10 Reasons Why Heroes of the Storm Is Bad And How To Make It Better

It is not a day at the pool if your game needs improving. Hard work is what Heroes of the Storm needs.

1. Quickmatch Problem

Heroes of the Storm entered the market with the idea of a casual game, gifting gamers with a fresh experience. But HotS failed where it needed to succeed. Their quick match mode was supposed to be a materialization of those ideas but came out as a disaster. 

With the “Pick-what-you-want” game, Blizzard refreshed the market but only negatively. The total randomness of picks it brought accompanied by a variety of maps, which are wildly different, disallowed any fair matchups. Teams consisting of three bruisers and two assassins could face off against an optimal composition. The unattainability of fair fights was ensured, and in the end, HotS failed the casual players it wanted to draw in so much.

The solution is simple: the QM should include at least some degree of the draft, countering randomness and gifting the players what they deem most necessary - a fair match.

2. Bad matchmaking

One of the biggest ers of HoTS developers is their matchmaking system. It is sometimes almost unbearable to play any mode besides ARAM. 

Even if some matches got past the stage of randomness and allowed a fair fight by draft, the player matchmaking system gave it another setback. More than often can the players see poor performance in top leagues, while some of their counterparts with high skill sets are stuck in lower tiers. This only deepens the problem of an unfair fight in the HotS.

The developers should make better algorithms for matchmaking and ensure realistic metrics for it.

3. Quantity vs quality

In the never-ending debate of quality versus quantity, Blizzard opted for one side, allowing a steady influx of new heroes, whereas previous ones were not “finished”.

The quality and quantity debate should not be taken as a black-and-white choice but as a motivator to find a middle ground and a balance. Blizzard got that wrong, and the Nexus got an addition every few months. Many heroes craved rework, but none came, simply because the factory was busy building new ones. A severe imbalance followed, with some heroes being overpowered while others were left as insignificant choices. Eventually, the reworks began, but the list was long, and some are still in the queue.

The Heroes of the Storm does not require a focus on the new, it has already brought so much. It requires a focus on what has been made, enhancing it, and balancing it out.

4. A difficult MOBA

In a game filled with an abundance of maps, different rotation techniques, and always challenging matchmaking, the players will have a rough time. 

For anyone, mastering a single map is hard enough, so performing adequately on fifteen seems impossible. Some maps require a composition of 4-1, 2-2-1, or the standard one on top and bot and three on mid. This complexity requires players to learn a lot and gain experience; some are just not into it. Sometimes even the standard composition is hard to perform because of the knowledge of specific players.

Simplifying the mechanics of maps, quests, and objectives could result in HotS becoming the truly casual game it wants to be.

5. Inadequate tutorials

The essence of enjoying any game is for the game to be of good quality. For that, you require plenty of things, but more than anything, you need good players. And how do you get that? Through experience, of course, but also through excellent and well-founded tutorials. Do you have that in HoTS? No! 

The Nexus is an odd and complex place characterized by diversity. There are too many heroes, maps, and strategies; lanes that are not role-defined; and specifics that are hard to understand. Providing the players with proper tutorials would have been one solution, but HotS chose not to do so. It gave them unnecessary and misleading knowledge. Fresh players were taught how to gank and hide in bushes but not how to soak or take mercenary camps, which are essential.

No player should gank with a random hero every game, but he should understand the game's true concept so he can adapt to any new situation. This simply requires adequate tutorials.

6. Game optimization

Even though we live in a time where lagging and framerate should not be significant issues, HotS has shown us otherwise. Players from various parts of the world are subjected to this on a daily basis. Frustrated, they often turn their back on the game, making this MOBA lose its already small popularity. The problems of reconnecting and lagging should be minimal, if not non-existent.

7. Big problems and slow reactions

The development team of HoTS has certainly had some setbacks, which are normal for any team. But allowing a major fire to burn for four weeks is outrageous.

The Heroes of the Storm allowed balance issues to persist for extended periods, which caused nerve-racking problems for players. Developers should have been faster in applying balance patches, which would solve some existing problems and allowed for more flexibility in development. Instead, the game experienced many massive reworks out of nowhere. Reworks that completely changed the gameplay of certain heroes, were done just so the old mistakes could be fixed.

The community said it all, and Blizzard just had to listen. Every developer should shape the game around the desires of their target group.

8. Talent System

Talents are a huge category in the game—something that makes HotS stand out and truly unique in the MOBA world. And there, where HotS should have been great, it was merely adequate.

The Talent System was a fresh replacement for LoL's store and gold system. It provided players with a selection of upgrades for their heroes at various levels. In theory, the players had to choose between four interesting options, but in practice, only two of them were viable. This stripped the players of unique builds and playthroughs, forcing them to stick to the same patterns every time.

Allowing players to make game-impacting choices, either negative or positive ones, is necessary for any game. The talent system should be deepened, giving the players more real options.

9. Coin-flip endings

Your team has wreaked havoc on the enemy the entire game. Pushing them to their core, they are beaten up, but with the flip of a coin, they turn the tables around.

When playing high-quality matches, it is not rare for players to experience these kinds of endings. No matter how well a team plays, from a certain point on, everything will depend on one final team fight. This is the fruit of the experience system, for the difference is only counted on talent-giving levels. Being level 26 and playing against level 23 will not give you that edge, but being dead for more than 60 seconds will prove long enough for the enemy to destroy your core.

More talent levels or a form of differentiation other than the talent system would ensure more stability in the games.

10. Too much team reliance

Is there a reason for this suffering? Are Blizzard fans meant to meet this faith? Who has decided that they would not be able to outshine all and illuminate the path toward victory for their team?

The Heroes of the Storm's reliance on teamwork is possibly the most serious issue. The experience system in the game is set up so that all the players on one team share experience points equally. This disallows any player to advance further than their team, no matter how good they are, comparatively. Things like carrying or one versus five are almost impossible, giving another setback to competitiveness, which should be a keyword for all MOBAs.

The players love to be the best, and challenges are what drives them forward. Allowing them to step outside the boundaries set by their team would give a rebirth to the game.


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