Heroes of The Storm Best Announcers

A good leader commands without a doubt, and a good warrior obeys it in the same sense. Listen to the commanders of the Nexus, and you will come out on top.

10. The Kid

The Kid is a young boy having the time of his life with his brand-new toys. The unimaginable amount of fun he is having protects him from all the dark wonders of the surrounding Nexus. He also served as the host of an event called Toys and is available for players who wish to be followed in combat by his jolly little voice.

  • What are we playing? Is this the one with the hero toys? Awesome, I love this game!
  • No fair... I still learning the rules!

Initially, the player could have only attained this announcer through his board game when the Toy event began. However, Since the Toys II event, the Kid was made available as a regular Winter event loot for in-game currency. Rarity: Legendary.

9. Imperius

Leader of the Angiris Council and Aspect of Valor, Imperius has valiantly led the armies of the High Heavens to innumerable victories over the demons of the Burning Hells. Is there a warrior who would not wish for such a leader on the battlefield? Is there a warrior who would not follow the mighty spear of the Imperius? Onward to glory!

  • Hmph. Another mortal for me to command.
  • Even you can be empowered by valor.
  • Victory is within our grasp. We press on!

If you want to have a battle experience in the Nexus, you can not do it without Imperiuse's voice. His commands and assessment of the situation give you the feeling of an actual hardline officer guiding you.

The Imperius announcer can be obtained from a loot chest. The alternative is buying it in the shop. Rarity: Legendary.

8. Deathwing 

Neltharion the Earth-Warder, one of the five dragon aspects and leader of the Black Dragonflight, will lead you to a glorious battle in which all will perish. You will lay siege to and slay anything that gets in your way. The path of fire and destruction awaits, but fear not. Only through his guidance will victory be assured.

  • Prepare yourselves whelps. The battle awaits.
  • A true omen of things to come.
  • This outcome matters not. Soon all will perish.

Maybe the player wants to sow destruction and chaos on the weekend or just feels a bit evil. Deathwing's baritone will be perfect.

Deathwing announcer is an ordinary hero announcer, it can be attained either through loot or by crafting it in the shop using shards. Rarity: Legendary.

7. Raven Lord

Oberon, the Raven Lord. He is a mysterious figure whose lust for power brings Nexus to the verge of collapse. Under the cloak of saving it from an unknown entity, he moves closer to dominating it and all of its realms. Every warrior must choose under whose banner to fight! But... But why under his?

"You dare come to Cursed Hollow? <laugh> Amusing."

"I grow tired of your petty squabbling. Gather tribute! Earn my favor!"

"You have served me well, Heroes."

The Raven Lord and his sarcasm are some of the favorites for the average HotS player. An assertive, somewhat mean voice gives the player quite a laugh. There is an interesting combination of lines when the player achieves a kill and dies afterward: 


You died by the way.

The Raven Lord announcer can be acquired through loot chests, or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Legendary.

6. Adjutant

"Intelligent, detached, occasionally breaks and becomes erratic"—this is the description of one of the most effective AIs that helped the Terrans achieve every goal of humanity. Who would be better at leading the armies in a battle if not a crazy AI? Also, ignore her sudden malfunctions, and give her the additional task of safekeeping the nukes at Warhead Junction.

  • Battleground initialization is in progress all forces prepare for combat.
  • Alert! Core under attack.

AI - it is precise and efficient. It gives the information the player needs with a complete lack of mean comments like those of Imperius or Alarak. Those can hurt someone's feelings. 

The Adjutant announcer is acquired through loot or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Legendary.

5. Abathur

The master of evolution will be the best guide to battle. He has seen every combination, every possibility. He will adapt every hero that falls under his command to any situation.

  • Direct combat: not recommended.
  • Determining efficient route.
  • Evolution beneficial.

The Abathur’s voice line is similar to that of the AIs called adjutants. It is simple, confirmative, and, above all, efficient. The player will not have the laugh of his life as with some other announcers, but he will have a clean game with no distractions from his "commander."

Abathur’s announcer is acquired through loot or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Legendary.

4. Butcher

Through his devilish voice, all heroes will hear the screams of Tartarus. The horror will enter their veins, it will corrupt their minds. As savages fueled by rage, they will crush the enemy lines. Let the chilling voice guide you too.

  • “Angry growl”
  • “Dark laugh”
  • “Positive growls”
  • Fresh meat! - rare

It's just a bunch of grunts. That is it. Weagh, urrgh, blargh, waaaaargh! These lines never get boring, no matter how much someone plays, and the best part is the countdown to the beginning of the match.

Butcher’s announcer is acquired through loot or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Epic.

3. Murky

Mrgglgur brmuglgrr, bruglmrmrmr! - This is pure military brilliance. Any tactician, whether Zhukov, MacArthur, or Napoleon, would bask in this knowledge. Mark these words and engrave them in the halls of Elysium once you get there.

  • (The standard Murloc noise): Mrggllggllggll.
  • (The battle cry): Mrglrugrg glruggmrglg!

Murky's lines are always the same. At least to humanoids and probably most other creatures. Free to be interpreted in any way possible, his words are an interesting and colorful addition to any match.

Murky’s announcer is acquired through loot or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Legendary.

2. Brightwing

Who should lead heroes if not a dragon? A beast whose wrath burns as bright as all the suns, a monster under whose weight kingdoms quake. That is the dragon! But the shop is currently out of stock, so the only offer is Brightwing. He may not be able to do any of the aforementioned, but he is still classified as a "dragon."

  • Brightwing see Brightwing on battlefield! (giggle) Hello Brightwing! Wait... Confused now.
  • Oooh! That corpse make for good eat!
  • You are dead now! Dead, dead, dead!
  • You take nap? Brightwing take nap too! (snores)

Hearing the little dragon's voice, all cute and innocent, making the most psychopathic murder threats is the funniest thing ever. Truly, Brightwing's cute voice and lines deserve the top spot on this list.

Brightwing announcer is acquired through loot or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Legendary.

1. Alarak

The new Highlord of the Tal'darim, Alarak has once led his people to a destiny free of the corrupt influence of the fallen Xel'naga. Now he will lead all heroes he deems mighty in this new hell called Nexus.

  • The combat begins shortly. Your failure will likely follow.
  • Thank your Highlord for this gift, supplicant.
  • Protect the core! The concept is alarmingly simple.
  • huh! You survived, will wonders never cease"

Presumably, the best announcer is Alarak. His sarcastic comments and arrogant view of the battlefield and its players are hilarious. He will make any hero laugh and make him humble, even in the biggest of his victories.

Alarak announcer is acquired through loot or by crafting it in the shop via shards. Rarity: Legendary.

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