[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best D.Va Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome

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D.Va flexing her new skins

Why D.Va Skins Are Awesome

D.Va is one of the most popular Overwatch 2 heroes. As an extremely popular hero, she receives many skins through events, battle passes, and more. However, with that many skins, it’s hard to tell which one is the best.


10. EDM (Battle Pass)

EDM D.Va showing off her flashing colors

See EDM in action: 

D.Va’s new skin is the EDM skin from the first Overwatch 2 battle pass. It’s definitely not her best, but the details and funky design make it memorable. It's definitely not her best, but the details and funky design make it memorable. When playing as this skin, you can fly into battle with a bunch of flashing lights.

The entire skin is made up of changing lights that make it look like a walking club. Even D.Va herself is full of crazy colors. If you’re looking for a chaotic, colorful skin, then EDM is the best pick for you.

The skin is primarily purple with blue accents throughout. D.Va herself also has a mainly purple look with some blue in there as well. Unlike her normal appearance, she has two purple pigtails and a headset with bunny ears on it. Seeing as she always uses the voice line "bunny hop," this headset is very appropriate.

How To Get EDM

Unfortunately, you can no longer get this skin. It was locked in the premium battle pass, season one. Now that season one is over, there is no way to get this skin if you haven’t already. They may add it to the shop eventually, but that has never been confirmed.


9. B.Va (1000 Credits)

B.Va jumps out of her mech and shows off her buzzing outfit

See B.Va in action: 

B.Va is an iconic skin from the start of Overwatch. One of her original skins, B.Va, is a buzzing menace to anyone who plays against her. The color palette makes D.Va turn into a bee, in both her mech and baby D.Va forms. Not only that, but her gun gets a cute bee charm on the bottom of it.

This skin is extremely creative, thanks to the little details and the way the colors mesh together. The spikes on her arms, waist, and ankles add to the bee look. To top it all off, she has a bun that’s different from her normal long hair. The different hairstyle is small, but it’s a nice touch that makes the skin more believable.

The actual mech is the best part of this skin. Just like baby D.Va, the mech has the colors of a bee and a stinger on the back. The mech looks absolutely sick, and playing with the skin on allows you to hear new voice lines like "bzz" when she zooms by or kills someone.

How To Get B.Va

To get B.Va, all you have to do is make sure you have enough credits. From there, you can purchase the B.Va skin using the proper amount of credits.


8. Taegeukgi (250 Credits)

D.Va sits on top of her colorful mech

See Taegeukgi in action: 

The South Korean flag is known as Taegeukgi (Hangul: 태극기). The skin brings the South Korean flag to life by having the blue, white, and red mesh together to form a pleasing color palette representing D.Va’s home country. To top it all off, there are little details on the mech, like the "대한민국" Hangul on the top, which means South Korea in Korean.

It’s a simple skin that doesn’t have too much extravagance. It’s an epic skin, so it’s not groundbreaking by any means. However, the simplicity is what makes it so good. It honors D.Va’s country by painting decals on the sides of the mech to pay tribute to South Korea. The Hangul on the mech and D.Va’s outfit is a nice touch too.

You don’t get any special voice lines from this skin, but playing with it gives D.Va a new style you’ll enjoy.

How To Get Taegeukgi

Since Taegeukgi is a summer event skin, you have to wait until the summer games to unlock it. There is a chance you can get this skin for free by doing challenges, but nothing has been confirmed yet. If there is no challenge to get this skin, then you can purchase it from the shop come summer.


7. Black Cat (1000 Credits)

Black cat D.Va sits on top of her mech with her kitty ears out

See black cat in action: 

Black cat is a legendary skin that depicts D.Va as, well, a black cat. The fandom freaked out over this skin due to the cute dress D.Va wears along with the tail on the back of the mech. Although this is far from my favorite D.Va skin, I have to appreciate the details put into the outfit and the mech.

The work put into this skin is obvious based on how good D.Va looks both in and out of mech. The outfit she’s wearing is detailed with bows, a dark color scheme, and jewelry that sells the black cat look. The mech matches the mood, with both D.Va and the mech itself having little cat ears.

The tail on the D.Va mech is the best part of this skin. It’s cute, and it bounces around as you jump and fly. This may be a personal thing, but I love playing with this skin and seeing the gloves holding the joysticks inside the mech. It adds an elegant touch to the skin without being overpowering.

How To Get Black Cat

Since black cat is one of her legendary skins, all you have to do is make sure you have enough credits to purchase the skin.


6. Palanquin (1000 Credits)

Baby D.Va fires away with her golden pistol

See palanquin in action: 

Palanquin is a legendary D.Va skin from the Lunar New Year event. Although I’m not a huge fan of this skin, I can admire the work put into it and how gorgeous it looks. It’s elegant and really fits D.Va’s style. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and they contrast the dark exterior her mech has.

The sleeves are big and bulky, meaning when you’re out of mech, they’re very easy to see. Since Overwatch is a first-person game, you rarely see much of the skin you’re wearing. If you’re someone who likes to see the skin, then palanquin is a good choice since the sleeves are large enough for you to see at all times. It also helps that the sleeves are colorful enough that your eyes are naturally drawn there.

D.Va’s outfit is solid, but the mech steals the show thanks to how much detail was put into it. A common theme with D.Va skins is that they’re elegant and don’t ever lack detail. The mech doesn’t have much physical change like other skins do (i.e., cat ears or a stinger), but the traditional style it has is pleasing to look at and admire.

How To Get Palanquin

Since palanquin is a Lunar New Year skin, you have to get her during the Lunar New Year event with the proper credits.


5. Waveracer (1000 Credits)

Waveracer D.Va gets ready for battle

See waveracer in action: 

Like with palanquin, this skin is not my personal favorite, but the details like the blades on the back of her boosters are nice touches that make the skin feel alive. I think my personal issue with this skin is the shorts. The shorts D.Va is wearing are really strangely placed on her body, and it makes the skin feel off. If the shorts were fixed, I would have this skin much higher on my list.

However, I can overlook the shorts to keep this pick high because the rest of the skin is amazing. The vest she’s wearing and the cute hairdo make her seem like a swimsuit model. The sunglasses are a small detail that fits D.Va’s character well.

The mech itself resembles a massive walking water gun. You can feel the summer vibe dripping from the mech due to the floral designs, the color scheme, and the blades replacing the boosters. It screams summer, and if you’re a summer lover, this skin is perfect for you.

How To Get Waveracer

Just like Taegeukgi, you can only get this skin during the summer games. You have to wait until summer to purchase her. There is a chance you may be able to unlock this skin doing challenges, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


4. Cruiser (1000 Credits)

Cruiser D.Va hanging out around Route 66

See cruiser in action: 

Cruiser is easily one of the best D.Va skins because of the new voice lines and the style put into it. It’s D.Va’s most stylish skin, with a much different approach from her normal attire. You get a variety of voice lines ranging from "I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin’" to "time to split!". The voice lines are creative and add to the vintage vibe the developers were going for.

The mech is bulky and built like a car. It’s absolutely perfect. The colors selected, white and light blue, are great for the vintage style. D.Va’s headphones match the palette of the mech, which makes the skin flow.

The best part of this skin is D.Va herself. As you can see from the picture above, she rocks the style. The bow around her neck, the tied flannel, the bracelets and earrings, the ponytail, and the jeans are wonderful design choices. This is my personal favorite baby D.Va look, thanks to how much care was put into making vintage D.Va come to life.

How To Get Cruiser

Cruiser is only available during the Overwatch anniversary event. You can buy her using credits during the next Overwatch anniversary event.


3. Shin-Ryeong (1000 Credits)

D.Va's glowing eyes stare at you

See shin-ryeong in action: 

Shin-ryeong is a Korean word meaning "spirit." The Hangul for it is 신령. This D.Va skin is a Halloween event skin meant to capture the spooks, and it succeeds. The skin is much darker than what you’d expect from D.Va, but the color palette blends beautifully together to create a villain-like D.Va skin.

My favorite part of this skin is actually rather small. The shingles on the roof of the mech are an interesting twist on what we’re used to seeing from D.Va. Instead of the mech being a mech, it looks more like the house of the spirit inside.

The baby D.Va has a dark palette and wolf-like feet and ears. She also has a large tail that floats around like a balloon. The physics behind it aren’t the best, but it’s really pretty and it glows. The entire skin is very smooth and is great for horror lovers. It’s definitely among my favorites because of how well-crafted the mech is in particular.

How To Get Shin-Ryeong

To get this skin, you have to wait for the Halloween event. When the Halloween event comes back, you can purchase it from the shop using credits.


2. Officer (1000 Credits)

Officer D.Va does her iconic intro pose

See officer in action: 

Police officer D.Va is one of the best D.Va skins because of the voice line changes, the flashing lights, and the design of the mech. Just like with most of her skins, the mech is donning Korean words matching the theme of the skin to make the player more immersed in who they’re playing.

The side of the mech says "경찰", which means "police" in Korean. Along with that, D.Va’s real name, Song Hana, is on her chest. She has a name tag spelling out "송하나", which is her real name in Hangul.

While playing as officer D.Va, you can hear police sirens wail whenever you use your boosters. She’ll also say "D.Va reporting in" when she spawns. The skin is very unique and uses intriguing sound effects like sirens to make you feel like you’re actually playing as a police officer.

How To Get Officer

Officer is another one of her legendary skins, so all you have to do is have enough credits to purchase it from the store.


1. Academy (1000 Credits)

Academy D.Va getting ready to log on

See academy in action: 

Academy is by far my personal favorite D.Va skin. Although I tend to use the basic Overwatch 2 skins for all my main heroes, like D.Va, whenever I feel like switching skins, I use academy. The mech is elegant and has lots of detail put into it, and I love the pop art "하나" (Hana) on baby D.Va’s pistol.

I would consider officer D.Va's skin objectively the best, but academy is just so beautiful to me. The slick design of her school uniform, combined with the glasses and double braids, makes baby D.Va look like an adorable mech pilot. However, my favorite part of this skin isn’t baby D.Va. The mech is what steals the show.

The mech feels like something D.Va would have made for a high-class elite tournament. The golden accents mixed with the pink make it pop and stand out in the crowd. Your teammates will be able to easily find you in the middle of a fight thanks to the bright colors. Your enemies can, too, but that’s no big deal since you’re the frontline anyway. Overall, the mech and baby D.Va for the academy skin are amazing.

How To Get Academy

Academy is an Overwatch anniversary event skin. In order to get it, you have to purchase it using credits when the Overwatch anniversary comes back.


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