easy to say that you know how to do that only combo of his. But are sure that you can execute your enemy? Can you kick your opponent to your tower for a sure kill? A pro Chou user can move quickly but a sure kill even if he's alone but a noob user needs the help of his teammates to kill or end up wasting the skills and being killed by an opponent. 

What Makes Chou Great: 

  • Has a great escape ability. 
  • Perfect for a solo ambush.
  • Has high burst damage.


3. Ling (Assassin)

His sword requires a buff! 

It would take determination and effort to master Ling because dealing damage depends on the sword that Ling can pick when he casts his ultimate and lands the four swords. It requires fast hand movements and the ability to think quickly and efficiently. 

Maximizing his energy is also a great challenge to Ling users as this hero depends on completing objectives before diving into battle. Otherwise, Ling would end up being killed by an opponent. 

What Makes Ling Great: 

  • High Agility.
  • Aggressive in early to late game.
  • Immune to CC.


2. Lancelot (Assassin) 

He is known for tower diving as he chooses no one to kill. Can you do an unli-dash to execute his mastery, kill an enemy and go back safely and swiftly? 

Lancelot is not a friendly beginner as it requires a better understanding of his passive, his simple looking yet complex to execute skills, and his ability to chase an enemy and escape when running off health. Lancelot requires a high level of determination to master. 

He is difficult to play because the only thing that he can deal damage is proper timing and of course, a fast hand movements. It's hard to create a useful dash as Lancelot relies on his mana and his mana comes from completing objectives. If not, Lancelot as usual team carrier will end up as the team's burden. 

What Makes Lancelot Great: 

  • High level of agility.
  • He has great escape ability.
  • He can carry noob teammates with his insane damage. 


1. Fanny (Assassin) 

Among 114 heroes in Mobile Legends, Fanny is the most difficult hero to master!

She wants you to spend blood, sweat, and tears.  

Dominating over 5 opponents isn't a problem for Fanny. The only problem is utilizing her energy accurately to achieve a satisfying straight cable. 

Fanny relies on her energy under her life bar. Her main source of energy is killing a blue buff. This makes her difficult to play as it requires killing a jungle monster to win in every team fight. It's difficult for Fanny to dominate a game battle if there's an enemy invader as she relies on her energy and damage to jungle monsters and objectives. She shines in the early game but it's hard for her in the late game most especially if there's a late-game hero on the opponent's side. 

If you want to master Fanny, finish the battle as soon as possible. It's also a must that you memorize every corner of the map including walls and you should know how to maximize her Steel Cable. 

What Makes Fanny Great: 

  • She has a high level of agility.
  • She has a great escape capability.
  • She can dominate against 5 enemies.

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