10 Best Heroes of the Storm Characters for Beginners

Heroes of the Storm Characters for Beginners

Top 10 Heroes of the Storm Champions for Beginners

10. Jaina

"I'm here to help!"

Jaina Proudmoore enters the nexus from the Warcraft realm of Azeroth. Jaina is known for being wise and courageous, as well as the most powerful human sorceress in Azeroth. She is a frost mage, and each of her abilities in Heroes of the Storm is linked to frost. Jaina is a good ranged assassin choice for beginner players because she works well with many different team compositions. She does rely on good accuracy to land most of her abilities, so wait until you’re comfortable with basic movement and gameplay to give her a try. Because she is squishy and doesn’t have many escape options, learn good positioning or die trying! In the Nexus, Jaina gets the chance to face off against Garrosh, who destroyed her city of Theramore and earned her enduring hatred.

9. Lt. Morales

"Let's save some lives!"

Lieutenant Rosa Morales is a well known ranged Terran medic unit from the StarCraft universe. In StarCraft she is a member of the United Earth Directorate and a veteran of the Brood War. She is a combat medic who fearlessly braves the front lines with one mission: keep her soldiers healthy. She is the only female StarCraft support hero in Heroes of the Storm. Lt. Morales is a good single target support hero, and provides beginners with an opportunity to learn good positioning. Because she is very vulnerable and doesn’t have escape talents, make sure you stay close to your warrior players so they can peel to save you. Make good use of your grenades to displace and disrupt enemy heroes. As a Terran from StarCraft, Lt. Morales has a strong personal dislike for the Protoss and Zerg heroes in the game, like Tassadar and Stukov.

8. Lucio

"Oh! This is my jam!"

Lucio skated into the Nexus from Overwatch where he drops beats as a freedom-fighting DJ. Lucio is originally from southern Brazil, and is the first hero in Heroes of the Storm with diacritics in his name. Within the Overwatch universe, he has a strong rivalry with hard-light architect Symetra, because of his history of working against her company, Vishkar. In Heroes of the Storm, Lucio is a good choice for learning support because he is very mobile and is always healing or speed boosting in an aura around him. The most important thing to remember as a Lucio player is staying close to your team, both to heal them and to “boop” away any enemies who are getting too close. He is a strong character for learning good rotations around the battlefield. In Heroes of the Storm, he continues to fight for freedom, justice, and roller blades for all.

7.  E.T.C.

"I bring the mega-death!"

E.T.C. power slid into the Nexus from Azeroth, the World of Warcraft realm. He is the incarnation of the Elite Tauren Chieftains (E.T.C.), a real-life band made up of Blizzard Employees. The Elite Tauren Chieftains appear in World of Warcraft as members of the Horde. E.T.C.’s kit, voice lines and talents are filled with references to real-life rock bands and songs, like his pink goatee, which references famous deceased Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrel. E.T.C. is a good warrior for beginners because of his strong crowd control and good escape abilities, like power slide. He is great for shutting the enemy down and learning how to combo with your teammates with abilities like Powerslide, Face Melt and Moshpit. When you’re learning to play E.T.C., make sure you keep an eye on your backline assassins and supports, it’s your job to peel back and help them when they’re being targeted by enemies. Powerslide through multiple enemies to stun them and follow up with a Face Melt to put them out of position.In Heroes of the Storm, E.T.C. is always looking for the chance to get an upper hand over Alliance heroes, like Jaina and Varian.

6. Malfurion

"Elune, grant us strength!"

Malfurion Stormrage enters the Nexus as the greatest druid in Azeroth. In the universe of Warcraft, he communes with Nature through the Emerald Dream to protect dark-elves from demonic influences. He fights alongside his lover, Tyrande Whisperwind, a number of times against the Burning Legion. As a support in Heroes of the Storm, Malfurion is strong at healing multiple targets over time, and restoring his team’s mana. He can also reveal and root multiple enemies with a well-placed Entangling Roots. Malfurion is a good hero for beginners who have gained some experience to practice sustaining their team through long laning phases or team fights. Use Entangling Roots to block your retreat, or to set up your team to land strong combos.Malfurion is cautiously aligned with members of the Alliance and Horde alike, such as Jaina or Thrall, but has a history of conflict with Garrosh in particular, standing as an accuser during Garrosh’s trial after the end of the Alliance-Horde Wars. 

5. Muradin

"Ready for action!"

Muradin Bronzebeard is the Mountain King and leader of the Bronzebeard clan in Azeroth and a powerful warrior in Heroes of the Storm. Muradin is the only Dwarven warrior hero in Heroes of the Storm. His voice line “Ye never toss a dwarf” is a reference to Gimli’s line in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, “Nobody tosses a dwarf!” He is a fantastic warrior character for Heroes of the Storm beginners because he rapidly regenerates his own health when he is low on hit points. He has strong stun abilities in Storm Bolt and Thunder Bolt, that lock enemy heroes down. Because some of his abilities, like Storm Bolt, require skill shots to land, he is a good hero to practice accuracy on. He is especially good for beginners because he pairs well with many heroes and has a great emergency escape with Dwarf Toss. Like many other Warcraft heroes, he fought against Garrosh in the Alliance-Horde Wars, and attended his trial after the wars ended. In Heroes of the Storm, he undoubtedly is still seeking to make the Warchief pay for his crimes.

4. Valla

"I stand ready."

Valla, the Demon Hunter, represents the Demon Hunter class from the Diablo universe. When her village was destroyed by demonic creatures who left her for dead, she made it her mission to hunt down and eliminate all demonic spawn and influence. Valla has been a hero in Heroes of the Storm since Alpha and was the first Diablo assassin in the game. Valla is a good ranged assassin choice for beginners because of her strong auto-attacking and low-cool down escape ability, Vault. When learning to play Valla, remember to stay behind your warriors and attack from a distance. You can only vault once in a short time, and if you burn it because of bad positioning, it’s very easy for the enemy to lock you down and quickly drain your small health pool! Use Valla to practice target priority with Hungering Arrow, saving it to chunk down low health enemy heroes. She is a good hero to practice stutter-stepping while auto attacking. Valla is a versatile hero and can do a lot of good at every level of the game, making her a great assassin to have in your hero pool. In Heroes of the Storm as in Diablo, Valla is always on the hunt for the Lord of Terror himself, and will take out Diablo at all costs.

3. Johanna

"The Crusade calls."

Johanna, the Crusader of Zakarum, bears the legacy of many women who have carried the cause of the crusade and pass along the name Johanna and the legendary equipment of the Crusader. She represents the Crusader class from the Diablo universe. One of her gag quotes, ”Oh Akarat, bless this, thy holy flail, that with it, Thou mayest smite thine enemies into tiny, tiny, unfathomably tiny bits. In Thy mercy, let it be so.” references a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Johanna is an exceptionally strong melee warrior for beginner characters. Because nearly all of her abilities are Area of Effect, you can play a good game on her before you’ve had the time to develop your accuracy. Johanna is particularly good at disrupting and blinding the enemy team, and comes with a fantastic escape in Iron Skin, which makes her invulnerable and lets her walk to safety without taking any damage. Johanna seeks out and destroys evil wherever she can find it, and is particularly set against the dark Diablo characters like Butcher, Diablo and Azmodan.

2.  Raynor

"Anytime you're ready."

Jim Raynor is a battle-scarred Terran veteran of the original StarCraft. Throughout countless wars, betrayals and defeats he continues to press on in the fight for justice. He was one of the original 18 heroes demoed for Heroes of the Storm. Raynor has strong auto-attack and is the hero every player guides through the Heroes of the Storm tutorial, making him a good choice for the first assassin you learn. His trait of Advanced Optics gives him more range and vision than other ranged heroes, giving you more awareness of the battleground and letting you attack from behind your warrior. Raynor’s self-heal ability, Adrenaline Rush, activates a large burst of self-healing to keep you alive when you’re caught in a sticky spot. As a StarCraft hero, Raynor distrusts any Protoss and Zerg, like Artanis and Stukov and will do his best to take them down! 

10. Li Li

Li Li Stormstout is the enthusiastic and irrepressibly adventurous World Wanderer from the Warcraft universe. She is the niece of Chen, and together they are the only two panderan characters in Heroes of the Storm. Li Li is typically recognized as the most user friendly hero in Heroes of the Storm. Every four seconds she can use Healing Brew to automatically heal the lowest health hero within range. Fast Feet gives her increased movement speed anytime she takes damage, making for a quick escape. She is also able to dish out good damage for a support hero with Blinding Wind and Cloud Serpent. Li Li is great for beginners because she doesn’t require skill shots to be successful. She can also sustain her team well, and keep herself safe, while putting damage on the enemy. Because she has good utility and a strong ability set, she is the ultimate hero for beginners. Her enthusiastic personality rubs some heroes the wrong way, but Li Li’s too busy searching for adventure to notice or care. 

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