Overwatch, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm will get College Seasons in Fall and Spring

2016 college seasons
Tespa has got several awesome contests in store for us

For the span of the academic year, Tespa in collaboration with Blizzard will be organizing and hosting competitions for Blizzard’s three big games.

The competitions will take place in 2 seasons - fall, and spring. During fall season, we are kicking off with a Collegiate Series for Overwatch. That is to say, only one team can join the competition per school.

The best team from each college gets to join the Overwatch Collegiate Series!

The season will span over seven weeks, and the players will be split in four regions. The winners for every region will go on to the finals, to compete for the 100.000 dollars awarded in scholarship money for the winners.

During this season, open leagues are also taking place for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm!

If you don’t manage to land a place in the Main Tournament, fret not, for other games are not forgotten. During off-season, Heathstone and HotS are holding the so called ‘Training Grounds’ open tournaments.

Try your best to fight for the grand prize on the Hearthstone Training Grounds

Any number of teams of three can join the Hearthstone Training Grounds in hopes of winning a number of prizes which include but are not limited to 50.000 dollars in scholarship money. Careful though, only four teams get to fight in the finals in January.

Of course, there’s also the option of participating in the Heroes of the Storm open competition, if that’s your cup of coffee. Tournaments will be held weekly, and you can join the loot at any time between now and november - no reason to wait too long, though. 

You can join the HotS tournament at any time you want

How to join?

Easy. Either go to Tespa’s individual pages for either of these games, or find the forms here along with even more details about the tournaments and prizes.

If you don’t get too far here, then you still have another chance. I did mention that these will be two seasons. And guess what - HotS and Hearthstone finally get in the spotlight at that time, as the roles reverse. Namely, these two will get collegiate series while an open league for Overwatch is taking place.

Don’t forget that it’s always a good idea to designate a school coordinator for any competition you want to join, who would work together with Tespa to keep everything on track. If you wanna know more about that, all the info is, once again, on Tespa's official site.

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