[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Builds For Very Hard

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Build For Very Hard Mode
Turning very hard mode into a walk in the park!

Let me ask you a simple question. Are you a masochist as well? Do you like playing every single game on the hardest difficulty but you don’t have the game knowledge to make the perfect build for yourself to make your life a bit easier?

Don’t worry I’ll help you as much as I can with this article. I shall list every build for almost every playstyle ranging from melee to medium to long-range. I’ll try to include a bit of everything for almost everyone. Enough of me chit-chatting let’s get into the builds!

5. Melee Build 

"Slash your enemies like a legendary samurai!"

For our first build, we have a melee-type build for people who like to use katanas or any sharp objects. This type of playstyle excels in getting close to people while slicing and dicing them into tiny pieces. For this build, I’d like you to put 20 attribute points into reflexes and body spreading them across evenly while the remaining spare points you’re going to put into cool for damage resistances.

When you’re in the reflexes tab you’re going to put your perks in the blades tab of course. This is a melee-type build after all. While in the body tab spend your perks on the athletics tab on anything that increases melee damage and that gives you healing based on how much damage you do.

In the cool tab spend your perks on abilities that increase your resistance to damage, poisons, thermal, and so on. After you’re done spending your perks and maximizing everything, eventually you’ll be able to kill enemies with just one slash from your katana. 

What Melee Build Excels In:

  • Being up close and personal with your enemies. 
  • Bodies will drop as fast you can click LMB. 
  • Weapons with a sharp blade can be found anywhere. 
  • Strong attacks or power attacks can take down stronger enemies with 1 hit. 

Full build details (video by Fextralife):

4. Assault Rifle Build

"Show them no mercy!"

Here we have a build for people who like to hold down LMB and watch their enemies fall one by one. These types of players like to keep some distance between themselves and enemies while they utilize cover for their protection. The reflexes tab will be your main spot where you’ll be spending your perks, specifically you’re going to be upgrading everything in the assault tab.

If you’re wondering what you will do with the rest of your perks, well you’ll be spending them on the cool attribute specifically in the stealth tab. You’re not going for a stealth build but make sure to take everything that increases your damage while using assault rifles. 

What Assault Rifle Build Excels In:

  • Taking down large groups of enemies. 
  • Headshots will take down almost everyone with 1 bullet. 
  • A huge variety of assault rifles to choose from. 
  • If you have a godly aim the enemies won’t even have time to react and shoot back at you. 

Full build details (video by ConCon):

3. Netrunner Build

"We're inside of his head now. Living rent-free."

Now, this is one of the more interesting builds you can do for Cyberpunk 2077. It’s called being a netrunner or simply using quick hacks for everything. If you stumble upon a locked door, no worries just hack it open. There’s a group of people in front of you, why not burn their brains inside out. Of course, when leveling up your character you’ll want to spend most of your points on the intelligence attribute and your perks in the breach protocol tab.

The rest of your points will go into quick hacking. As your quick hacks will be the source of your damage. Of course, you can still use guns but they won’t be as effective as the hacking tools inside of your head. To boost the damage and effectiveness of your hacks I recommend that you install the appropriate mods and implants into your body that boost your quick hacks. 

What Netrunner Build Excels In:

  • Killing a group of people in seconds. 
  • Able to get through any locked door. 
  • You can boost the damage of your quick hacks with various mods and implants. 
  • Able to kill people without being spotted.

Full build details (video by FudgeMuppet):

2. Handgun Build

"Born in the wrong universe."

This build will make you feel like a professional gunslinger from the wild west that’s found his way to the cyberpunk universe. There’s nothing more badass than getting out your revolver and head shooting everyone. To add to this badass factor CDPR made sure to include a cool equipping animation for handguns, especially for revolvers.

You’re going to max out reflexes and cool in the attributes menu. In the reflexes, menu make sure to max out the handgun tab and in the cool menu under the stealth tab get any perks that increase your crit chance while you max out the cold-blooded tab. The best handgun to pair up with this build is the Malorian Arms 3516 or better known as the Johnny Silverhand Handgun. 

What Handgun Build Excels In:

  • Headshots deal an absurd amount of damage. 
  • The faster you can click LMB the more bodies will hit the floor. 
  • A huge amount of handguns to pick from. 
  • Makes you feel like a true gunslinger. 
  • Perfect for the hardest difficulty when getting a headshot. 

Full build details (video by NorZZa):

1.  Tech Sniper Rifle Build

"I've got you in my sights!"

Did you ever want to deal a billion damage while in the safety of cover? If that thought ever crossed your mind then this is the perfect build for you. Especially if you love being far away and sniping your targets with an insane amount of range between the two of you. For this build to work as I mentioned you’ll have to max out the reflexes and technical attributes.

In the reflexes menu, you’ll max out the assault tab while in the technical menu you’ll be spending your perk points on the engineering tab. Perfect sniper rifles for this build are tech sniper rifles especially if you can get your hands on an iconic tech sniper rifle. This build will take out any enemy with a single shot to the head. 

What Tech Sniper Rifle Build Excels In:

  • Dealing an absurd amount of damage. The numbers are 7-8 figures. 
  • Can take out any target with a single shot to the head. 
  • You’ll be in the safety of your cover while your sniper can penetrate that cover and take out your target. 
  • The only real build you need when playing on the hardest difficulty. 

Full build details (video by NorZZa):

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