[Top 5] Heroes of the Storm Best Mercenary Killers (Latest Patch)

Heroes of the Storm Best Mercenary Killers That Are Powerful
Swords clash and shields splinter; heroes strike one another and many fall in this eternal battle. If only sold souls did not roam this realm, their battles could last for eons. To give a sword in battle, mercs are in the Nexus to bolster your ranks.

Zagara - Ranged Assassin

Zagara Grand Master Playthrough

She was a part of the plan, and that is why she lived. Her life served the rebirth of the swarm. Zagara, the brood mother, brings her creations along and enters the Nexus. Be afraid to squash a small Zerg in there, for it may be one of her children.

Zagara is a ranged assassin who relies on Zerg summons to deal damage. Creep Tumor is her primary ability, providing her with attack range and movement speed. It grants vision throughout the map, wherever she lays them. If left unchecked, Zagara can push the lane quite hard, which can be even worse if the mercs are in play.

Why Zagara is great against mercs:

  • Her minions soak up the majority of the damage
  • The damage output is very high. She clears camps very quickly, especially with the use of banelings.
  • Nydus can get her to 3 different mercenary camps seconds apart from each other. 
  • If she has been good about dropping creep, she often knows when it's safe to solo a camp.

Zagara full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/zagara 


Gazlowe - Bruiser

Gazlowe Grand Master Playthrough

Gazlowe's love of money, explosives, and technology, which his kin shares, makes him very dangerous both to his enemies and himself. On the other hand, the Nexus is not the place for a small and frail humanoid. But if you have a brand new exoskeleton apparatus that operates as a war machine and works from time to time, then I guess you can enter.

Gazlowe is a melee bruiser that excels at space control, sieging forts, and painlessly claiming mercenary camps. With decent survivability provided by the talent sheet, Gazlowe can easily endure dives while also constructing many of his turrets, which is a great bother to the enemy.

Why is Gazlowe so good against Mercs:

  • His turrets can absorb most of the damage and provide some
  • He has a stunning ability that protects tougher mercs
  • Can solo easy or hard mercs at level 4 because of his abilities
  • Can solo Golem after level 10 with a proper talent build

Gazlowe full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/gazlowe 


Sylvanas - Ranged Assassin

Sylvanas Grand Master Playthrough 

The first Banshee, Sylvanas Windrunner, previously served as the Warchief of the Horde, the Ranger-General of Silvermoon, and the supreme leader of the Forsaken. Sylvanas no longer carries any of those labels. She enters the Nexus today under the guise of the Dark Lady.

Sylvanas is a quite mobile ranged assassin. Her unique ability to disable forts and minions via Black Arrows and several maps' control-oriented talent selections rewards players with a strong push option in the game. The way she briefly disables forts and minions can be used for mercs too.

Why is Sylvanas great against mercs:

  • Effective waveclear with Unstable Poison
  • The usage of Black Arrow makes it easy to clear camps
  • The Mercenary Queen talent grants non-elite mercs nearby 60% damage output.
  • The Mercenary Queen also grants Sylvanas an additional 30% damage against merc

Sylvanas full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/sylvanas 


Nazeebo - Ranged Assassin

Nazeebo Grand Master Playthrough

"With cabalistic incantations and vestments of feather and bone, the heretic Witch Doctor Nazeebo of the Umbaru tribe calls upon spirits from the Unformed Land to aid him in battle."

Few will see the Witch Doctor in flesh, without losing their own here in Nexus.

Nazeebo is a ranged assassin oriented around spell damage. He can deal a good amount of burst damage and a decent amount of sustained damage from a distance. Additional crowd control and a relatively large health pool give him an edge in the battle.

What makes Nazeebo great against mercs:

  • Great burst damage, allowing him to quickly clear merc camps
  • Dead Rush allows zombies from Dead Wall to run around, allowing more damage to be soaked up by them
  • Gargantuan heroics allow Nazeebo to clear Golem camps
  • A relatively big health pool allows him to sustain some damage in camps until he clears them

Nazeebo full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/nazeebo/


Tychus - Ranged Assassin

Tychus Grand Master Playthrough

"They say a man never really knows himself... until his freedom's been taken away. I wonder... how well do you know yourself?"  - Arcturus Mengsk on the day of Findlay's release.

Maybe you do know yourself, but nobody knows Tychus Findlay. Perhaps he is a scoundrel who would sell his mother for the right sum. Or perhaps he is that devoted soldier who has repeatedly risked his life for his fellow Marines. You will find out in Nexus.

Tychus is a sustained damage ranged assassin who excels at damaging heroes with large HP. Much of his damage from Overkill and Minigun abilities can be interrupted by crowd control. This requires Tychus to apply that Marine tactical brilliance to careful positioning.

What makes Tychus great against mercs:

  • He can kite very effectively during Overkill, making it impossible for siege mercs to hit him
  • Fairly good waveclear with Overkill and Frag Grenade
  • His combined mobility and damage output allows him to clear camps solo
  • The Odin heroic is an outstanding asset for pushing alongside mercs

Tychus full details: https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-gb/heroes/tychus


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