[Top 10] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Things To Get Early (And How To Get Them)

Top 10 Cyberpunk 2077 Best Things To Get Early!
How to be OP just because of a few items. RPG games are weird.

Sup choombas today I’ll be taking you around Night City and showing you the best items you can get your hands way early in the game. These items will give you a bit of an edge over your standard enemies. Most of these items can be found hidden in a locker or somewhere deep in a warehouse but no matter, I’ll even show you how to get to these items.

Some items are iconic while others are either legendary or epic rarity. Keep in mind that some items are only obtainable during a quest or a specific act. After you finish that act or quest you will be soft-locked from getting that item. The only way for you to obtain the certain item in question will be from reloading the game from a past safe file or spawning it yourself through the console command. Now that you know what you’re getting yourself into let’s start this list off!

10. Dying Night

“Click clack your enemies with style.” (Video by AshesWolf)

Our first item on this list is an iconic pistol that you can get by simply visiting the gun shop. This is the first iconic weapon that you’ll be able to get after completing the prologue. After you spawn inside of your apartment make sure to make a run for it to the nearest gun shop on that floor. Talk to a guy named Wilson and he’ll give it to you for free.

Don’t worry you’ll also get a side quest to go to the gun shop, this side quest is completely optional so make sure you make a quick visit because after it’s gone you won’t be able to get this weapon later. It might not seem as much but it will help you during the next few quests that you’ll be trying to complete. And as I mentioned it’s the first iconic weapon that you can acquire so make sure that you grab it. If you take a huge liking to the weapon you can upgrade it later to a legendary variant. 

What makes Dying Night great:

  • The first iconic weapon that you can acquire. 
  • You get it for free after talking to a gun store owner. 
  • It will help you a lot during the next few gigs that you’ll be doing. 
  • Headshot damage is increased by 50%. 

Dying Night details:


9. Kongou

“Death is beautiful!” (Video by ESO)

Here we have another pistol that you can get for yourself only during the quest called “The Heist”. You can spot this pistol first during a braindance but later it’ll be on a drawer. The original owner of the pistol is Yorinobu Arasaka. Don’t worry about robbing the rich it ain’t no big feat whatsoever. He’ll buy himself another one.

After you get inside Yorinobu’s room the pistol will be on top of a drawer. Just make sure to do it quickly before someone gets back and spots you. This pistol is iconic as you might have guessed but it’s a legendary power pistol. Meaning if you’re skilled enough you can potentially ricochet bullets in different directions where you’re able to hit enemies who are hiding behind cover. 

What makes Kongou great:

  • A free legendary iconic pistol that’s obtainable during a quest called “The Heist”. 
  • The pistol can ricochet bullets (you control the trajectory of the bullet). 
  • It has a 3.75 attack speed. 
  • The signature weapon of Yorinobu Arasaka.

Kongou details:


8. Lizzie

“Looks like a toy that fires real bullets” (Video by TrickyAcidGaming)

Up next we have another iconic pistol. This one looks the most unique out of the last 2. It’s a pink pistol that looks like a toy but it’s real. Don’t let looks deceive you gamers. Boy, we sure are on a roll with these pistols but what can you do when they’re free and they will certainly help you out early.

This is a tech pistol, which pretty much means that it can be charged up to release a powerful shot. Because it’s called Lizzie, people have speculated that it might have belonged to the original owner, the one who created the bar called Lizzie. But who knows, that hag has been dead for years now. The pistol also has an insane fire rate. A whopping 11.74 attack speed. And my girlfriend said I was quick, wait till she learns about this pistol.

What makes Lizzie great:

  • A tech pistol that belonged to Lizzie. 
  • The pistol can be charged up to fire a stronger shot. 
  • The attack speed is 11.75. 
  • It will most definitely help you out in the early game. 

Lizzie details:


7. Doom Doom

“Turns normal humans into pieces of flesh” (Video by SpookyFairy)

This pistol has nothing to do with the Doom Slayer, but it does bring doom to Night City! The original owner of this pistol can be encountered two times. First is during the quest “The Pickup” and later during “Second Conflict”. During the quest “The Pickup” make sure that you side with the maelstrom and make sure that Dum Dum survives the encounter.

And later during Act II, you’ll get a side quest called “Second Conflict” where you’ll be able to zero Dum Dum and get his weapon. This is a kick-ass revolver that’s just waiting to be used. The firepower of this revolver alone can turn a normal human into pieces of flesh. I do not recommend that you put a silencer on this pistol as you’ll miss out on the great sounds that come out once you do fire with it. 

What makes Doom Doom great:

  • Turns normal humans into tiny pieces of unrecognizable flesh. 
  • An iconic revolver that you get from a guy named Dum Dum. 
  • You’ll get the “Second Conflict” quest pretty early into Act II. 
  • You have to side with Maelstrom during “The Pickup”. 

Doom Doom details:


6. Fenrir

“Your enemies will face the wrath of the legendary wolf Fenrir!” (Video by Gamer Guru)

This is one of my favorite SMGs to use in Cyberpunk 2077. The sole reason is that it shoots fast and because it has a slight chance to set your enemies on fire. How can a bullet set someone on fire? God knows, guns have evolved. As you guys might have guessed this is a free iconic weapon!

Good job to the person who guessed correctly can we get a round of applause? Anyways you can acquire this SMG during a random gig in ACT I. Yes, that early in the game. First, you’ll have to talk to some monk who had implants installed all over his body. He will tell you to go save his brother and you’ll oblige as he asks you to.

He will also tell you to not kill anyone but that depends on you tbh. You can go in sneakily or guns blazing. After saving his brother make sure to look around for the SMG. It will be easy to spot, it’s a bright red color after all for God's sake.

What makes Fenrir great:

  • Has a slight chance of setting people on fire. 
  • You can obtain it as early as ACT I. 
  • You get a gig from a random monk. 
  • Doesn’t matter how you complete the gig you’ll get the weapon regardless. 

Fenrir details:


5. Skippy

“This gun can talk. I said enough.” (Video by TagBackTV)

Skippy is a very friendly talkative gun. Who am I kidding? He might be talkative but he sure ain’t friendly. He will insult you but in return, he will kill everyone who poses a threat to you. Once you do have this little guy make sure that you don’t return him in. Because he’s the best smart weapon out there. You can set him to two modes.

To peaceful mode where he will just aim for limbs and hands or deadly mode where he will just aim for the heads. Of course, if you have more than 50 IQ you’ll select deadly mode. Now all you have to do is sit behind cover, have your enemies in sight and spam left click. Skippy will do the rest. He will go nicely with skills that improve your headshot damage. Skippy and those perks are like peanut butter and jelly. 

What makes Skippy great:

  • A smart pistol that does the aiming for you. 
  • He has two modes: peaceful and deadly. 
  • While in the deadly mode he only aims for the heads. 
  • Goes well with perks that improve your headshot damage.

Skippy details:


4. Armorweave Rocker Bra

“It’s fashionable even on a male character.” (Video by edepot)

Let’s break the curse with pistols, shall we? Here we have a bra. Don’t worry what your gender is in the game, anyone can wear this bra. It’s 2022. Why be shy about it? Now, this isn’t any regular bra. This is a legendary bra that has an armor rating from 100-200 depending on your level. How can this clothing item have so much armor?

Video games just roll with it. This bra belongs to a clothing set called “Rocker”. You can try getting all of them if you have the patience to do it but if you don’t just settle with this one alright. And for some weird reason, it’s the only black bra in the whole game but that’s why it’s the most unique one! You can also place 0-4 mods onto this bra. Where do the mods fit? Does God know? Because we don’t.

What makes Armorweave Rocker Bra great:

  • 100-200 armor depending on your level. The item scales with you. 
  • It has 0-4 available mod slots depending on your luck.
  • Belongs to a clothing set called “Rocker”. 
  • A free legendary piece of clothing that can be found on a dead body and is great for the early game.

Armorweave Rocker Bra details:


3. Elastic Flame-Resistant Rocker Pants

“What’s better than a bra? A pair of booty shorts! - Unknown circa 2015 colorized.” (Video by Whitelocks)

Now same as the bra, this can also be worn by a man! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are you! Now you might be asking yourself how can a pair of booty shorts be flame resistant when 80% of my legs are uncovered? God knows it’s an RPG just roll with it.

Same as the bra, this is the only pair of black pants that can be found in Night City? Why isn’t anyone else wearing them? I dunno fashion is weird in the year 2077. This pair of rocker pants has no unique stats even though they are legendary but they do have a nice unique appearance. They also belong to the rocker set. 

What makes Elastic Flame-Resistant Rocker Pants great:

  • They’re flame resistant. 
  • Belong to the rocker set. 
  • Can be found on a dead body when you start ACT II. 

2. Military Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit

“Gives you extra IQ points when you wear it.” (Video by BEZEIC)

Now, this might be useful for people who are going for a particular build such as a netrunner or a hacker. This suit does give you extra IQ points, which just means you get extra points in intelligence making your quick hacks and daemons stronger.

Same as before you can get this either during a gig or simply buy it from a clothing vendor located in Charter Hill. It’s up to you how you obtain it. I’m not your mom to tell you what to do in this video game.  But please make sure that you get the legendary version of the netrunning suit as the other variants don’t have the special stats. Just a small tip. 

What makes Military Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit great:

  • Gives you extra intelligence when you wear it. 
  • Makes your quick hacks and daemons stronger. 
  • Can either be found in a GIG or bought from a clothing vendor. 

Military Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit details:


1. Satori

“Words cut deeper than the blade.” (Video by TagBackTV)

I never knew this katana even existed. You can obtain this sharp blade during the quest “The Heist”. Same as the pistol it will be located on top of the penthouse but instead of being inside, it will be outside in a helicopter waiting to be picked up. This legendary blade once belonged to Saburo Arasaka, yes the corpo-rat who owns Arasaka.

Even if you’re not going for a melee-type playthrough I highly suggest that you do yourself the favor and get it. At least you can hang the katana on a wall. Plus the katana can help you out immensely during the quest. This katana also comes with a unique effect. Where it can increase your crit chance by 500% but it will reduce your total damage by 20%. A small price to pay to be overpowered. 

What makes Satori great:

  • Unique iconic katana that can be obtained during the quest “The Heist”. 
  • It once belonged to Saburo Arasaka. 
  • Comes with a unique effect where it increases your crit chance by 500% but reduces your damage by 20%. 
  • If you invest enough points into the blade's skill tree and upgrade the katana you can have the best melee weapon in the game. 
  • You can obtain it at the end of ACT I. 

Satori details:


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