Heroes of the Storm Tier List [Best And Worst Heroes Revealed]

Savage and fierce battles erupt in this cursed realm. Warriors strike at each other in a beastly manner. Choose the right side or share the fate of Nexus' victims.

The wind husks the outer sides of the old stone gate, erasing unworldly runes. But the sides facing the souls that enter its void remain as clear as the day they emerged from the ground. On them, all of the names damned to eternally roam the Tartarus named Nexus. The ones who rule with their power and the ones destined to lose every battle, each one's name from the best to the worst, chiseled onto the gates so all who crave this realm can see them.


This tier brings us the most valuable heroes. Ones that can decide the game's outcome easily, and the ones that are most often picked or banned. 

Rehgar (99/100)

Rehgar is a melee healer with limited single-target sustain healing. He maybe lacks a little as an ordinary healer, but is highly efficient as a support. He can be considered an excellent enabler for bruisers, melee assassins, and AA damage dealers, gifting them with Lightning Shield and Bloodlust.

Here are a few reasons why he is in the S-tier:

  • High waveclear, especially for a healer
  • Great at clearing mercenary camps
  • Outstanding heroic Bloodlust that gives attack and movement speeds to the allied players
  • Great mobility outside and during the fight with Ghost Wolf

Rehgar’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/rehgar/ 

Johanna - Tank (97/100)

"I am searching for an apprentice. Someone to train in the art of righteous warfare. Someone to carry my shield, my name, and my crusade after I fall in battle. Not everyone is suited for this life. The Crusade is a heavy burden, but someone has to carry it. My name is Johanna. I am searching for an apprentice...Interested?"


Johanna is one of the most resilient heroes in the Nexus. She can perform many crowd-control moves with her blinding and stunning abilities. Johanna can fit into any composition and is designed to cause chaos among enemy lines. This crusader is a real gem in the game, with apparently no realistic counter.

What makes Johanna powerful:

  • Amazing crowd-control abilities that can disrupt any enemy composition
  • Massive health pool and shields
  • A substantial amount of damage can be provided
  • No direct counter in the game

Johanna’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/johanna/  

Diablo - Tank (95/100)

"And perhaps the worst of the three... he who is the essence of terror... the lord Diablo." - Tyrael

The youngest of three Prime Evils, Al'Diabolos, the Lord of Terror, or simply Diablo is a creature of unimaginable power, something or someone all should bow from fear.


Diablo is an aggressive tank with many crowd-control abilities that provide efficient peeling and setting up for his teammates. But without proper coordination, his abilities are a double-edged sword. He can both punish enemies' bad positioning and, more often than not, save them from allied spells.

The Demon Lord ensured his place via:

  • Extremely reliable initiation
  • Massive HP
  • To a large degree, self-sustainable
  • Excellent at peeling with his crowd-control abilities
  • A great passive that enables quick respawn (Black Soulstones)

Diablo full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/diablo/ 

Anduin - Healer (95/100)

Charming Anduin Llane Wrynn desired to become a simple priest of the Holy Light, fleeing from the burden of his name. But faith ensured differently. The boy ended up being a man. A man ended up being a king. He became the High King of the Alliance and the King of Stormwind. Now Anduin enters a new realm, but his intentions and convictions remain unaltered.

Anduin and other ranged healers like him are excellent at providing for themselves and their teammates. He is a unique choice for his role due to his crowd control and utility effects, in addition to his healing and shielding prowess. When someone masters Anduin's arsenal of both offensive and defensive abilities, teams with him on board will have a potent healer on their backline.

If you require further assurance of his strength:

  • Strong burst healing
  • Capable of removing enemy effects from allied heroes
  • A good late game that can give an edge
  • Decent crowd-control

Anduin full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/anduin/ 

Valla - Ranged Assassin (92/100)

There are plenty of reasons why heroes get driven into the Nexus. Lust, power, greed, or just a vendetta She saw everything she knew piling up in the middle of a scene from hell. She saw, and she remembered. She never got rid of that picture, and that is why Valla became a demon hunter with an eternal love for puppies and long walks during the sunset.


Valla is a ranged assassin that is a master of flexibility and basic attack damage. Her outstanding single-target damage and on-demand area of effect burst damage are her strong traits. Her relative vulnerability, however, makes her a top target for the adversary.

Just some of the reasons why Valla is amongst the best:

  • Decent waveclear with both basic attack and basic abilities
  • Good at poking enemies because of her mobility
  • Versatile; fits any team composition
  • Strong in all phases of the game
  • Very high single-target and area of effect damage

Full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/valla/  

Hoggers - Bruiser (92/100)

Hogger, chieftain of the Riverpaw pack, is an elite gnoll that left his home in Elwynn Forest for the Nexus. The reason behind his departure is lunacy, as anyone who has heard his screams and laughter would attest. He is a danger let loose, but perhaps the greatest dancer in all of Nexus. The way he rocks and jiggles, none can match.


Hogger is a melee bruiser with the unique ability to create and get the advantage of impassable terrain, which is extremely valuable in narrow spaces between the lanes. With Hogg Wild and the use of the terrain, he can easily capture mercenary camps. Aside from the mentioned abilities, he can deal significant burst damage. Hoggers also emphasizes prolonged fights because he does not use mana but a special called Rage.

Why Hogger can be considered an S-tier:

  • Outstanding wave-clear
  • Great burst damage, especially if Rage reaches its limit
  • Great mobility and escape opportunities
  • Easy capture of mercenary camps
  • Decent crowd-control

Hogger’s full details 

Leoric - Bruiser (90/100)

"From the east shall come a monarch whose rule begins in blood and ends in bone. In the light of a comet, he will die a third and final death at the hands of true men.”

Through corruption, agony was born. Pain that was engraved in history for all to remember. And no amount of blood or death will humble it. Oh, no death will take away Leoric.


Leoric is an aggressive melee Bruiser that excels in self-sustain, mobility, and damage output. His abilities enable him to even fight multiple enemies, but one of his main advantages is his trait Undying which causes him to take on ghost form when killed. In that form, if the player performs well Leoric can respawn quicker than any hero.

Reasons why Leoric is on this spot:

  • Fast respawn thanks to Drain Essence
  • Can become unstoppable when needed
  • Strong in the late game
  • Good self-sustain
  • Solid waveclear and mobility 

Leoric’s full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/leoric/   

Azmodan - Ranged Assassin (90/100)

Sin follows us everywhere we go, never allowing us a free step. Everyone must fall into this web at least once. And it makes no difference how you got there; whether you were tainted by it or seduced by it, sin will consume us all, and we will all fall under the spell of its lord, Azmodan.


Azmodan is a long-range assassin who makes use of the far-casting basic skill Globe of Annihilation and the summoning of minions with high damage output. Azmodan can wreak havoc on opposing forts if positioned well. His downside is his movement speed, which breeds multiple chances of being cornered.

For Azmodan, there are several reasons why he is at the top of the list:

  • High area of effect damage output potential and waveclear
  • The ability to summon minions that are a great asset when pushing
  • Far-range first ability that does not require Azmodan to engage with the enemies
  • Can cast most of his abilities from one lane to another lane
  • Decent survivability that compensates immobility to a degree 

Azmodan full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/azmodan/


This tier consists of highly valuable heroes, which are often picked or banned. They can change the ending on their own. Although they are not as powerful in their roles as their S-tier counterparts, they are still a great pick. Wise picks that come under A-tier are:

  • Malfurion - Healer (89/100)
  • Stukov - Healer (88/100)
  • Sonya - Bruiser (86/100)
  • Mei - Tank (86/100)
  • Zeratul - Melee Assassin (86/100)
  • Jaina - Ranged Assassin (86/100)
  • Muradin - Tank (85/100)
  • E.T.C. - Tank (85/100)
  • Mephisto - Ranged Assassin (85/100)
  • Thrall - Bruiser (85/100)
  • Raynor - Ranged Assassin (85/100)
  • Lucio - Healer (84/100)
  • Brightwing - Healer (84/100)
  • Abathur - Support (84/100)
  • Ragnaros - Bruiser (84/100)
  • Dehaka - Bruiser (84/100)
  • Deathwing - Bruiser (83/100)
  • Garrosh - Tank (83/100)
  • Tracer - Ranged Assassin (83/100)
  • Sylvanas - Ranged Assassin (83/100)
  • Fenix - Ranged Assassin (83/100)Tassadar - Ranged Assassin (82/100)
  • Hanzo - Ranged Assassin (82/100)\Yrel- Bruiser (81/100)
  • Mal’Ganis - Tank (80/100)
  • Blaze - Tank (80/100)


B-tier is rather diverse it can hold some great picks and some barely average ones. Heroes that fall into this bag are useful and can provide for the team, but should not give an edge in normal circumstances. This tier consists of:

  • Kerrigan - Melee Assassin (79/100)
  • Anub’arak - Tank (79/100)
  • Stitches - Tank (79/100)
  • Li Ming - Ranged Assassin (79/100)
  • Alarak - Melee Assassin (79/100)
  • Artanis - Bruiser (79/100)
  • Varian - Bruiser (79/100)
  • Falstad - Ranged Assassin (78/100)
  • Zul’jin - Ranged Assassin (78/100)
  • Illidan - Melee Assassin (77/100)
  • Valeera - Melee Assassin (77/100)
  • Xul - Bruiser (77/100)
  • D.Va - Bruiser (77/100)
  • Cassia - Ranged Assassin (76/100)
  • Gall - Ranged Assassin (76/100)
  • Deckard - Healer (76/100)
  • Junkrat - Ranged Assassin (75/100)
  • Chromie - Ranged Assassin (75/100)
  • Orphea - Ranged Assassin (75/100)
  • Li Li - Healer (74/100)
  • Medivh - Support (74/100)
  • Rexxar - Bruiser (73/100)
  • Lt. Morales - Healer (72/100)
  • Auriel - Healer (72/100)
  • Kharazim - Healer (72/100)
  • Chen - Tank (71/100)
  • Gazlowe - Bruiser (70/100)
  • Nazeebo - Ranged Assassin (70/100)


In C-tier the player can find weaker heroes who face certain disadvantages. These heroes are vital only when a certain player masters them or when the team composition requires their presence. Hero in this tier guarantees an uphill battle. C-tier heroes are:

  • Gul’dan - Ranged Assassin (69/100)
  • Greymane - Ranged Assassin (69/100)
  • Lunara - Ranged Assassin (69/100)
  • Samuro - Melee Assassin (68/100)
  • Genji - Ranged Assassin(68/100)
  • Alexstraza - Healer (68/100)
  • Zarya - Support (67/100)
  • Nova - Ranged Assassin (66/100)
  • Kael’thas - Ranged Assassin  (65/100)
  • Zagara - Ranged Assassin  (64/100)
  • Tychus - Ranged Assassin (64/100)
  • Tyrande - Healer (63/100)
  • Uther - Healer (63/100)
  • Whitemane - Healer (63/100)
  • Alextrasza - Healer (63/100)
  • Ana - Healer (62/100)
  • The Lost Vikings - Support (62/100)
  • Malthael - Bruiser (62/100)
  • Arthas  - Bruiser (62/100)
  • Murky - Melee Assassin (61/100)
  • Probius - Ranged Assassin (60/100)


Usable in specific situations, heroes from this tier are sure to bring more negatives than positives in any game. They are of low health pool and low damage. Players should avoid them. Here they are:

  • Maiev - Melee Assassin (59/100)
  • Qhira - Melee Assassin (58/100)
  • Butcher - Melee Assassin (58/100)
  • Kel’Thuzad - Ranged Assassin (55/100)
  • Tyrael - Tank (54/100)
  • Sgt. Hammer - Ranged Assassin (53/100)
  • Imperius - Bruiser (52/100)

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